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A Complete Guide to Cartier Rings Collections as of 2023

a complete collection of cartier rings as of 2023

Around the world, Cartier has long-been regarded one of the most notable luxury jewellery brands on offer. With classic lines, bold designs and everything else in between, the Cartier diamond rings for men and women have been a top choice for many collectors and jewellery-lovers in the UK and beyond.

As experts in the valuation and identification of precious jewellery at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we understand the significant emotional and physical value Cartier diamond rings can hold.

Cartier diamond rings, in particular, are particularly valuable pieces – and alongside bracelets and brooches, have been a mainstay of Cartier over the decades. Read on for our full guide to Cartier’s incredible ring collection for men and women, including the many designs on offer, the origin of the rings collections and more:

A Brief History of Cartier

Founded in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, the Cartier brand has been synonymous with prestigious jewellery design and royalty since its creation King Edward VII referred to Cartier as the ‘king of jewellers’, ordering 27 tiaras from the jeweller in 1904. This royal warrant spread like wildfire, making Cartier to jewellery du jour for royal families around the world.

While Cartier was sold on from the family in 1964, the business has continued to grow from strength to strength, with instantly iconic designs, incredible quality work and exceptional standards maintained over more than 100 years of service. While Cartier was first noticed for the creation of high-quality wristwatches, they quickly diversified into brooches, bracelets and rings – including the Cartier engagement ring of Grace Kelly in 1956, with a stunning 12-carat emerald cut diamond.

The History of Cartier Rings

Cartier is often associated with their incredible statement necklaces of elegant wristwatches. But their formidable selection of beautiful, elegant and luxurious Cartier gold rings and silver Cartier rings for men and women shouldn’t be overlooked.

As a jeweller, it’s no surprise that Louis-François Cartier was also an expert craftsman when it comes to Cartier diamond rings, with the Cartier Trinity Ring tracing its origins back to 1924 – one of Cartier’s oldest known collections.

Since that first collection, many of Cartier’s signature ranges have included incredible, often statement rings – from the Cartier Panther ring in the 1930’s to the Cartier Love ring, bracelets and earrings in the last 60s. With the Cartier Nail Ring and new Clash Cartier Ring collection thoroughly modernising the collection with just as much attention to detail and luxury, Cartier continues to be a success story amongst jewellers. For luxury diamond wedding rings, engagement rings or unique gifts, the Cartier band is the place to start.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Impacted Cartier

The coronavirus pandemic impacted the luxury market poorly. Before COVID-19, the luxury accessories market reached £18 million. At the same time, more people are opting for second-hand stores to acquire luxury goods. For instance, thredUP reported that resale grew 21 times the speed of standard retail between 2017 and 2019.

During the peak of quarantine, more individuals would list their apparel on websites like thredUP to make extra money. While this uptick in listings corresponded to a spike in hours spent browsing, fewer people opted to make purchases. Societal trends skewed towards casual, and luxury accessories like Cartier rings weren’t purchased as frequently.

As a result, the supply greatly exceeded the demand for luxury goods. CNBC predicted that the luxury market would fall over the next 18-36 months.

Richemont—Cartier’s parent company—reportedly donated 10 million yuan (£1,186,418.04) in February 2020 to Chinese organizations to aid in the health crisis. Whilst they may have experienced a downfall in sales for some time, Richemont has recovered. In November 2021, Richemont saw a 10.9% boost in stock performance. Also, Forbes listed Cartier as #56 on its list of the world’s most valuable brands.

Newest Cartier rings for men and women in 2022

1. Clash de Cartier Ring

One of the newest and most stunning rings that Cartier has released in 2022 is the Clash de Cartier. It comes in three models but the double-row model is brand new. This version comes in vibrant rose gold, one of the most on-trend colours for jewellery this year, as well as an additional white gold option which is available in both rhodium and non-rhodium finishes.

It has a relatively large width of 9.2mm, making it a stand-out ring for statement looks. It is 750/1000 combination gold. The price will set you back £3,450, which is a significantly affordable figure compared to the most expensive Clash de Cartier ring model, which is worth almost £20,000 with its XL finish and Tahiti pearls, onyx and diamonds.

There is also the beads and studs model which is mid-range in terms of prices at £4,700, with its unique feature of inner onyx that gives it a very distinctive look. We think these are both stunning, especially paired with the Clash de Cartier necklace and earrings.


2. Les Berlingots de Cartier Ring

Also new to Cartier are the Les Berlingots de Cartier rings which come in a variety of options. The pink chalcedony is our personal favourite because it is the most affordable, featuring garnet and a beautiful rose gold band. This costs £2,570 and is not available online at the moment due to high levels of demand.

The next most affordable of the new Les Berlingots line is the chrysoprase and amethyst model at £2,880. It also features a rose gold band but tones of green and purple make it much more of an acquired taste than the pink version.

Similar is the yellow gold and malachite version that features green and stunning gold. This Cartier ring is also set with 12 diamonds totalling 0.33 carat. This stunning Les Berlingtos sees the price raised to £4,650. For £400 less, you can opt for the onyx version that doesn’t compromise on the diamonds and retains a breathtaking finish.

However, if diamonds are what you’re after, you would be better opting for the white gold version. This also features onyx but meets these with 53 diamonds, totalling 0.98 carats. This ring is beautiful and justifies its £10,600 price tag.


3. Beautés du Monde Ring

A brand new line from Cartier is the Beautés du Monde range, which is by far the most luxurious offering of their new diamond rings. Starting at £61,500, there are three in the collection.

They all feature stunning tones of pink from rubellites and are highlighted by black onyx. The band is white gold and it is set with 134 diamonds for 1.44 carats. The three options offer unique designs for choice depending on your style, but the most expensive will set you back £76,500.

Most Expensive Cartier Rings Sold During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Between 2019-2021)

In November 2021, 5.5mm Cartier Love rings cost approximately £1,377.28, which is a 12.6% increase over its 2019 price. The Cartier Love ring collection is timeless, and the demand for these pieces continues to rise.

Vintage Cartier rings tend to sell for the most. This 1950 Cartier diamond solitaire ring was on sale for £155,000, and other Cartier wedding rings are auctioned for similar prices. One could get a 1935 Cartier old mine diamond ring for £67,000. 

Those Cartier rings made with gems other than diamonds, such as this 1950 ruby and diamond ring or this 1970 Colombian emerald and diamond cluster ring, cost less. Nonetheless, they are still some of the most expensive Cartier rings for men or women sold recently.

Cartier men’s rings cost around £8,172.90 at their highest, especially for the Cartier Love Ring Men collection. Women’s Cartier Love rings cost between £4,824.28 to £6,281.02 for ones made of 18K pink gold.

The most expensive Cartier Trinity Rings sold have a £27,091.65 retail price. With an 18K gold composition and diamond side stones, one can see how the price stacks up. Other costly Cartier trinity rings go for 11,800€ (£10,064.77).

The priciest Cartier engagement rings for men or women have a retail price of £34,432.13. These are 1895 diamond rings with platinum bands. For £19,200 retail, one could get a Cartier 18K white gold diamond ring.

Those in the Cartier wedding bands and rings market, for either men or women, save a bit. Seeing as these Cartier rings are thinner and typically have fewer diamonds, one can buy them for less. This 18K gold Cartier wedding band had a £7,567.50 retail value before selling out. However, most cost less, such as this Carrtier 18K white gold diamond wedding band with a value of £2,610.79.

On average, in 2023, Cartier wedding rings for men and women cost between £1,100 to £19,000. Generally, Cartier men’s wedding rings and Cartier men’s wedding bands cost less than the more decorative women’s jewellery. When comparing a Cartier Love ring vs a wedding band, you’ll find that the Love collection costs less than their wedding sets.

How Cartier Maintains Their Image

Whilst the women’s and men’s Cartier Love ring meaning is love and faithfulness, Cartier has some clever means of keeping their luxurious image. It’s well accepted that demand for Cartier jewellery exceeds the supply, indicating that they have scarce inventory. However, this is accomplished by Cartier regularly removing their merchandise from circulation.

By limiting their jewellery, Cartier reduces the chance that someone would buy a ring and sell it for a bargain price. The company will even buy up vintage pieces, which drastically increase the value of those in circulation. This practice is commonplace amongst luxury brands.

Cartier also upholds their luxurious image by attracting royal customers. King Edward VII referred to Cartier as the “Jeweler of Kings and King of Jewelers” for a reason. King Edward VIII proposed to Wallis Simpson in 1936 with a 19.77K emerald ring, which sparked outrage due to the ongoing Great Depression’s effects on Europe. He abdicated the throne soon after.

Another royal Cartier ring belonged to Princess Diana. Her emerald-cut aquamarine ring carried on through her family—former Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle wore it during her wedding reception.

By working with royals and keeping supplies scarce, Cartier has cemented itself as a luxury brand, keeping it relevant nearly two centuries after its start.


Cartier’s Most Iconic Ring Collections

Cartier’s most distinctive rings and jewellery for both men and women, including Cartier wedding rings and statement rings, can be divided into specific collections, some of which span back decades.

From the iconic Cartier love ring diamond-encrusted jewellery to pure and straightforward men and women Cartier band rings, there have been numerous incredible, immediately recognisable designs created and curated over the years by the jewellers behind the Cartier brand.


Here are some of the most memorable:

1. Cartier Trinity Ring

Arguably Cartier’s oldest collections, the Cartier Trinity ring – and jewellery collection – dates to 1924. While the longevity of the series is impressive alone, it’s the meaning behind this almost 100-year-old design that makes it particularly unique. The three interlocking rings of the design each represent something specific – silver for friendship, yellow for fidelity, and rose for love.

With the inclusion of a Cartier rose gold ring, a Cartier gold ring, and a silver Cartier ring in one single design, often with a dusting of diamonds, this ring is as luxurious as it is meaningful.

With all three shades of gold included in one piece, these Cartier rings are also excellent additions to more extensive collections. They match just about any other Cartier piece, and some in a range of styles using diamonds and the iconic Cartier logo.

2. Panthere de Cartier Ring

Animals have been a massive part of the Cartier world, and no animal is more symbolic of Cartier’s brand than the panther. Back in 1914, Louis-François Cartier commissioned a unique art piece featuring a beautiful woman and panther – using that inspiration to produce an elegant wristwatch matching the beautiful spots of a panther’s pelt. But Cartier’s obsession with all things big cat didn’t stop there.

In 1918, Jeanne Toussaint joined the Cartier brand, and quickly earned the nickname of ‘La Panthère’. Upon becoming a creative director, one of her first acts with creating elegant and bold pieces based on her namesake. With that, the Panthere de Cartier collection was born. 1935 saw the launch of the first ring, utilising striking bright gold and dark enamel for a high-contrast finish.

While the masterminds behind the Panthere collection and the unique Cartier Panther ring no longer have a stake in Cartier’s design process, the panther continues to be a distinctive and iconic part of the brand.

Cartier Panther rings are still sold to this day, building on the impressive origins and unique design styles of the past.

3. Cartier Love Ring

If you’ve heard of Cartier, you’ve heard of the Love bracelet. The smaller cousin to this iconic design is the beautiful Cartier Love wedding band for men and women, providing that same instantly iconic design on a small scale.

Available in a range of different golds and with plenty of variable design features, the Cartier Love band ring for men and women is a classic choice for a fashion ring. However, it has also been used as a Cartier love ring for men’s wedding band.

As for the meaning behind the Cartier Love collection, each piece is adorned with stylised screw embellishments. While the bracelet was designed only to be removed by a corresponding screwdriver, the Cartier Love band is a little less restrictive. Nonetheless, it still holds the same meaning – enduring love and faithfulness, displayed in its almost chastity-style design.

An iconic piece, and one that’s still beloved and evolved upon more than 40 years later.

4. Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring

With a name that literally means ‘just a nail’, the Cartier Juste un Clou ring is precisely what you might expect. Though not released until the early 2010s, the idea for the nail themed ring, often referred to as the ‘Cartier Screw Ring’, dates back to the 70s.

Originating with the nail bracelet designed for Cartier by Aldo Cipullo shortly following the success of the Love bracelet, this unique collection includes earrings, cufflinks and necklaces – as well as the iconic Cartier band itself.

The Cartier Nail ring is available in many different variations, from gem-studded editions to pure and simple white, yellow and pink gold designs. With a modern look and slightly pop-art novelty feel, these luxury pieces are sought-out for their unique appearance, and often appeal to collectors thanks to the numerous designs on offer – as well as the 1970s vintage origins of the range itself.

5. Clash de Cartier Ring

The latest collection to come from Cartier is Clash de Cartier, a luxurious punk-inspired series of rings, bracelets, necklaces and more. Introduced in 2019, Clash de Cartier is by no means vintage, but that’s precisely where its inspirations lie.

With duality as a critical focus, the use of studs and beads in the collection dates back to the jeweller’s work in the 1930s, as well as the boldness that Cartier is well known for.

As a new range, Clash de Cartier hasn’t yet earned its stripes as an iconic Cartier diamond ring series, but that doesn’t mean the pieces aren’t a valuable piece of the brand’s history. With a focus on providing both masculine and feminine elements – much like the Cartier Love ring and the Cartier Juste un Clou collection, there’s every indication this new diamonds rings range could be just as sought-after in years to come, both for men and women.

While these collections don’t cover every ring ever created by Cartier, they do provide the foundations for some of the brand’s best-known, instantly recognisable pieces. Which are far more likely to include limited runs, one-offs and variations than less-successful ranges from the jewellery.

Cartier is also known for custom pieces – mainly necklaces and brooches – with pieces often reaching incredible prices at auction for one-off items or sets, especially within their earlier catalogue, thanks to their many royal and high-power connections.

Cartier Wedding and Engagement Rings

Thanks to the luxury nature of their jewellery, Cartier is an ever-popular choice for men’s and women’s engagement and wedding rings. For brides and grooms-to-be, Cartier rings are an excellent choice, because they often increase in value over time, and are an individual piece of jewellery all of their own.

Both their men and women engagement and wedding range includes some of their top collections, in addition to unique pieces with their own value and charm.

1. Cartier Rings for Engagements (Men & Women)

The bulk of Cartier’s engagement ring offerings for men and women features prominent diamonds, often on thin bands – as is the case with the Etincelle de Cartier range of rings, which are packed with luxurious gems across the band as well as a statement square-cut or pear-shaped diamond.

Their solitaire style diamonds are also a popular option for happy couples, but it wouldn’t be Cartier without a few statement pieces thrown into the mix.

The Love Solitaire range takes the classic Cartier Love ring design. It introduces either a small or larger diamond into the centre of the design, making it ideal for engagement purposes. A Trinity Solitaire is also a part of the range, with the triple golds and single diamond providing a unique approach to the engagement ring.

As for a Cartier engagement ring price, you’re looking in the thousands for many of their iconic pieces – which are more than worth the investment.

2. Cartier Rings for Weddings

As would be expected from any high-end jewellery, Cartier also stocks a wide range of suitable wedding rings within their collection. Depending on how conventional the wedding is, though, any of the brand’s many beautiful statement rings could make the ideal Cartier wedding band.

The Trinity ring, in particular, also sometimes called the Cartier Russian wedding ring, is the quintessential wedding piece from Cartier. With each ring representing commitment and love, it’s easy to see why it’s one of Cartier’s top options for wedding jewellery – and why so many variations on the design exist.

The Cartier Love band ring is another classic example of a wedding band from the luxury jewellers, thanks to all that the collection stands for. Cartier also has a current Cartier A’Amour range, with simple and minimalist bands that would match perfectly with a gem-encrusted engagement ring or Cartier eternity ring.

With plenty of variation for just about any couple, many of the designs that remain in today’s collection are vintage as they come – with unchanged designs stretching back up to 100 years.

The World’s Most Expensive Cartier Rings

Cartier tops many lists for the auction prices of their vintage necklaces and watches – but their collection of rings can also fetch a high price. Here are some of the most valuable rings ever created by Cartier, many of which are one-off or limited-edition models:

1. Cartier Sunrise Ruby Ring

Fetching an impressive £19.6 million at auction in 2019, this blood-red gem is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. With a beautiful framing of diamonds to accompany the huge and eye-catching gem. In this case, it’s the rarity of the piece, and the beautiful gem that leads to such a significant price – these kinds of rubies are so sought-after that their price is only likely to increase over time, too.

image source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/luxury/jewellery/worlds-expensive-gemstones/expensive-gemstones-sunrise-ruby/

2. Grace Kelly’s Engagement Ring

You can’t mention Cartier rings without mentioning Grace Kelly. Her elegant emerald-cut diamond band was hand-crafted by master jewellers at Cartier back in the 1950s, with a border of two beautiful baguette diamonds. Another custom piece, this time valued at approximately £4.06 million on today’s market. But, of course, with that heritage, it would be worth far more to the right collector.

Grace Kelly’s Engagement Ring


3. White Gold and Diamond Panthère de Cartier Ring

Cartier’s incredibly valuable rings don’t stop at vintage or one-off pieces. The beautiful and striking White Gold and Diamond Panthère de Cartier Ring, based on the 1914 original design, includes an incredible 545 diamonds with 18-karat white gold. While the ring is advertised as ‘price on application’, it appears to hold a value of around £70,000 brand new.

4. Cartier Classic Trinity Ring

This elegant ring may be a classic, but it’s also one of the most valuable pieces in the current Cartier catalogue. Selling at £29,100, with 18-karat rose, white and yellow gold and 432 diamonds, this elegant piece is as luxurious as they come. While still offering clean lines, that distinctive Trinity design and the exceptional quality that Cartier is well-known for.

Image source: https://poloandlifestylemagazine.com/cartier-jean-cocteau/


How to Tell if a Cartier Ring is Genuine

It’s a forgone conclusion that one of the world’s most popular luxury jewellery brands has many imitators, and as such, ensuring your Cartier pieces are real is a must. The Cartier Love Ring collection for men and women, in particular, has spawned many scams and fakes, which can be a costly mistake for uninformed buyers. These are some of the ways you can ensure your Cartier ring is genuine:

1. Packaging

If your Cartier ring still has its original packaging, it can be easy to tell a real from a fake. Typically, the Cartier logo will be included within the ring box, and the quality of the fabrics and suede used for packaging will be very high. You should have a certificate of authenticity within your packaging, which increases the likelihood of your Cartier ring being genuine.

2. Logos and Hallmarks

Depending on the age and type of Cartier ring you have, hallmarks will be included on the inside of the ring itself. This will consist of the Cartier logo, and also the serial number of the ring itself for modern pieces. The Cartier ring size may also be included on the inside. All fonts used for hallmarks are consistent and of the same depth, whereas on fakes they may be less consistent.

3. Material quality

Cartier rings are made to a high standard, often with 18-karat gold or higher in some cases. All Cartier Love ring gold versions are made of 18k yellow, white or rose gold, for example. This is the same case whether it’s a Cartier love ring men or women’s version, and the same applies to the wider collections available from Cartier.


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Seeking professional advice

Whether it’s an heirloom ring or a gift, there are many reasons why you may want to know whether a Cartier ring you own is genuine. Especially if it’s from one of the iconic collections included within this guide. Seeking professional help to appraise and value your Cartier men’s wedding ring, or any other kind of ring can ensure you know the worth of the ring you own.

At New Bond Street Pawn Brokers, we offer dedicated valuation services for Cartier rings , Cartier watches, and other fine jewellery. or diamonds. Cartier 750 rings – which many of Cartier’s rings fall under – are rings that are more than 75% metal, such as 18k gold—to the naked eye, seeing if your ring meets that criterion can be a challenge.

But with our insight and expertise, valuing a Cartier ring is a quick, easy and effortless experience. Whether it’s part of Cartier’s famous Love, Panthere or Trinity collections, or a one-off piece, we’re ready to help you.

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