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Top 17 Collections of Cartier Jewellery You Will Absolutely Love!


1. Cartier Love Jewellery

The Cartier Love collection was born in 1969, with a simple but iconic bracelet designed by Aldo Cipullo. The Love bracelet has since become perhaps the single most famous Cartier piece, and you’ll find Cartier Love bracelet pawnbrokers in every city. Cartier has since expanded the line to include other items of jewellery, all decorated with the same stylish Love collection motif. The Love bracelet is a plain, simple band of precious metal decorated with screw heads.

However, the screw design extends beyond a simple motif. Invisible from the outside, two tiny screws hold the bracelet in place. The wearer can’t just slip it off her wrist; instead, a miniature screwdriver must be used to unscrew the bracelet, allowing it to be removed. The screwdriver is, traditionally, kept by the wearer’s partner. In this way, the bracelet symbolises love, as both parties must come together for it to be taken off or put on.

In the early days of the Love bracelet, Cartier would only sell the piece to couples. Some of the most famous couples of the time were given the gift of Love bracelets by Louis Cartier himself; these include Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon. Today, however, pawnbrokers for Cartier Love bracelets are interested in something more than the symbolism of the bracelet: they care about its provenance, history, and value.

This iconic design has changed slightly over the years. As always, vintage jewellery carries its own special value, but there are certain types of Cartier Love bracelet that particularly attract attention. The first Love bracelets were only available in yellow gold. Since then, it has become available in white or rose gold, too. Yellow gold remains the most popular, though rose gold has plenty of fans; white gold, though hardly an unpopular choice, is not quite as iconic as the other two.

Although the original bracelet was unadorned, some Love bracelets now come with diamonds or other gemstones. Of all the gems on offer, diamonds will add the most to a piece’s value; however, the classic Love bracelet – particularly from the early years of the design – is often more popular than the gemstone-encrusted versions that were later released.

There are also modern versions of the Love bracelet, including the Cartier Love cuff which does not require a screwdriver to open. These generally have a lower value than the original design. Since the initial Love bracelet proved so popular, Cartier has expanded the line over the years to include rings, earrings, and more.

Cartier Love earrings, for example, come in different styles. The most common are simple gold hoops set with the screw head design of the Love bracelet. However, subtle studs with a very slight screw head imprint are also available, providing an even more minimalist take on the Love bracelet trend that is only visible after very close inspection.

The Cartier Love ring echoes the screw head design seen elsewhere in the line. Like the bracelet, it is usually made without any adornment in the form of diamonds or other jewels. This makes it an ideal – and very popular – choice for a wedding ring. The inclusion of the screw head motif elevates it above a plain gold ring, and provides an interesting and unusual focal point, as well as holding all the romantic mythos of the Love line.

Like the bracelet, Cartier Love rings are available in different types of gold; yellow gold is, once again, the most popular, but rose gold is also a common choice. Cartier has also produced Love necklaces. These usually take the form of a simple chain of metal, with a round pendant in the centre. The looped pendant is once again inlaid with screw heads. Simple and elegant, these necklaces, just like the watch collection from Cartier , showcase the minimalist charms that have made the Cartier Love collection so popular all over the world during the last fifty years.


2. Cartier Trinity Jewellery

Designed in 1924 following a request from legendary French artist Jean Cocteau, the Trinity de Cartier Ring has become one of the most famous and emblematic symbols of long-lasting love in the modern era. The Cartier Trinity ring consists of three bands of gold. They interlock, but they do not connect directly; this means that when you take it off, they will move around. Each band is made of a different colour of gold: white gold, rose gold, and, of course, classic yellow gold.

According to the romantic story behind the ring, each colour represents a different aspect of a true love match. White gold symbolises the friendship that must be at the heart of any long-lasting relationship, while yellow gold represents fidelity and loyalty, another essential aspect. Finally, the rose gold band is the emblem of romantic love. The three together – each the same size, so none of them will outshine the others – meet to create a symbol of a relationship that will stand the test of time.

The Cartier Trinity ring proved to be an instant hit. Interestingly, it was launched at the height of the Art Deco period – a time when jewellery was colourful and flamboyant. Indeed, the Cartier brand was better known at the time for its exotic, colourful creations. The Trinity ring shone in its minimalism, and it’s this simple elegance that has helped it to last as an enduring symbol of love for more than a hundred years.

Because of its romantic symbolism, the Cartier Trinity ring has become a popular choice for both engagement and wedding rings. Traditionally, the only decoration on one of these rings is the word “Cartier” gently engraved into one of the three bands. However, more recent versions of the ring may offer different touches, such as pavé diamonds, or mixtures of gemstones like pink and blue sapphires to add a touch of colour and unusual visual interest.

Other items in the Trinity collection include bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Some bracelets are chunky bangles, embellished with pavé diamonds, while more modern versions of the necklace replace the classic rings with three interlocking hearts.

The earrings usually have a design that echoes the original ring; as a general rule, Cartier earrings are simple and understated, rather than over the top and flashy. You’re more likely to find Cartier Trinity earrings that are on the small side, instead of, for example, large hoop styles.

All members of the Cartier Trinity collection have the same basic design in common. They all feature three interlocking bands. Usually, these are made from the three original different types of gold.

However, some newer versions of the Trinity design are slightly different, particularly those which feature gemstone embellishments. They may only be made of one type of gold, while some have the three bands connected to support a solitaire jewel, rather in the classic interlocking but not united design that originally made the Trinity Collection famous.

The Cartier Trinity design has even found its way into seemingly unrelated pieces. For example, a line of Cartier’s legendary panther-shaped brooches featured the panthers attached to Trinity loops in the iconic tri-metal design. Having been a part of the brand’s history for almost one hundred years, it’s no surprise that Cartier has chosen to incorporate the emblematic Trinity design into other pieces across its collections.


3. Cartier Juste un Clou Jewellery

Like the Cartier Love bracelet, the Juste un Clou design has become one of the brand’s most iconic pieces. Minimalist and chic, the Juste un Clou bracelet was designed to go with any outfit. Today, the Juste un Clou collection goes beyond bracelets, and includes rings, necklaces, and earrings, as well as the original, stunning bracelets.

Designed by Aldo Cipullo – the same brilliant mind behind the Love bracelet – the Juste un Clou was launched in 1971. Meaning “Just a Nail” in French, the bracelet is based on this most humble piece of hardware. It takes the form of a bent nail, made from a single piece of metal that wraps around the wearer’s wrist. There are no fastenings; in fact, the bracelet doesn’t connect, but has a slightly spiral form, with one end overlapping the other. The nail design gives Juste un Clou a slightly rebellious, punky feel that has made it a classic piece, symbolising a free spirit and liberation.

While the original Juste un Clou designs were made from a simple piece of unadorned metal, later versions of the bracelet may feature some gemstones. Pavé diamonds are sometimes inset all over the bracelet, for a vibrant appearance; alternatively, just a few small gems may be put around the head of the nail, where the diamond encrusting is more subtle.

The original 1971 design will always be popular, thanks to the appeal of vintage jewellery – and, in particular, its position as the first edition of what was to become one of the brand’s most enduring lines. Pieces with diamond adornments will also fetch more, while unadorned, more recent versions of the bracelet may not be worth quite as much. Although the basic design hasn’t changed over the years, more modern Juste un Clou bracelets have different diameters from the original – sometimes thicker, sometimes thinner. They may also be longer, with more of a spiral than the original design. Both earlier and more recent versions of the Juste un Clou bracelet are available in rose, yellow, and white gold versions.

Although the original Cartier Juste un Clou was a bracelet, since its launch the brand has branched out and applied the nail design to other pieces. Like every item produced by Cartier, the pieces in the Juste un Clou line are all made from the finest materials, such as 24-carat gold, and showcase the brand’s famous top quality craftsmanship.

Most of the other pieces in the Juste un Clou line have the same simplicity and elegance that was showcased in the original bracelet. The earrings are often made in an incomplete hoop, with the overlapping nail head and end in the front, just in front of the ear lobe. Again, these are usually made from white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold; they tend to be unadorned, but some variants feature gemstones.

Juste un Clou earrings with a particularly slender diameter, made from white gold and covered with tiny pavé diamonds, are a particularly sophisticated version of the style.

Juste un Clou rings tend to have the same form as the bracelets, wrapping in an elegant spiral around the finger. Many of them have gemstone adornment, and they are an unusual, spirited choice for an engagement or wedding band.

Another unusual design can be found in the line of Juste un Clou necklaces. Some of these are a simple chain, with a bent nail-shaped pendant that creates a hoop shape but without the two ends meeting. For a twist on the style, other Juste un Clou necklaces are made from a solid piece of metal, in the same form as the classic bracelet. These are generally slightly larger than a choker, with the iconic nail head design reaching the collarbones.


4. Panthere de Cartier Jewellery

The panther is one of the most enduring symbols of the Cartier brand. This big cat has been used as a Cartier signature since 1914, and first appeared in a painting commissioned by Louis Cartier. Soon, the panther was appearing in advertisements for the brand. Today, Panthere de Cartier is one of the most popular lines from the luxury jewellery company, and it includes a complete collection of rings, brooches, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Although the panther had appeared in Cartier advertisements since 1914, it didn’t see its debut on a piece of jewellery until 1935. Jewellery designer Jeanne Toussaint was known as “La Panthere” thanks to her wild personality. At the time, the main trend in jewellery was for abstract designs, and the most successful brands didn’t look to the animal kingdom for inspiration. Toussaint changed that when she launched the first Panthere de Cartier rings. These bold, dramatic rings took the form of panther’s heads. The features of the animal – including the eyes and spots – were ideal for adornment with precious stones, a trend that has continued to this day. Panthere de Cartier has attracted famous fans across the globe.

Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor and the woman for whom Edward VIII abandoned his throne, was the most famous fan of the range. One of her favourite pieces was the Cartier Panthere Sapphire Brooch, made in 1949. It showcases a stunning, perfectly round sapphire upon which is perched a panther. The cat is covered with diamonds, with much smaller sapphires used for its spots.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll find a priceless piece like Mrs Simpson’s, vintage pieces are especially attractive, as the panther has been one of the brand’s signatures for so long; brooches, in particular, are emblematic pieces from the mid-20th century, and the evocative Panthere de Cartier designs make them a great choice for jewellery enthusiasts.

The panther’s head rings have been revamped many times over the years. Always made in Cartier’s precious metals – the company only uses 24-carat gold and platinum – they feature a variety of different embellishments, often using one type of gemstone for the animal’s eyes and another for its spots.

Some Panthere de Cartier bracelets take the form of large cuffs that curl around the wrist, covered with pavé diamonds, and with a fierce panther’s head at one end. The most famous Panthere de Cartier bracelet was another piece in Wallis Simpson’s collection. Decorated with a mixture of onyx and diamonds, it sold at auction in 2010 for £4.5 million, becoming the most expensive bracelet ever sold. It was so highly sought after that it attracted this high price despite missing some of the smaller gemstones. Panthere de Cartier necklaces are sometimes made from a single, solid piece of metal that gently twists around the neck; other designs in the line may have a simple chain with a panther pendant, letting the iconic animal’s head take centre stage. Again, these are made from platinum or 24-carat gold. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are all commonly used, with a variety of gemstones for decoration.


5. Cartier Caresse d’Orchidées

One of the more modern lines from Cartier, Caresse d’Orchidées was launched at the start of the 21st century. Unlike the brand’s older lines, Caresse d’Orchidées was not unveiled in Paris; rather, it was launched in New York, and designed with the modern American woman in mind.

Pieces from the Caresse d’Orchideés are exuberant and glamorous, in contrast with the understated simplicity of the Cartier Love or Juste un Clou lines. This line may not be as famous as other, more iconic Cartier collections, but Caresse d’Orchidées pieces are just as luxurious. As always, Cartier is committed to only using the finest metals – 24-carat gold or platinum – and the best quality gemstones. The Caresse d’Orchidées line is particularly notable for its use of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and other jewels.

Importantly, Cartier does not use any blood diamonds and seeks out stones with a clear, conflict-free provenance. Caresse d’Orchidées represents a departure from Cartier tradition. Many of the brand’s other lines were inspired by animals, such as the famous Panthere de Cartier collection, or by hardware like screws or nails. Caresse d’Orchidées is the first collection to be entirely inspired by flowers, although floral pieces have appeared from time to time in the brand’s long and illustrious history.

Made from platinum and 24-carat gold, Caresse d’Orchidées pieces are embellished with bright gemstones for an exotic, colourful appearance that in some ways is reminiscent of Cartier’s Art Deco past. Many pieces use multiple types of gemstone, set playfully together to create a unique appearance.

Famous fans of the line include the Queen of Pop herself: Madonna has been seen wearing Caresse d’Orchidées pieces during TV appearances. Perhaps the most startling contrast with other Cartier lines can be seen in the earrings. While many other Cartier earrings are minimalistic, small, and simple, items from the Caresse d’Orchidées line use bright colours and brilliant gemstones to draw the eye.

Some of the necklaces in this line are delicate and feminine; in some, the 24-carat gold chain is so fine that the flowers strung along it appear almost to float against the wearer’s collarbone. Others are bolder, with large, diamond-studded pendants suitable for eveningwear. The brooches are often particularly extravagant; rather than using single large stones, as earlier Cartier pieces often did, they feature pavé diamonds for an all-over glittering finish that makes them the focal point of any outfit.

Rings from the line are as exuberant as the earrings. These are not the delicate engagement rings or wedding bands that you’ll find elsewhere in the Cartier collection; instead, these bold, jewel-brightened cocktail rings are large and eye-catching.


6. Cartier Les Oiseaux Libérés

This Cartier collection is not as well-known as some of the brand’s most iconic lines, but it is certainly one of the most joyful and exuberant. Cartier has long been well-known for turning to the animal kingdom for inspiration, most notably in its Panthere de Cartier collection.

The Les Oiseaux Libérés line takes as its inspiration one of the most colourful and unique beasts: the parrot. Birds have played an important part in the history of Cartier. Their first notable appearance was in 1942, when the company launched the “Caged Bird” brooch as a symbol of protest; the brand’s home of France was under German occupation during the Second World War, and the brooch was designed to symbolise this. Two years later, the “Freed Bird” brooch celebrated the Liberation of France. With the country free once again, this brooch was a triumphant design. The Les Oiseaux Libérés follows in this tradition, using birds as a symbol of freedom, hope, and liberation.

Many Les Oiseaux Libérés pieces evoke the parrot’s colourful feathers with long, dangling tails made from bright gemstones, such as emeralds or rubies. Others focus on the head of the bird: pavé diamond rings or bracelets use careful formations of the jewels to pick out the lines of the bird’s face. As always, these gemstones are set onto the finest quality metals. Cartier uses only 24-carat gold – whether yellow, white, or rose gold – and platinum in all its jewellery collections, and Les Oiseaux Libérés is no exception. While taking the parrot as inspiration, many pieces in the Les Oiseaux Libérés collection use the bird to create unique forms and shapes. A far cry from some of Cartier’s more minimalistic designs, many Les Oiseaux Libérés items are showstopping pieces that demand attention. Necklaces feature parrots with sweeping, colourful tails, or romantic pendants showing two birds face to face, their gemstone beaks almost touching.

The Les Oiseaux Libérés line is also notable for its selection of rings, which have the same joyful feel as the rest of the line. Designed for evening rather than day, Les Oiseaux Libérés pieces are often extravagant cocktail rings designed to make a statement. The parrot’s head is often a 3-dimensional detail, standing apart from the band of the ring.

Some brooches take inspiration from the original Liberation of France line, showing a bird escaping from its cage, wings spread and beak open in celebration. Others show two parrots together, in a romantic pose that makes them ideal Valentine’s or anniversary gifts.


7. Cartier Faune et Flore

Cartier has long sought inspiration from the natural world. In 2011, the Faune et Flore collection was launched, explicitly taking animals and plants as the basis for creating a selection of fine jewellery. Crocodiles, tigers, snakes, and a number of gorgeous flowers are all represented among the pieces in this line. Made from the finest quality materials – including 24-carat white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold, as well as platinum, the Cartier Faune et Flore collection includes bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings.

An early inspiration for the Flore et Faune collection was the Cartier crocodile necklace commissioned by Mexican movie star Maria Félix in 1975. According to legend, she walked into the Cartier store holding a fishbowl, in which miniature live crocodiles were being kept, and requested a necklace based on them. The jewellery designers at Cartier duly obliged, and presented Félix with a stunning yellow diamond and emerald necklace that showed two crocodiles together. This became one of the most famous Cartier pieces of the 20th century.


The calm before #TheMet with #Labrinth in a Faune et Flore brooch and a High Jewelry ruby and diamond necklace

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Although the Flore et Faune collection was not launched until 2011, crocodile-themed pieces like a diamond-encrusted reptile ring are inspired by the legendary Félix necklace. Cartier Faune et Flore includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings; you’ll find that many pieces – like the Félix necklace – use the unique, sinuous shapes of animals’ bodies to create unusually designed jewellery. For example, rings show crocodiles or snakes wrapping around fingers, or bangles take the form of a tiger’s body, starting at the fierce head and twisting around to the long tail. As Faune et Flore is one of the newer Cartier collections, the pieces have yet to achieve the iconic status of longer-established lines. What’s more, there are no vintage Faune et Flore pieces on offer.

Some pieces have an all-over pavé diamond embellishment, which could be just white diamonds, or a mixture of white and yellow. The items based on tigers usually mix diamonds to create the unique colours of the animal’s coat. Value may also be added by a mixture of different gemstones. This is quite common in the Faune et Flore line where, for example, you might see a crocodile ring that is covered with white pavé diamonds but has the eyes picked out with emeralds.


8. Cartier Classic Diamonds Collection

The Classic Diamonds collection represents what many people think of when they hear the name Cartier. These pieces are made of high-quality metals, and set with the most luxurious of gemstones, and are often used as engagement rings. The most famous is undoubtedly the engagement ring presented by Prince Rainer of Monaco to Grace Kelly. In fact, his initial proposal was accompanied by a more modest ruby and emerald ring, but Grace upgraded it, choosing a Cartier ring that featured an enormous 10.47-carat diamond, with two smaller diamonds on either side. She kept this on her finger until the day she died, and her choice helped to cement diamonds – and, in particular, diamonds by Cartier – as the most in vogue gem for an engagement ring. The enduring popularity still holds strong today. In 2017, a Cartier engagement ring sold at auction in Hong Kong for US$6.2 million. The piece featured an enormous emerald flanked by diamonds, in a style quite reminiscent of the ring once worn by Kelly.


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Styles of engagement ring have changed over the years; while rings with large centrepiece diamonds are still available, more modest choices have become popular. A single, small diamond is a common choice, while bands that are inset with several small diamonds in a pattern going all around the ring can also be found.

Cartier Classic Diamonds wedding bands are also a popular choice. These are generally more modest than engagement rings; here, the diamond is not usually front and centre but adds a subtle detail to the band. A single, small diamond may be set into the metal. As always, Classic Diamonds wedding bands follow Cartier’s commitment to using the finest quality metals. They are available in gold or platinum; the gold is always 24-carat, although it may be yellow, white, or rose.


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The Cartier Classic Diamonds collection doesn’t stop at rings, though they are the stars of the range. Cartier Classic Diamonds includes bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and earrings, too.

Necklaces – again, made with platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold – usually feature diamonds as the centrepiece. Modern styles produced by Cartier tend toward simple elegance; many Classic Diamonds necklaces have a precious metal chain with a pendant at the centre, or a string of very small, perfectly even diamonds encircling the neck. These items are usually popular, thanks to the timelessness of the style. Simple and chic never goes out of fashion.

That being said, many vintage diamond pieces are quite different, harking back to Cartier’s Art Deco period. Complex necklaces made up of multiple strings of diamonds, joining together to support larger stones, are a hallmark of vintage Cartier. Perhaps the most famous diamond necklace ever produced by the brand was the Patiala necklace, made in 1928 and containing – among other gems – 2,930 diamonds, including a centre stone that weighed a whopping 236.65 carats. Sadly, this necklace vanished without a trace in 1948 and was never seen again in its entire glory. The centre diamond resurfaced equally mysteriously in 1982, when it was auctioned at Sotheby’s for US$3.16 million. Years later, in 1998, a Cartier employee stumbled upon the original necklace in a second-hand shop. All the stones were missing, although the fixings were intact. Such a wealth of jewels may be hard to imagine nowadays when trends tend to run in the direction of simplicity and minimalism.

The Classic Diamonds collection also contains other pieces, such as earrings and bracelets. Earrings in the collection tend to be on the small side, showcasing small but perfectly formed diamonds. They may have a drop form, allowing a single diamond to take centre stage, or they may take the shape of hoops covered with pavé jewels. Bracelets, too, are often simple and understated.

Some of Cartier’s most famous designs, such as the Love bracelet, have been upgraded with the Classic Diamonds treatment. The original Love bracelet consisted of an unadorned band of gold with no decoration except evenly spaced screw head motifs; the Classic Diamonds version features precious stones in the place of the screw heads.

Nowadays, diamond jewellery is often controversial. Since the 1990s, consumers have become more aware of the trade in blood diamonds, and of the conflicts that have erupted in some African countries such as Sierra Leone thanks to the industry. Reassuringly, Cartier remains at the forefront of the ethical diamond trade. The company is committed to sourcing conflict-free diamonds for all of its jewellery. The diamonds chosen by Cartier all meet two essential criteria: they must be perfectly shaped, of extremely high quality, and with an excellent clarity. More importantly, they must not be blood diamonds. Cartier has a proven track record in this department, and only works with known and trusted suppliers, making Cartier Classic Diamonds jewellery a good choice for anyone with doubts about the diamond industry.


9. Cartier Etincelle Jewellery

Elegant and simple, the Cartier Etincelle collection has become one of the brand’s most popular lines, particularly when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands. However, the collection is not limited to rings; there are bracelets, earrings, and necklaces in the Etincelle de Cartier line. All have the same signature design feature of pavé diamonds: tiny, perfectly even gemstones that cover the surface of each piece, for a dazzling finish that is the definition of refined elegance.

Cartier Etincelle rings are sought after as engagement or wedding rings, thanks to their use of diamonds – a gemstone that has long been synonymous with true love. Some rings have a full pavé design, with the surface of the metal beneath almost invisible under a layer of diamonds. These make a subtle, sophisticated choice of engagement ring, and can also serve as a wedding band. Others have a more classic engagement ring design, with pavé diamonds covering the band and a centrepiece. In some designs, this is a large solitaire diamond, while in others the centre features a cluster of stones.

The price of Cartier Etincelle rings varies according to the number of stones that feature on the design. Notice as well that some rings have unusual components, such as a spiral design, or multiple bands joined together. The width of the ring will also affect its value; wider rings have space for more pavé diamonds, which in turn makes them worth more.

This collection uses platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Platinum pieces are usually worth more and, while all three styles of gold are 24-carat, fashions and trends of the day may make one shade more popular, and thus more valued, than the others.


10. Cactus de Cartier Jewellery

Launched in 2016, the Cactus de Cartier collection is one of the brand’s most unique ranges. Although it is a newer line, it takes inspiration from nature and whimsy, a combination that has been a part of Cartier for many years. Bold and playful, Cactus de Cartier pieces have quickly gained plenty of admirers.

The rings in this collection are not for shrinking violets. Most of them are cocktail rings, with large, 3-dimensional cactuses sitting proudly atop the wearer’s finger. Many pieces in the Cactus de Cartier line feature emeralds, inspired by the green colour of the plant; however, the pieces that are encrusted with yellow diamonds generally have a higher value.

As well as rings, the line also features bold and funky bangle-style bracelets, again decorated with precious stones. Many of the pieces in this line feature a large number of precious stones, used to create the image of a cactus; this will add to their value.

Cactus de Cartier necklaces and earrings oftenb represent the more subtle pieces in the collection; many earrings and necklaces in the line represent a less literal take on the cactus inspiration, although they still feature stones like emeralds and yellow diamonds. There are still some bold, statement earrings, but by and large, these are more elegant and refined, particularly in comparison with the playful exuberance of the cocktail rings in the line. However, thanks to the exquisite workmanship and top quality materials of the Cartier brand, they still have a high value.


11. Cartier Tank Jewellery

Cartier Tank is best known as a line of watches; however, Cartier Tank rings have designs inspired by the iconic timepieces. These stylish rings feature crisp, geometric lines that are quite different from other Cartier ranges, and offer more men’s jewellery than can be found in other collections.

Cartier Tank rings are very distinctive, and stand out from other pieces made by the legendary jewellery brand. Cartier Tank rings have clean lines and very simple shapes. Many feature gemstones – often diamonds, but other precious stones also appear. These stone are usually square-cut, and added to the ring with no further embellishment; it is rare, for example, to see a Cartier Tank ring with smaller stones framing a larger one. Instead, solitaire rings are common, with the fitting usually integrated directly into the band. However, there are also designs with multiple, much smaller gems.

The price of Cartier Tank rings depends on a number of factors. The gemstones are key here. Different sizes and types of stone will add different amounts to the value of a ring. As always, the most valuable are diamonds. However, not all diamonds offer the same value, and the number of carats of the gem will play an important part in deciding the worth of the ring. What’s more, some Cartier Tank rings feature not just one gemstone; instead, they have designs made up of multiple, very small and even diamonds set into bands that stand out against the metal.

The material is also important. The Tank collection rings are usually made from either white gold or yellow gold, and are always 24-carat. Another factor that you will encounter when you decide to buy a Cartier Tank ring is the size of the ring. Although simple design lines are a hallmark of the Cartier Tank ring line, not all of them are the same size; some are wider than others, which will affect the value. Finally, the style is important to take into consideration.


12. Cartier Maillon Panthere Jewellery

Don’t be fooled by the name: the Cartier Maillon Panthere collection does not take direct inspiration from the brand’s signature big cat. Instead, this line of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces features a special link design for a sensuous, luxurious feel.

The simplest Cartier Maillon Panthere collection rings are a band of gold – either rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold, all 24-carat – with small indentations at regularly spaced intervals to create the “link” appearance. Some of these rings feature the additional embellishment of gemstones, most commonly diamonds. However, in the Cartier Maillon Panthere collection, large solitaire gemstones are not commonly seen. Instead, a few very small diamonds may be set into the band. This makes them suitable to serve as either a subtle engagement ring, or a wedding band.

Bracelets in the collection usually feature several rows of links to create a stacked affect that moves sinuously with each shift of the arm. We find it particularly interesting to review the designs in this collection that mix materials; for example, there are bracelets which feature two rows of yellow gold framing a row of white gold links. As well as bracelets and rings, Cartier Maillon Panthere also includes necklaces in the collection. Again, these necklaces feature the line’s signature link design, sometimes with pavé diamonds to add to the piece’s visual appeal.


13. Écrou de Cartier Jewellery

One of the most recent ranges to be launched by Cartier, the Écrou de Cartier collection gives a modern twist to classics like the Cartier Love and Juste un Clou lines. Like these well-loved favourites, Écrou de Cartier takes a common, everyday piece of hardware as the starting point for creating stunning pieces of high end, luxurious jewellery.

In this case, the inspiration is the type of nut a handyman might use; indeed, “écrou” is French for “nut”. Precious metals and stunning gemstones playing the central role in this new collection. The Écrou de Cartier bracelet at the heart of the collection is a simple band of gold with lines to make it resemble a nut, and bolts set into it. All in all, bracelets in the Écrou de Cartier line are made from yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold; all are 24-carat, and all are highly valuable.

In some cases, the bracelets are embellished with diamonds. This usually takes the form of a subtle inlay of diamonds on the bolt heads, creating some dazzling detail.

The rings in the Écrou de Cartier collection have the same nuts and bolts inspiration as the bracelets, on a much smaller scale. These quirky, unusual rings are not commonly used as engagement or wedding bands, but are eye-catching and enticing nevertheless. Écrou de Cartier rings  pay close attention to the bolt details; usually, the Cartier signature and metal stamps are set onto one of the bolts, as the unusual shape of the ring makes it impossible for any engraving to be added to the inside.


14. Clash de Cartier Jewellery

Luxury punk may seem like a contradiction in terms, but that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Clash de Cartier range of products. This modern line from the jewellery brand uses studs and beads to create a hard-edged, fierce appearance that you can see on rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Most Clash de Cartier rings have a spiky, studded band which makes them stand out in the world of luxury jewellery. Made from 24-carat rose gold or white gold, many have no embellishments, but some feature pavé diamonds encircling the band. Other Cartier Clash ring in the line use other stones, such as coral, for a bold touch of colour.

Clash de Cartier is quite different from other pieces in the brand’s catalogue, but the diamond pavé rings may still be used as engagement rings; unusual and distinctive, they would be particularly suitable for a quirky bride who doesn’t like to follow rules and prefers to do things her own way. Certainly, if these rings are used as engagement rings or wedding bands, they are sure to become a talking point and catch plenty of attention.

Other pieces in the Clash de Cartier line include bracelets, rings, and necklaces. These feature the linked, studded design that is part of the line’s appeal, meaning that each piece will move slightly when not being worn. Despite the hard, studded, exterior, when you come to pawn a Cartier Clash necklace in London, you’ll find that the metal is soft, and the spikes end with rounded points.


15. Pluie de Cartier Jewellery

Pluie de Cartier is a true celebration of sparkle. This diamond-encrusted range of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings offers pieces that are ideally suited for evening wear. Indeed, jewellery from this range is often see on the red carpet, worn by stylish actresses like The Crown star Claire Foy. As such, we are always happy to work as pawnbrokers for Pluie de Cartier necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Many pieces in the Pluie de Cartier range feature an exuberance of diamonds, often in shapes inspired by nature: leaves or droplets. As Cartier Pluie ring pawnbrokers, we know that the rings in this line are rarely of the understated type more commonly used as engagement or wedding bands. Instead, they are dramatic, showstopping cocktail rings that make a statement.

Pieces in this line, as is normal with Cartier, are made from either 24-carat gold or platinum. White gold, yellow gold, and rose gold are all used. In the Pluie de Cartier line, many pieces showcase several fine diamonds, the most valuable of all stones. White diamonds are the most frequently used, with jewellery in the collection often putting multiple shapes and sizes of diamonds together to form a unique piece that is almost sculptural in its ambition.


16. Amulette de Cartier Jewellery

Amulette de Cartier necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are a popular choice for gifts, as they use a mixture of different stones to create a personalised piece. This makes them ideal for presents celebrating, for example, someone’s birthstone. This range of jewellery uses stones that are rarely seen in other Cartier collections, such as onyx, malachite, mother-of-pearl, or lapis lazuli.

No matter what stones are used, all Amulette de Cartier jewellery is made of fine quality materials – in fact, at New Bond Street pawnbrokers, we often provide collateral loans against this type of jewellery . The standard design in this range is a round pendant, with a coloured stone providing the backdrop to a single diamond set into the centre. The diamond is usually white, while the coloured stone varies. The metal on which the pendant is set is invariably fine 24-carat gold, but again, colour can vary from yellow and rose, to white gold.

The circular pendant is seen across the range, as the centrepiece of a necklace, dangling from earrings, or set onto each end of a bangle-style bracelet. Some pieces use more than one coloured stone to create contrast; mixing onyx and mother of pearl, for example, gives a distinctive, unusual “yin and yang” flavour to a bracelet or pair of earrings, with two pendants acting as negative images of each other.


17. Diamantes Légers Jewellery

One of the simplest and most feminine of the Cartier lines, the Diamants Légers collection puts diamonds front and centre. As a rule, the items in this collection are simple, with a purity of design that makes them ideal gifts. Generally, they have diamonds in a bezel setting, but the exact nature can vary from piece to piece. Some showcase a single solitaire diamond, with the slender supporting chain ensuring that the gemstone is the proud focal point. Others have multiple stones, spaced evenly along the chain.

Cartier Diamants Légers necklaces and bracelets might be made from white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold; in all three cases, the gold is 24-carat, for exceptional quality. The simplicity of the designs means that the clarity and appearance of the diamonds is important. Cartier has a strict policy of using ethically sourced diamonds, so they are guilt-free as well as beautiful.

Appraising your Cartier Fine Jewellery

Whether it’s an heirloom ring or a gift, there are many reasons why you may want to know whether a Cartier ring you own is genuine. Especially if it’s from one of the iconic collections included within this guide. Seeking professional help to appraise and value your Cartier men’s wedding ring, or any other kind of ring can ensure you know the worth of the ring you own.

At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we offer dedicated loan services for Cartier rings , Cartier watches, and other fine jewellery. or diamonds.


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