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The best British cars of all time

Though Britain is no longer considered a world-leading car manufacturer, it was once highly famed for the cars it produced. In fact, much of the car manufacturing process that we know today exists due to revolutionary changes made by British designers like William Lyons. As such, there are plenty of examples of beautifully designed British cars that seem to have appreciated with age and are still incredibly desirable today. So, our team of expert classic and modern car appraisers turn back the clock and take a look at some of the best British cars of all time.


1. McLaren F1

When it was first unveiled in 1992, the Ford McLaren took the motoring world by storm, and remains regarded as one of the finest British cars ever made. It was the perfect combination of futuristic design and beauty, along with unmatched performance and handling. Such a car came about due to the collaboration between Roy Dennis’s F1 team and the car designer Gordon Murray. Its original price was half a million pounds, and you certainly got a lot for your money. But you’ll find it hard to get your hands on one today as only 106 were ever made.

mclaren sports car



2. Mini Cooper S

The Mini Cooper S was born out of a collaboration between John Cooper and Sir Alec Issigonis. Together, they built a car that contained a powerful 1071 cc engine housed within the classic compact style of the original Mini. The Mini Cooper S quickly became a favourite amongst car enthusiasts and came to be a defining vehicle in classical British culture.

mini cooper exhibition 


3. Range Rover Mk1

The Mk1 holds a place in the British archives as it came to be an incredibly effective car both offroad and on tarmacked roads. It utilised coil springs, four-wheel drive and a V8 engine to help achieve its high levels of performance. The first one was released back in 1970 and this paved the way for Range Rover to become the globally recognised and loved car manufacturer it still is today. Its rise to fame and popularity was no doubt helped by the close relationship the car has always had with the British Royal family. You don’t get much more British than that.


range rover mk2


4. Aston martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 is a car that is as desirable today as it was in 1963 when the first one was released. Its 4.0-litre engine meant it could go as fast as 143 mph and it truly was a sight to behold. Its place in the British hall-of-fame was sealed when it appeared as the lead vehicle in James Bond. Its first film was the 1964 Goldfinger, and it has cropped up many more times since. It is loved and instantly recognised not just by British car-lovers but by people all over the world.


aston martin db5


5. Jaguar E-Type

The first Jaguar E-type was sold almost 6 decades ago, but it is still one of the most globally loved and recognised cars of our time. It had a top speed of 150 mph and could go from 0 to 60 in less than 7 seconds. This was a massive achievement for its time, and its performance was only matched by its sleek, beautiful look that impressed anyone passing by. It was, and still is, considered so magnificent that Enzo Ferrari once named it as “the most beautiful car ever made”.

jaguar e type



6. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II

First released back in 1959, the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II was the first of its kind to include a 6.2-liter V8 engine. However, what has made this vehicle so iconic through the years is the classical style it exudes both inside and out. As an improvement upon its predecessor, the Silver Cloud II has a blue instrument lighting for its interior and an improved ventilation system. This car set the tone of elegance for years to come.

rolls royce silver cloud 2


7. Morgan Plus 8

Before the Plus 8 was released, the car manufacturer Morgan already had a strong reputation as a builder of beautiful luxury vehicles. However, when the first one rolled off the production line in 1968, the Plus 8 quickly became the lead car in their line-up. It combined old-fashioned elegance and style with modern and effective handling and general performance. It was so widely loved that this car was manufactured for almost 4 decades, with the last one made in 2004.


morgan plus 8


If you own any of these cars, then you certainly do own one of the greatest British cars ever made. You also own an incredibly valuable asset, as impressive cars like these are considered very precious amongst luxury car collectors. If you ever did wish to pawn your luxury car, then New Bond Street Pawnbrokers is certainly the place to come. Our team of car experts are best placed to calculate the value of such a car and ensure you receive a fair price. Get in touch to find out more.  New Bond Street Pawnbrokers  offer loans against the following classic cars: Aston MartinBugattiFerrariJaguarMercedes and Porsche

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