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NBSP Review the Patek Phillipe Grand Watch Art Exhibition.

It is not every day that watchmakers lay bare a long history of watch-making in an open, free forum. Echoing the Great Exhibition of 1851 in the Crystal Palace at Hyde Park the CEO’s of the company have said to know that they wanted to give the people of London something spectacular. Exposing the rarest and most delectable and luxurious timepieces such as detailed valuable classics from European families as well as watches from within the companies own vaults.

The Grand Watch Art Exhibition – Pateke Phillipe


The watchmakers world is indeed a fascinating one. Britain’s Queen Victoria was one of the first royal connoisseurs to be captivated by this world, and at London’s great 1851 exhibition she chose a blue watch in yellow gold; adorned with a floral motif of precious diamonds. Watches made for royalty where made with finely engraved coats of arms, initials and other royal affiliations. All of these fine pieces are explored as the doors to royal room open. The royal collection is showcased in a dedicated room recreating the exhibition at Crystal Palace 1851, it will present more than 15 royal timepieces from the Patek Phillipe Museum in Geneva, on loan for a short period for the London event.

The Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery

Due to popular demand the exhibitions doors opening hours where extended on Saturday 6th June onwards visitors had absoloute access to over 400 exceptional timepieces distributed throughout more than twenty-one themed areas. Amongst all the areas, the Royal Room was a highlight. People had the opportunity to see more than 15 Royal timepieces from the Patek Philippe Museum collection and also the Ref. 4975/1G which belongs to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (who has graciously given her permission for it to be exhibited at the Grand Exhibition). Patek Phillipes website states:

Historic ties

‘The highlights of this room will be the open-face, key winding and hand-setting pendant watch which belonged to Queen Victoria (Queen of Great Britain and Ireland 1837-1901). Made in yellow gold with enamelling and rose-cut diamonds in the case, this watch will be presented alongside two other watches. The open faced, keyless-winding and setting, pendant watch – accompanied with its matching brooch – which is said to have belonged to Queen Victoria, and the Ref. 4975/1G which belongs to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (who has graciously given her permission for it to be exhibited at the Grand Exhibition).’ Patek Phillipe – The Grand Watch Art Exhibition

Another incredible space was the Rare Handcrafts Artisan room where visitors could see professional gem setters, engravers, enamellers and engine turning experts at work. With such a close look into this ultra-secretive world of watchmakers it was an experience that can rarely be experienced outside of these parameters.

Patek Phillipe - There was much anticipation for the event

There was much anticipation for the event


Being collectors of rare, fine watches produced by some of the oldest and most historic manufacturers there are few watches they have never seen, handled or owned; but this assumption was knocked back for them. David Sonnenthal of NBSP spoke of the exhibition as:

‘An inspiring collection with a turnout that was testament to a historic and revered manufacturer of the finest timepieces’ David Sonnenthal , NBSP

For NBSP specialists the watches of particular interest where the excepetional Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002 Model, The Minute repeater perpetual calendar 5304, and from the antique collection a pocket watched made for trailing to the North Pole with an in-built compass.  There really where some inspiring and educational insights into the history of this art and its continuation today.

The Patek Phillipe Grandmaster Chime

The Patek Phillipe Grandmaster Chime

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