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How a VR app from New Bond Street Pawnbrokers reinvents the traditional pawn shop

As the premier luxury pawnbrokers in the heart of one of the most affluent boroughs in London, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers is familiar with leading from the front. Offering nothing but the highest standards of service from deluxe premises in Mayfair, the company has won numerous awards for innovation and accomplishment. Asset loans are given against a diverse range of high-end, luxury items, and the exclusive clientele has come to expect a level of service that consistently goes above and beyond what can be found elsewhere. The latest example of this is the move to embrace a growing technology by offering a Virtual Reality (VR) app where users can access the online portion of the service.


An emerging VR phenomenon

Virtual Reality is being embraced by a number of sectors as it becomes easier for the public to access. Most smartphones can be integrated into an affordable headset, wherein the built-in gyroscope enables a VR experience. This is encouraging mobile app developers to produce more and more content to leverage this opportunity. Furthermore, home kits for gaming and other premium VR experiences are readily available.

Businesses are also finding ways to use VR to enhance their customer experience. Entirely new services are becoming possible, such as virtual tours of homes via forward-thinking estate agents. In a world where digital experiences continue to grow in importance for consumers, businesses are looking for innovative ways to incorporate new technologies into their framework. Ever-ready to embrace the latest innovations, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers have developed its new VR app to enable users to access their online service in an exciting new way.


How does it work?

Download the VR app onto your computer via a platform like SideQuest , put your Oculus Quest VR headset on, check your controllers and Go. Once you enter the app, you will find yourself in a virtual room that is ‘decorated’ to look high-end and comfortable. As you look around the room, you will see luxurious furniture, some beautiful works of art on the walls and modern, formal decor for the setting. In front of you is a desk, behind which there is a large screen that displays the content you are able to interact with.

1. That screen contains pertinent segments of the New Bond Street Pawnbrokers website, including an introductory video and a range of options you can select. It is easy to interact with the menu, where you will find the following 4 options:

2. Contact Us – access our contact details to tell us about your item(s) and ask any questions you may have.

3. How It Works – detailed information about the types of items we consider, the pawning process, and the loans we offer.

4. Pawn My Item – a section where you can tell us a little about your item, and understand what sort of loan you could get for it.

5. Who We Are – information about our long and distinguished presence in the luxury pawn shop sector.

As you enter the menu, you will see a dotted line that points to the menu item you are looking at. Simply line it up by turning your head, and use the controller to select an item. It’s simple and intuitive to use, and it’s full of helpful information to make the journey of pawning your luxury item easier.


A client-centric service

New Bond Street Pawnbrokers understands that pawning a valuable item can be a stressful time. Whatever your reasons for seeking an asset loan against your luxury items, you need to feel assured that you are working with a pawnbroker you can trust. They need to be experienced in dealing with your type of item, with a reputation for excellence, a demonstrable record of keeping clients’ items safe, and an ability to make you feel comfortable and secure.

This is why partnered with Pufferr to develop a VR app that is all about. Embracing the very latest technology, it demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and development. The VR environment is welcoming, private and user-friendly. Clients will be able to access the information and resources they need using a fun and creative platform that can be accessed from the comfort of their home. The virtual environment is representative of the way New Bond Street Pawnbrokers operates: high-end, professional and very inviting for every client.

Always ready to shake things up

New Bond Street Pawnbrokers have a history of taking leaps where other pawnbrokers fear to tread. This jump into modern digital technology, creatively harnessing the VR experience to enhance their service, is just the latest example of how they break new ground in the pawnbroking industry. When pawning your high-end items, you deserve to work with the very best. Experience the app for yourselves and you’ll see how New Bond Street Pawnbrokers and its partners have reinvented the pawnshop experience. It’s slick, professional, and an absolute joy to use.

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