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5 Upcoming Luxury Watches in 2024

The world’s best watchmakers like to keep us guessing. They rarely share the news about their upcoming luxury watches ahead of trade shows or special events. However, that doesn’t mean 2024 is going to be a total surprise. In fact, the year has gotten off to a good start, with Czapek, Audemars Piguet, and Hublot sharing some of the best upcoming fine watches in 2024.


Let’s begin our list of upcoming luxury watch releases 2024 edition.

Top 5 Upcoming Luxury Watch Releases in 2024


Upcoming luxury watch releases in 2024

Right now, it’s hard to say for sure what the best upcoming fine watch releases for 2024 will be. The luxury watch industry typically closely guards which models are slated to come out during the year

Between April 9th and 15th, the Watches and Wonders trade show will be in Geneva. Many top brands, like Rolex, jealously guard their release dates until these events. So don’t expect to find out about new models until April 9th, 9 am sharp.

However, there are plenty of other upcoming fine watches in 2024 to get excited about. Here’s a blend of some that are accessible and some that will be out of reach for your average collectors.



Czapek Antarctique S La Carte des Nuages (Stormy Grey) is easily one of the best upcoming luxury watches in 2024. The first thing that stands out about the Stormy Grey is its incredible dial. The muted gray dial is crafted from mother-of-pearl, which means it shimmers incredibly as light passes over the watch. 

As if that mother-of-pearl luminescence wasn’t enough, the hour hands are crafted from diamonds, including two signature Czapek “Antarctique cut” stones at the 12 o’clock position.

It’s not entirely clear when this watch will be available, but experts suggest that you can expect a pre-order by the end of 2024. Oh, and just in case you’re really interested, there are only 50 of this kind, and they’re available for about $47,000.



Audemars Piguet announced a new limited edition watch at the Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Week. The luxury timepiece is the result of a collaboration with haute couture designer and Ralph & Russo boss Tamara Ralph.

One look at the design, and you know we’re dealing with something special here. Forged from 18-carat pink gold, the watch has incredible autumnal colors and a plush luxury gold finish. The Royal Oak Tourbillon is already one of the best watches on the market, but this stunning limited edition could become the go-to watch for women who love timepieces in 2024. 

This watch straddles the divide between art and functionality. However, with only 102 being made, the Tamara Ralph will cost about $200,000. For investors, this steep price point could actually prove to be a bargain when word gets out about this high-end and futuristic watch, and it becomes a true collector’s item.



The Chopard L.U.C XP Urushi series has been going since 2013. Each year, they add another animal from the Chinese Zodiac calendar. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, so the Urushi series will finally be complete.

While it might be a bit brash for some people’s taste, the dial comes emblazoned with an Urushi lacquer dragon that has been handcrafted by the Maki-e legend Minori Koizumi. The 18kt gold watch is compact and comes with hand-stitched alligator leather with nubuck lining in the coolest of black hues.

Chopard has also nodded towards consumers’ increasing interest in sustainability by using ethically sourced 18kt gold for the watch. At 39mm, it’s light without feeling lightweight, and thanks to the L.U.C 96.17-L caliber, it’s as accurate as they come.

With a price of around $32,000, you can make the Year of the Dragon a year to remember.



Hublot is definitely responsible for one of the most eye-catching upcoming luxury watches in 2024. The Hublot Integrated Tourbillon Full Purple Sapphire is a visually striking watch that wows with little design details. The 43mm case is made entirely from purple sapphire, while the open-worked dial gives you an incredible view of this robust watch’s innards.

While this watch may seem a bit flashy to some, on a technical level, the Hublot tourbillon complications are among the world’s best performers. This is not a style over substance situation. Sure, the dial and the bracelet sparkle and glisten, but as all know, it’s what’s inside that counts, and in that regard, Hublot rarely fails to deliver.

Yes, the Hublot Purple Sapphire is not cheap. It’s ultra-rare and will cost you $500,000. However, it has huge investment potential and is likely to become a holy grail for watch collectors in the future. 


#5. Zenith Chronomaster Original Triple Calendar With Gray Dial

Zenith has a well-earned reputation for mixing tradition with modernity to make distinctive luxury watches. The Chronomaster Original Triple Calendar With Gray Dial is another example of the brand’s keen eye for both the past and the future.

Inspired by a 1970 prototype of the Zenith El Primero Triple Calendar, this compact 38mm beauty with an opaline slate-gray dial is a high performer. Driven by an El Primero 3610 and with a 60-hour power reserve, accuracy, and reliability are not going to be a problem. 

If you want something vintage while yearning for a well-produced and modern watch, the Chronomaster Original 2024 edition could be right up your street. At a reasonably priced $12,500 for such a well-built watch, it’s going to make its way into many watch enthusiasts’ collections during 2024.


Final thoughts on the upcoming watch releases in 2024

And that brings to an end our upcoming luxury watch release 2024 edition. Remember, some of the world’s premier luxury watch brands won’t reveal what they have up their sleeves until events like Baselworld, Dubai Watch Week, CoutureTime, and the independent-focused WindUp Watch Fair. So, for now, enjoy the wonders that have been announced.

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