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Innovations in Luxury – We Take a Closer Look at the International Super-Yacht Industry.


The ‘Azzam’ by Lürssen shipyards.

‘The top 100’ collated by industry leading www.superyachts.com is a revered lists setting the standards for industry manufacturers, customers and enthusiasts alike. Gary Wright co founder and chairman of Y. CO describes 2015 as an extremely ‘monumental year’ in respect of innovation, technology and progression in the yacht industry.

The Super Yacht Industry


The yacht industry is a marketplace like no other. And the illustrious top 100 created by some of the leading industry experts is a point of reference for oligarchs, emirate and members of the glitterati. This is indeed where the world’s super-rich look to purchase their great icons of wealth, industry and privileged luxury.

To contextualise Wright’s comments further it is important to consider the milestones in the yachting world, particular yacht models, pioneering manufacturers and indeed individuals that have driven instrumental developments in the engineering of super-yachts.


The Dubai International Boat Show 2015.



There was a time when a manufacturer releasing a contemporary yacht of 50 metres in length would have graced some of the highest echelons of the top 100 list, and therefore be exhibited as one of its most distinguished. The global market and demand for yachts – along with the fundamental size drawn up at blueprint stage – has rapidly increased since the lists conception.

The top 100


Someone will always have the desire to own the biggest yacht in the world, the globes wealthy set of businessman, philanthropists and enthusiasts have pushed the boundaries and nature of what companies are manufacturing. The rate of change is marked here in a quote from a contributor at www.Superyachts.com:

‘With the 180m superyacht Azzam – the largest yacht in the world built by Lürssen Yachts – reaching the water in 2013, the Top 100 Largest Yachts in the World rankings have changed significantly over the last three years alone’. Ben Roberts – SY & Y. CO Launch Top 100 2015 Forecast.

What is clear is the industry has massively evolved since even 2013 and the predictions for 2015 are emphatically pushing the boundaries of luxury, technology and yachting capabilities with a momentum no less ground-breaking.

‘We as a company will be delivering two or three milestone yachts this year’ Gary Wright co founder and chairman of Y. CO

The year 2015 – a ‘revolutionary and monumental’ year within the hyper-luxurious world of super-yachts – indeed may have already fulfilled this title.


The ‘Azzam’ in its Lürssen shipyard.

 A Milestone Year

As the chairman of Y. Co cites some ‘milestone vessels’ for this year the imagination stirs in awe of how they may overtake the array of some of the largest vessels presented in the 2014 Top 100 list. The 140m Ocean Victory from Italian yacht manufacturer Fincantieri ; the colossal vessel was the largest of the six models to be released in that year’s list. Amongst them the 104m Quantam Blue by Lürssen Yachts’, the 101m V853 from Kusch shipyards, the 95m Lürssen-built Kismet, a 91m Equanimity, an 88.5m Y710 both from Oceanco and finally the Abeking and Rasmussen 82m Kibo.

With the Dubai International Boat Show 2015 (in its 23rd year) having just passed from 3rd-7th March some yachts of a calibre never seen demonstrate the enormity of change in the industry and the rate at which it’s happening this year alone. With high profile guests such as his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE was but one of the thousands of the global community of high-net worth individuals. Sultan Al Shaali, CEO of Al Shaali group, said:

‘The quality of visitors this year has been super, and business is truly booming’ Sultan Al Shaali, CEO of Al Shaali group

With the climate primed, the visitors in there thousands and all of the major super-yacht companies exhibiting there finest in designed achievement; the Dubai International Boat show was a truly international event.

This year , for its sheer size, the Azzam build by Lürssen yachts retains its pole position in the top 100 at a staggering 180m long. And examining the individual merits of each of these emblems of high-net worth; it is clear that the top 100 showcases not only size but technology. This is the centre of the industry, this is where customers would like to see different, original or technologically advanced aspects to their yacht purchasing.

Being a multi-billion dollar industry the drive to innovate and apply high-tec solutions to financial elites is very attractive indeed.


Concept super yachts are everywhere on the web and this one from Zaha Hadid Architects looks incredible. 

The year 2015 alone, an even number, seemingly futuristic will see no shortage of amazing tech or slowing of the rapid change in technology in the yacht world or otherwise.

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