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“Better Out Than In”

photo credit: carnagenyc via photopin cc

photo credit: carnagenyc via photopin cc

This year’s Webby Awards saw Banksy being awarded ‘Person of the Year’. Unsurprisingly, he did not show up in person to accept his award but instead replied via a video message. The video summarised his stay in New York last October where he did a month-long pop up exhibition of graffiti on the streets of New York called “Better Out Than In”.

The Webby Awards is the international award honouring excellence on the Internet. Presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), the judging board has over 1000 members including leading web experts, business figures, visionaries, creative celebrities and Internet professionals.

Musician Patti Smith presented the award whilst jokingly saying, “I have a confession to make. I am Banksy.”

“Better Out Than In” saw Banksy create a new piece of street art every day for a month, which was then photographed and uploaded onto his Instagram, and website www.banksyny.com

Banksy’s works have become coveted over the years, with original pieces auctioning for as much as £145,250. Many of Banksy’s pieces have ended up on eBay with bank notes he made with Princess Diana’s face instead of the Queen’s selling for as much as £200. In 2007, one note was sold for £24,000 at a Bonhams auction house.

However, not everybody is appreciative of Banksy’s work. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has criticised Banksy and building owners are equally enraged about their defaced property.

Despite this, during the month long exhibition many people checked in on Foursquare when they arrived at a place where Banksy had left his mark. They even created photos and videos of his work through social media networks such as Tumblr, Vine, Twitter, etc.

In fact, during his month in New York he even set up a stall selling some of his work for only $60!

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