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Are you thinking ” Pawn my Richard Mille watch?”

If you’re thinking “how do I pawn my Richard Mille watch in London?”, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers is one of the most awarded pawn shop for Richard Mille watches loans in London, and within UK. Our expert pawnbrokers are specialists in all kinds of fine watches loans like Richard Mille, from the most expensive i.e. Rolex, Patek Phillippe to the less expensive but worthy of investing.

If you’re based in London, simply make an appointment to visit our appraisal team in Mayfair, who will be able to provide you with an accurate loan valuation for pawning your Richard Mile timepiece. Arranging loans on Richard Mille watches at our award-winning Richard Mille watches London pawn shop is easy:

• Take the Richard Mille watch you would like to pawn, to our London, Mayfair offices
• Allow our Richard Mille pawnbroking experts to place a value on your watch for loan  purpuses
• Receive a same day loan based on the market value of your Richard Mille watch
• Redeem your Richard Mille watch after your pawn contract has been repaid

Richard Mille is a Swiss luxury watch brand founded in the late ’90s. Its most esteemed models include the Sapphire Split Seconds RM 056 – the very first watch with a case built from sapphire – and the Tourbillon RM 008.

The brand sponsors several notable sportsmen, including tennis player Rafael Nadal, Formula One driver Jenson Button and sprinter Yohan Blake, who wore a Richard Mille watch sporting the national colours of Jamaica during the 2012 Olympic Games.

What is the price of a Richard Mille watch?

Some watches have a tendency to depreciate in value once they’ve left the showroom, although most Richard Mille models are held in such high regard that they tend to retain their loan value, making them some of the best watches for pawning.

At auction, the Richard Mille Tourbillon RM003 model can fetch upward of £100,000. Rare models, such as the Tourbillon Rafael Nadal, can command a price tag of over £492,000.

Watch condition matters

The mechanical and aesthetic condition of your Richard Mille watch will largely dictate its loan price when pawning it. It’s easier to secure great value loans on Richard Mille watches that are in perfect condition, although if your watch has some minor issues that can be repaired, this shouldn’t affect its value too much.

Is your Richard Mille watch authentic?

Provenance can help increase the loan price of your Richard Mille timepiece. If you’re wondering what to bring when you go to pawn your Richard Mille watch at our Central London pawn shop, you should be aware that it’s good practice to bring certificates of authenticity, repair documentation, and proof of purchase. These documents could even increase the pawn value and final loan price of your Richard Mille watch.

How old is your Richard Mille luxury watch?

While Richard Mille watches have only been on the market since 1999, that doesn’t mean they can’t command large selling prices at auction. Richard Mille sponsors a lot of sportspersons, so if your timepiece has been previously worn or signed by a notable athlete, this could increase its pawn value and loan price. Limited edition items like the RM056 could also fetch large amounts at auction, based on their rarity.

Pawn my Richard Mille watch

Richard Mille watches are generally regarded as heirlooms to be enjoyed for an entire lifetime. Despite this, you might find yourself in a situation where you need fast access to funds – to finance another investment or to cover unexpected costs, for example. If you’re in need of a cash loan, pawning your Richard Mille luxury watch with our London experts couldn’t be easier. Your timepiece will be kept secure and will be released to you take home after you have made your final loan repayment.

If you now think “I definitely want to pawn my Richard Mille watch”, before you visit New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, you might want to do some research of your own to find out the age, rarity, and estimated value of your timepiece. The internet is a fantastic resource for this, and simply entering the model number on your watch should provide you with plenty of results. If not, don’t worry – our team of appraisers is on-hand to do the work for you and to offer you a fair pawn price on a loan against your Richard Mille luxury watch. To learn more about our loans against fine watches like Richard Mille, you can visit our dedicated webpage.

Finally, some of the many watch brands we loan against include: A. Lange & Sohne, Breguet, Breitling, Bulgari, Cartier, Chopard, Harry Winston, Hublot, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre, Omega, Panerai, Piaget, Richard Mille, Roger Dubuis, Tiffany, Ulysse Nardin, Urwerk, Vacheron Constantin, Van Cleef & Arpels, Audemars Piguet, Graff, Patek Philippe, and Rolex

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Can you pawn a Richard Mille Watch?

If you’re wondering “can I pawn my Richard Mille watch,” the answer is absolutely, yes. You can pawn your Richard Mille in London right here at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, and receive a same-day loan, calculated based on the market value of your watch. Richard Mille watches are beautiful, inspired pieces and intended to last a lifetime. Pawning rather than selling your Richard Mille watch ensures that you can reclaim your watch to enjoy it for many more years to come. If you live in London Richard Mille pawnbrokers are in easy reach. Visit our pawnshop for Richard Mille watches and talk to our appraisal team, who can establish exactly how much your watch is worth and offer you an appropriate loan. Loans on Richard Mille watches vary depending on a range of factors: · The exact model of your Richard Mille watch will affect the value · The age could be a factor, as the older watches are, the rarer they become, generally · The condition of your watch - is it like new, or damaged? · Any certificate of authenticity or other relevant paperwork could affect the price London based watch lovers need no longer worry if they can “pawn my Richard Mille watch near me” as we are centrally located and easy to find. The best thing about pawning your watch is that you get to take it back from us once your loan is repaid in full. We know how important your Richard Mille watch is to you. The opportunity to borrow money and regain your Richard Mille watch thereafter is so much more satisfying than having to sell a beloved timepiece. The best pawn shop for Richard Mille watches is one that understands the range of models and the incredible quality and stylishness of these watches. Since 2001 Richard Mille has been producing exquisite timepieces, and owning one is a sign of discerning taste. We’ll allow you to take out a loan against your watch secure in the knowledge that your iconic Richard Mille watch will be back in your hands once your loan is repaid. Whether your Richard Mille watch is an original 001 Tourbillon or the more recent RM 11-03 McLaren made in partnership with the Formula One giant, our expert team will be able to accurately assess the correct value of your watch. We consider all Richard Mille watches, both men’s and women’s, including the coveted Automatic Winding Tourbillon Talisman. Please contact us on 020 7493 0385 for more information, or for questions about pawning any high-end watches including Richard Mille.

Can I borrow against my Richard Mille Bonbon watch?

The Richard Mille Bonbon collection is extensive and delightfully quirky. It was inspired by childhood dreams of sugary sweets and juicy fruits. This is one of the most surprising and outstanding watch collections on the market today, and there’s nothing else quite like a Bonbon. If you own one of these pieces and are looking for Richard Mille Bonbon pawnbrokers, New Bond Street could help. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers are the ideal pawnbrokers for Richard Mille Bonbon watch types because we are highly experienced in dealing with these luxury and top-end watches. Taking out loans on Richard Mille Bonbon watches in London has never been simpler, with most clients able to receive their funds the very same day. Our experts will value your watch and offer you an amount based on the current market value plus the condition of your timepiece. The Bonbon collection was showcased in January 2019 at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie. With this collection, Richard Mille proved that as well as their watched being symbols of success and wealth, they continue to surprise and delight with their range of intriguing designs. This collection aims to be a “disruption” of the classic models RM 37-01, RM 07-03 RM 16-01. They took these designs and used colour, texture, and a huge sense of fun to make some of the most cheekily designed and exciting watches on the market right now. Owning a watch from the Richard Mille Bonbon collection is a sign that you know your watches, and you love the fun things in life. We’ll treat your watch with the utmost care whilst allowing you to use it to fund those emergencies that pop up unexpectedly. Whether your boiler is leaking, your car has broken down or you need to buy plane tickets in a hurry, we could help you get those all-important emergency funds. If you’re looking for a Richard Mille Bonbon pawn shop, then first we need to know what type of Bonbon you own. It could be one of the ones listed below, but if you don’t see your type, please contact us as we accept most Richard Mille watches. There are ten Bonbon models but each model has 30 variations, so we understand the range and diversity of this collection. Lemon and Strawberry RM 16-01 Citron et Fraise. This explosion of colour is like having a work of art attached to your wrist. This is hardly a surprise when you discover that designer Cécile Guenat created a palette of around 60 unique shades to create this subversive and fun collection. If you’re lucky enough to own the Lemon and Strawberry, we’d be delighted to value it for you and offer you an appropriate loan. Blueberry and Lychee RM 07-03 Myrtille et Litchi. Richard Mille’s designers achieved the “sugar coating” effect on these watches by incorporating powdered enamel and extremely fine sand into the finishing materials. Tiny, delicate sculptures turn each watch into a delicious bag of sweets. This delicacy belies the incredibly strong grade 5 titanium components underneath. Kiwi and Cherry RM 37-01 Kiwi et Cerise. The horological components of these stunning timepieces peek through glistening slices of citrus and perfectly green circles of fruit. This burst of colour contrasts superbly with the slate grey of the bezel. The automatic winding feature makes these watches as technologically advanced as they are beautiful. RM 07-03 Cupcake. The Richard Mille Cupcake watch is like a piece of Art Nouveau brought right up to date. The swirling patterns across the face speak of lashings of buttercream icing. The crown itself is a miniature cupcake- right down to the tiny, detailed case. Tiny details across the swirls on the face draw the eye and speak of the luxury of the piece. The whole watch has a smooth, inviting quality that makes it almost irresistible. A piece of jewellery as well as a luxury watch. RM 07-03 Marshmallow. The classic, twisty “flump” marshmallow shape is the star of the show in this sugary-inspired watch. Pale pastel shades contrast beautifully with the black chromed accents on the face. The twisty pattern continues around the face of the watch with just a touch of added sparkle. Talk to us about pawning your Richard Mille Marshmallow. RM 37-01 Lollipop. Another automatic winding watch with a touch of the Art Nouveau combined with the ultra-modern. Richard Mille’s Bonbon range is all about combining retro with contemporary. They’ve done this both in the shape versus the technology, and the clever contrast of design features. Expert enamel work is used to create textures that link straight back to the nostalgia of the old-fashioned sweetshop. RM 16-01 Liquorice. The Richard Mille Liquorice is heaven for any retro sweet lover. The winding roll of liquorice adorning the face somehow echoes the mechanics of the watch, while the crown looks like you could take it off and eat it. The liquorice was a feat of engineering in itself. It combines a stamping process with a chroming technique all designed to make your timepiece look and feel almost edible. RM’s goal was to emulate the taste and texture of favorite sweets through colour and design. With these unique timepieces, they’ve certainly achieved that. Pawning your Richard Mille Liquorice gives you the flexibility to get the money you need, when you need it, whilst knowing your unique and nostalgic watch will soon be back in your hands. If you’re looking to pawn a Richard Mille Bonbon in London please contact us to discover how simple we could make the process for you. New Bond Street aims to be the London pawn shop for Richard Mille Bonbon watch varieties. If you need funds in a hurry, please bring your treasured watch into our Mayfair offices. Our expert team will take good care of both you and your timepiece, and once your loan is repaid, you get to reclaim your luxury watch.

Can I loan against my Richard Mille Tourbillon watch?

Looking for loans on Richard Mille Tourbillon watches in London? If you want to pawn a Richard Mille Tourbillon in London, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers are the experts to help you. The team at our Mayfair offices are ready and willing to assess and value your watch, allowing them to offer you a loan that could help you out, whatever your current situation is. Emergencies can happen to any of us, and you never know when you might suddenly find yourself in need of extra funds. Your Richard Mille Tourbillon watch could be the key to getting back on track, and we could help you out with that. The RM 001 Tourbillon was the first-ever watch produced by Richard Mille, and the model goes from strength to strength with each year of production. The tourbillon is a mechanism that compensates for the action of gravity upon the delicate parts of the watch’s mechanical parts. It is used in many luxury watches to demonstrate the extreme talent of the skilled watchmaking team and is often visible on many of the Tourbillon ranges. Before Richard Mille, tourbillon watches were delicate and easily broken. Richard Mille created the Tourbillon range to be the most ergonomic and comfortable, the most lightweight, and the most durable. There’s a rumor that during an interview, Richard Mille took off his Tourbillon watch and flung it across the room - simply to shock the interviewer. When he retrieved it, it was completely unharmed. We don’t recommend this - but we do recommend visiting one of the most knowledgeable Richard Mille Tourbillon pawnbrokers in London to have your watch valued. Below is a small selection of the Richard Mille Tourbillon watches we deal with, but please do contact us about any of the RM range. We have a great deal of experience and are one of the most trusted pawnbrokers for Richard Mille Tourbillon watches. RM 001 Tourbillon. Widely regarded as the watch that changed the world, if you have one of these timepieces you own a piece of watch history. The very first model to come out of the newly formed Richard Mille in 2001, this is now classed as one of the ultimate forms of watch design. Richard Mille carved the shape out of a block of hotel soap one night when he couldn’t sleep. Today, that unique tonneau shape is the heart of one of the most successful luxury watch companies in the world. Selling a watch like this would be almost out of the question. Talk to us about how you could use your watch to secure a loan at a Richard Mille Tourbillon pawn shop like New Bond Street, instead. RM 53-01 Manual Winding Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough. Designed in partnership with the accomplished polo player from Argentina, this is a watch aimed at the true gentleman. Blue and chrome say you’re not afraid to be bold, while the exquisite lines and curves are both ergonomic, beautiful, and (essential for any sportsman’s watch) strong and hard-wearing. If you have this watch, you might be a man of action, always on the go, and that’s why this watch is so important to you. It will never let you down. Pawning your Polo Collection watch can get you the funds you need without having to part with it permanently - always a more beneficial solution. RM 50-04 Manual Winding Tourbillon Split-Seconds Chronograph Kimi Räikkönen. Could the pairing of Richard Mille and Alfa Romeo be any more perfect? Yes, by adding in one of the most legendary racing drivers in the world today. Kimi Räikkönen’s career just keeps going from strength to strength, and this watch pays homage to both him and his current racing team. It's a feat of exquisite design, strength, and the beautiful burst of red, white, and chrome that reflects the race team colours. If your watch belonged to someone on the Alfa Romeo team, tell our appraisers. That could seriously lift the value of your watch when visiting our London pawn shop for Richard Mille Tourbillon watch valuation. RM 50-03 Manual Winding Tourbillon Split-Seconds Chronograph McLaren F1. Black and papaya orange - the colours of one of the most iconic racing teams in British driving history. The partnership between two companies both proud of perfection has resulted in one of the lightest mechanical chronographs ever produced. If this is your watch, you’ll know that the 38 grams have that “barely there” feeling on your wrist. Richard Mille achieved this by using brand-new materials in the watchmaking process. The watch has been worn by driving superstars like Fernando Alonso, so if the watch was not new to you, do find out who it belonged to before. Our expert team could very well find that it changes the value of the loan they offer you. RM 039 Manual Winding Tourbillon Chronograph Aviation. Described as the Everest of watchmaking, the Aviation has over 1000 individual parts, some of which are totally invisible to the naked eye. The rugged design and complexity are not just for show. This watch is specially designed to be a serious navigational aid to experienced pilots. The Aviation uses visual codes and materials normally used only within the aviation industry itself. This is by far one of the most elite and certainly one of the most complicated watches on the market today. Whether you’re a pilot yourself or just have extremely discerning taste, we can value your aviation watch and let you know what level of loan we’d be willing to help you out with. Come and speak to us at our Mayfair offices today, or simply contact us directly through the website. If you need more information on our loan process, please do visit the relevant pages. We like to be as transparent as possible, and if you have any concerns over pawning your Richard Mille Tourbillon watch, call us today so we can set your mind at rest.

Can I pawn my Richard Mille Automatic Winding watch?

Richard Mille watches are based around three crucial aspects: culture and heritage; architecture and artistry. Plus, of course, the very best in top technological innovation. This includes features like automatic winding, available in many of the luxurious designs now available. Finding pawnbrokers for Richard Mille Automatic winding watches needn’t be a hassle. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers is conveniently and centrally located. We are always happy to discuss offering loans on Richard Mille Automatic winding watches in London. Come visit your London pawn shop for Richard Mille Automatic winding watch types and speak to the experts. RM 71-01 Automatic Winding Tourbillon Talisman. Any Richard Mille Automatic winding pawn shop will be knowledgeable about a range of watches for both men and women. The Talisman embraces the feminine. More importantly in watch history, it's the brand’s very first automatic winding watch which also retains the tourbillon movement. Another masterpiece from creative and development director Cécile Guenat, the Talisman brings together the worlds of watches and fine jewellery to create an unforgettable piece. RM 037 Automatic Winding. Simply named, simple in aesthetic, and anything but simple under the surface. This watch is the ultimate combination of years of technical expertise and artistic accomplishment. The result is a spectacular watch, subtle yet striking at the same time. Parting with the RM 037 would be nearly impossible, so speak to our team about valuing your watch for a potential loan. RM 033 Automatic Winding Extra Flat. This watch moves away from Richard Mille’s unique ergonomic tonneau to embrace the classic round shape. Going right back to basics allowed the designers to focus on the fundamentals. This resulted in a watch that’s a perfect synthesis between the stunning case and the marvels of the mechanical within. The bezel is completely horizontal while the case curves gently around the wrist. A women’s watch which manages to combine the delicate and the robust in one fascinating design. RM 07-02 Automatic Winding Sapphire. The Bonbon isn’t the only Richard Mille watch that’s dived into the world of colour. The Sapphire uses the classic tonneau shape and the transparency Richard Mille is famed for. To this, they've added colourful tones which make sure anyone who wears this watch is sure to be noticed. Whether you own the red or white gold version, your watch is set with hundreds of diamonds, so be sure to visit us to get a proper valuation of this exquisite watch. Rm 67-02 Automatic Winding Extra Flat. This watch started with the RM 67-01 but built on the lightness and flatness to create a timepiece focused on athleticism. This watch is designed for men who enjoy sport or action and have a bold outlook on life. Weighing in at only 32 grams, this is one of the lightest sports watches by Richard Mille. It combines an elastic strap and grade 5 titanium, and if this is your watch, you know how light and comfortable it is. RM 63-02 Automatic Winding Worldtimer. Frequent travelers need a watch that they can rely on, no matter where in the world they are. The multi-time-zone mechanism is incredibly easy to use and was first showcased as part of its manual winding counterpart at the 2013 SIHH. After receiving rave reviews across the press, the RM 63-02 was created as an automatic winding version using the same technology. This watch combines the automatic winding movement with a universal twenty-four-hour time display. RM 63-01 Automatic Winding Dizzy Hands. The numbers almost dance around the face on this quirky yet classy copper and black watch. A pusher in the crown can be pressed to start an unusual motion. The sapphire glass dial starts to spin slowly anti-clockwise while the hour hand continues to move clockwise - at differing speeds. This “Dizzy Hands” motion makes this one of the most unique timepieces out there. Here at New Bond Street, we will value that accordingly when offering you a loan. RM 030 Automatic Winding with Declutchable Rotor. The declutchable rotor in these watches is designed to be a natural continuation of the original tourbillon mechanism - a type of torque sensor. The RM 030’s design is based on automotive mechanics, with the “clutch” mechanism working to ensure the perfect degree of sprung tension giving the ideal amount of torque. If this is your watch, you admire craftsmanship and innovation in technology, as well as the rugged yet classy aesthetic of this design. When you pawn a Richard Mille Automatic winding in London, you can get the funds you may need in an emergency safe in the knowledge that once your loan is repaid, your technological marvel of a watch will be back on your wrist. RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal. This is not the first Rafael Nadal watch from Richard Mille, but it is one of the most popular. The automatic winding function makes it ideal for the sportsman - or fan - on the go. The subtle carbon grey is accentuated by just a touch of bold red around the crown. Rafael is very attached to his Richard Mille watches, and we know that you probably are, too. When you speak to your Richard Mille Automatic winding pawnbrokers do mention any previous owners. This could change the value of your timepiece. We understand that not all watches come to you as new, and in fact may have a fascinating history, particularly if associated with a top sportsman such as Nadal or any of his associates. Your automatic winding watch from Richard Mille will be treated with the utmost care and respect until you have repaid your loan, at which point it will be returned to you. Pawning a Richard Mille watch is by far preferable to selling it, so contact us today to find out more.

Can I get loans on my Richard Mille Chronograph watch?

The Richard Mille Chronograph range offers some of the most elite and high end watches on the market today. New Bond Street will always consider offering loans on Richard Mille Chronograph watches in London. We hope to help clients avoid the pain of having to permanently part with such an exquisite timepiece. Trying to pawn a Richard Mille Chronograph in London needn’t be a tricky business. We are one of the most experienced pawnbrokers for Richard Mille Chronograph watches, and our offices are easy to find in beautiful Mayfair location. RM 60-01 Automatic Winding Flyback Chronograph Regatta. Few watches are technical enough to help you navigate the oceans, but that’s exactly what the RM Regatta was designed to do. Described as “A watch for the seven seas,” the RM 60-01 continues the line of watches aimed at celebrating the world of sailing. The rotating bezel is unique with its three-dimensional qualities and includes all the cardinal points, allowing sailors to use it to aid in finding direction. Whether you sail the seven seas or simply navigate the weekly commute, we can help put value to your Regatta Chronograph. Talk to us today. RM 032 Automatic Winding Flyback Chronograph Diver’s Watch. The RM 032 is a stunning chronograph developed with deep-sea diving in mind. It’s designed to have near-perfect accuracy and be entirely ergonomic - the ideal timepiece for someone 300 meters underwater. Oversized numbers and dates make it easy to use even in dimly-lit conditions. If you’ve enjoyed using your Chronograph underwater or, of course, just as an everyday watch, come talk to us about it. We’ll set your mind at rest about the pawning process and take you through everything step by step. RM 39-01 Automatic Winding Flyback Chronograph Aviation. Richard Mille has had a passion for flying for many years. The brand had an enduring dream - to create a watch that would meet any requirement of an aircraft pilot. The RM 39-01 Chronograph achieves just that and is one of the most complex and comprehensive watches available right now. Handing over your Flyback at a Richard Mille Chronograph pawn shop is so much less jarring than selling it, as you are guaranteed to get your watch back in the same condition once your loan is paid in full. If you’ve never visited a Richard Mille Chronograph pawnbrokers before, don’t worry. We’ll help you through the process from start to finish. For any questions, please contact us via telephone or through the website. Alternatively, visit our London pawn shop for Richard Mille Chronograph watch valuations and to discuss a potential loan.

Can I pawn my Richard Mille Manual Winding watch?

Manual winding watches are the most classic of all watch types. Working solely via mechanical means, they are the true hallmark of a prestigious watchmaker. They showcase the skill and talent of the brand, and with Richard Mille Manual Winding watches, there are all surprises and incredible displays of ingenuity. If you’ve had a crisis and are in need of some additional funds, have you considered visiting a London pawn shop for Richard Mille Manual winding watch valuations? Richard Mille Manual winding pawnbrokers like New Bond Street have all the knowledge and expertise to offer you the right amount of money for your watch- without you having to sell it. Agree on a loan amount and appropriate terms with our team, and once your loan is repaid, you can reclaim your Richard Mille watch. We allow loans to be repaid off at any time during the term of the contract, to make it even more flexible for you. We are happy to consider any Richard Mille manual winding watch, so please call us or visit our offices to learn more. Here are just a few of the manual winding watches we accept currently. If you don’t see your watch on the list, please get in contact with one of our expert team members. RM 70-01 Manual Winding Tourbillon Alain Prost. All pawnbrokers for Richard Mille Manual winding watches will be familiar with this uniquely designed watch. The four-time Formula One World Champion, Alain Prost, brings more than his experience with the fastest cars to this collaboration. The love of cycling also feeds into this curvy watch, bringing an added dimension not seen before. This watch allows cyclists to see how many kilometers they have traveled with different bicycles. This makes it an invaluable tool for both the amateur and the professional athlete. If parting with your perfect cycle partner is too much to bear, pawning could be a viable alternative. RM 055 Manual Winding Bubba Watson. Golf is all about precision combined with amplitude. That’s the core concept behind this watch designed specifically for PGA star Bubba Watson. Highly technical yet still sporty and light, the grade 5 titanium and skeletonization work together to create an innovative and immaculate timepiece. If you own a Bubba Watson or one of its predecessors, did it come to you second hand? Does it have an intriguing history? Do mention this to the team when you call or visit for an appraisal. Famous or influential owners of luxury watches could change the value. If you’re looking to pawn a Richard Mille Manual winding in London, like the stunning Bubba Watson, our team is here to help. RM 58-01 Manual Winding Tourbillon Worldtimer Jean Todt. Jean Todt is the President of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile but also a Special Envoy for road safety for the UN. He travels all over the globe, so a watch made for him has to be able to adapt regularly to different time zones and conditions. With this in mind, Richard Milled created the “ultimate traveler’s watch”, the Worldtimer Jean Todt. The watch constantly displays the time in most major cities. The entire construction is designed to give the user a sense of ease and simplicity. Owning a Jean Todt indicates that you’re a man of the world, and we understand how important your impeccable watch is to you. Call us to find out how you can take out a loan against your Richard Mille Jean Todt, without having to sell it to get the funds you need. RM 031 Manual Winding High Performance Chronometer. Some watches are simply designed to be great watches - nothing more, nothing less. The Performance Chronometer showcases the exquisite workings within the watch and promises flawless performance which lasts. With a watch like this, selling it is simply out of the question. That’s why we offer loans against high-quality assets like this, to help you out when you need it the most. RM 51-02 Manual Winding Tourbillon Diamond Twister. The spiral is one of those archetypal shapes that appear over and over again in nature. Recognising this, Richard Milled created a ladies’ watch where the stunning twists and swirls around the face are cleverly complemented by a recurring pattern across the case. Inspired by “the golden number”, this watch is a symphony of spirals, gold, and diamonds. It's the crowning piece in anyone’s watch or jewellery collection. Should you be in sudden need of funds, your Diamond Twister could be the key to a loan to help cover unexpected costs. Pawning your Diamond Twister watch means you can reclaim it at a later date, keeping this remarkable piece in your collection for many years to come. RM 19-01 Manual Winding Tourbillon Spider. If you’re an arachnophobe, it’s unlikely this watch will be in your collection. The RM 19-01 is a jewellery tourbillon watch with the face cleverly decorated with the unmistakable emblem of our most misunderstood eight-legged friend. Richard Mille chose the spider as it’s actually the symbol of motherhood, because of how protective mother spiders are to their babies. Whether you own this watch as a reflection of your own maternal instincts, your love of the animal world, or simply because it matches your cool aesthetic, talk to us about pawning your RM Spider today. We can offer some of the most competitive loans on Richard Mille Manual winding watches in London. You can find out more about our process. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers was awarded the 2019 Winner National Pawnbroking Association Award for Best Store in the UK, so you have the peace of mind that we are truly experts in our field. Contact us via the website, give us a call, or simply visit New Bond Street at our Mayfair offices today - your friendly, expert Richard Mille Manual winding pawn shop.

Can I pawn a used Richard Mille watch?

There’s no need to scour Google; stop typing in “pawn shop used Richard Mille” and “Richard Mille pawn shop near me” because New Bond Street Pawnbrokers is here to help. Come and speak to the team at an experienced Richard Mille pawn shop in London, right in the heart of beautiful Mayfair. Approaching experienced pawnbrokers for Richard Mille watches evaluations and pawning is wiser than choosing to sell. This is because: · An expert evaluation means you will often receive more money than through a quick sale · Our team understands the significance of each individual Richard Mille watch · Once your loan is repaid, you get to reclaim your watch Selling an expensive and treasured item is always wrenching. But, sometimes we need emergency funds and it can seem like the only option. Our friendly and helpful team removes the need to part with your watch forever. They will assess the value of your used Richard Mille watch and, in most cases, allow you to get an appropriate loan that very same day. Evaluating Richard Mille at pawn shops like New Bond Street Pawnbrokers means you are trusting the experts. We deal with high-end watch brands on a daily basis and understand that your Richard Mille is more than just a watch. It’s an investment, an heirloom, a wedding gift, a graduation present, or even a style statement. Whatever your luxury watch means to you, we respect that and will treat your watch with the utmost care until it is back in your hands. If you aren’t sure of the value of your Richard Mille watch, find the model number and do a little research of your own. If you have the original certificate of authenticity, this could boost the value of the watch even more. And, of course, the better condition it is in, the more it will be worth. Whatever the reason for your loan, your Richard Mille watch could be the key to getting the money you need quickly. Plus, you still get to have your beautiful watch back once you’ve repaid that loan. Please contact us for more information, or visit our dedicated web page to understand more about our loan process.

Can I take my Richard Mille pocket watch to a London pawn shop?

You may think that a Richard Mille Pocket watch pawn shop would be difficult to find, but if you’re in London, you’re very much in luck. New Bond Street is an experienced London pawn shop for Richard Mille Pocket watch owners who need a loan based on the value of their unique timepiece. We’re based right in the heart of prestigious Mayfair, making it easy for anyone living in or visiting London to find us to discuss their loan requirements. All Richard Mille Pocket watch pawnbrokers know that there’s only one pocket watch currently in the Richard Mille collection: the RM 020 Manual Winding Pocket Watch. This pocket watch celebrates the history of the very first pocket watches. Pocket watches brought timekeeping to the individual on the go for the very first time. Of course, pocket watches arrived on the horological scene hundreds of years before wrist watches, yet today’s pocket watches are a modern marvel compared to their predecessors. The RM 020 was created to revisit the ancestor of the wristwatch, but bring it right up to date with some radical modernizations. Oversized numbers and a clear display showcase the aesthetic of the Richard Mille brand, right down to the manual winding tourbillon movement the luxury watch company is so famous for. The watch can go for around ten days between windings, thanks to the clever introduction of two winding barrels. Even the materials are futuristic, with the baseplate crafted from carbon nanofibers heated and molded at incredible temperatures and pressures. Everything about this watch is carefully sculpted, right down to the rhomboid shapes evident in the chain. These were inspired by Brancusi’s Column of the Infinite, the stunning tower which provides the illusion of being never-ending. When you pawn your Richard Mille pocket watch with us, your relationship with your favorite watch need never end. We look after your watch throughout the duration of your loan until it’s repaid, then you can retrieve it from us. We’re one of the most popular pawnbrokers for Richard Mille Pocket watch owners because of our expertise and knowledge. It’s never been easier to pawn a Richard Mille Pocket watch in London. Come speak to us and we’ll happily discuss the amounts and rates for loans on Richard Mille Pocket watches in London.

How to pawn my Richard Mille watch

We are one of the more experienced pawn shops that accept Richard Mille watches. New Bond Street is a Richard Mille pawnbroker in London with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our service to you has won numerous industry-recognized awards. Loans on Richard Mille watches are easy to arrange. First, simply make a note of the type of Richard Mille watch you would like to pawn. The exact model can usually be found on the paperwork that came with the watch, or on the case of the watch itself. Then contact us by · Calling us on 020 7493 0385 to get a verbal estimate or to make an appointment · Filling out an enquiry form online · Visiting us at our Mayfair offices Once you have made an application, we can then agree on an amount based on the market value of your watch. This amount can be affected by the following factors: · The condition of your watch · Previous owners, unusual history, rarity, and desirability · The make and model - some models are worth more than others, and our expert team is on hand to give you the best advice Once you are happy with the amount agreed, it’s time to set out the terms and conditions of your loan and the repayments. We want you to be happy, so if you have any concerns about anything regarding the loan agreement, just ask and our team will be happy to set your mind at rest. We take your Richard Mille watch for the duration of your loan. You can shorten this duration by paying your loan back earlier if you wish. We offer complete flexibility so it’s entirely up to you. As long as you make all the necessary payments as agreed including any interest accrued, you can retrieve your watch from us at the end of your loan duration. If you need any more information on the loan process, please visit our dedicated web page or come visit your London pawnbrokers for Richard Mille watches and other luxury timepieces.

How much can you get on a Richard Mille watch at a pawn shop in London?

When visiting a Richard Mille pawn shop value is probably one of the first things on your mind. It’s important to note that when it comes to Richard Mille pawn shop value isn’t set in stone. That’s why it’s so important to speak to an experienced pawn shop that deals with luxury watches on a regular basis, like New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. We will offer you a loan based on the current market value of your Richard Mille watch, rather than having a set price list that could leave you out of pocket. Our loan amounts are fair and we are constantly updating the information available to make sure we give you the best price possible. At any pawn shop, Richard Mille price and valuation vary depending on a variety of factors. These include: · Condition. If your Richard Mille watch is like new, this will give you a higher loan amount than if the watch is damaged, noticeably dirty, or malfunctioning in any way. · Model. Do make a note of the exact model before you speak to us, as the value for particular models fluctuates greatly depending on their availability and how desirable they are in the market today. For example, the RM 005 can be obtained for as little as £35,000. However, if you have the Felipe Massa edition, that could raise the value greatly. In contrast, the RM 027 sells regularly for upwards of £400,000. · History. Do you have the exact watch worn by a member of a sporting or sailing team, or by a particularly influential person? If you can prove this, then this can greatly enhance the desirability and therefore the value of your watch. · Paperwork. If you have all the original paperwork and the certificate of authenticity, bring this along to your appraisal as it could affect the value of the loan offered. It’s clear to see that when it comes to pawn shop rates Richard Mille is one of the most high-end and luxury watches and could secure you a loan that could help you in many situations. The pawn shop value for Richard Mille watches isn’t all about money, of course. Always remember that the watch is still yours and once your loan is repaid in full, it can go back to its rightful place on your wrist or in your collection. When you pawn Richard Mille value might be at the forefront of your mind, but being able to reclaim your exclusive timepiece is a crucial part of the pawning process. Call us on 020 7493 0385 to make an appointment at our Mayfair premises, or visit our web page which explains the loan process in more detail.

What type of Richard Mille can you pawn?

Here at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we would be delighted to view any Richard Mille watch you care to bring to us. We have a wealth of industry knowledge, both on the models and variations of the watches and on the market value of various luxury and high-end timepieces. Here are just a few of the collections we regularly view and provide loans for. Richard Mille Bonbon Collection. Possibly the most unusual and subversive collection of watches on the market today, and certainly the most colourful. The colourful straps, sugar-coated candied fruits, and tiny sweets make for a nostalgic collection that’s been a huge hit across the press and, of course, with individual consumers. This collection is unique for several reasons, but primarily because it is entirely unisex. Both men and women have fallen head over heels for this exciting range, all the more reason why selling a Bonbon watch is never an option- but pawning one could be. We keep abreast of which of the Bonbons are most in-demand, so whether you’re a Cupcake or Lollipop owner, we can offer you the best value for your luxury watch. Richard Mille Men’s Collection. The Richard Mille Men’s Collection is extensive, ranging from the classic Tonneau shaped tourbillons to more unusual, ergonomic offerings like the Alain Prost cycling watch. Men’s watches from Richard Mille include the Worldtimers, designed to give expert timekeeping anywhere on Earth and often offer a clear display of the time in the major cities all across the globe. They make traveling simple and are often the mainstay of many a businessman. The Chronograph range encompasses the most complex and comprehensive watches Richard Mille has ever made. This range includes watches designed specifically for deep-sea divers, aircraft pilots and even sailors. Whether your Richard Mille men’s watch is a navigation tool or a style statement, we can help you with a loan that offers an appropriate amount for your luxury timepiece. Richard Mille Ladies’ Collection. The Ladies’ Collection from Richard Mille is just as technically advanced and aesthetically stunning as the Men’s Collection. The range is astonishing, from flat bezel round watches to tonneau shapes incorporating sapphires and diamonds. Many of the ladies’ watches are also designed as pieces of fine jewellery, perfect for pairing with even the most extravagant of outfits. Elegantly cut gemstones, spirals, swirls, and ergonomic cases combine to create a range of the most luxurious watches on the market. Let us know which model your Richard Mille Ladies’ Watch is and we can offer you a loan amount based on our expertise about the current market values. Richard Mille Pocket Watch. If you’re lucky enough to own the RM 020, their only pocket watch thus far, then this is a valuable asset with which to secure a loan. This watch is so in demand that the market is awash with replicas. Thankfully, here at New Bond Street, we know how to tell the real thing apart from the pretenders. You can bring your genuine article to us safely in the knowledge that you will receive a fair loan amount for your unique pocket watch. If you’re not sure if your Richard Mille watch falls into any of these specific collections, please call us on 020 7493 0385 and one of our expert team will be happy to assist you. Normally all we will require is the model number which can normally be found on the watch case itself, or on the paperwork you received when you purchased the watch. If you come for an appointment with us, please bring this paperwork if you have it as it will greatly assist us in providing you with the best possible price for your watch. You can explore the entire loan process in more detail on our website, or simply give us a call and we can discuss your Richard Mille watch in more detail.

Can you sell your Richard Mille at a pawn shop?

If you’re querying “how to sell my Richard Mille at a pawn shop”, we hope that we can change that mindset. Pawn shops that buy Richard Mille watches often offer a much lower value than the watch is worth. They may play on the fact that you need the money in a hurry. Don’t let the stress of a financial predicament allow you to take less money than your watch is worth. We understand that not everyone has been through the pawning process before. We’re always happy to address any concerns you might have. Questions we often get asked include: · Is this the pawn shop to sell my Richard Mille watch at? · Can I get an expert pawnbroker to sell my Richard Mille? · How much can I get for selling my Richard Mille at a pawnshop? We don’t buy your Richard Mille watch. Our process is much simpler and much more fulfilling from the point of view that you don’t have to permanently part with your watch. We offer you a loan based on the market value of your watch, which you then repay as per terms and conditions that we will go through carefully with you before you agree to anything. There are some pawn shops and watch dealers who may buy your Richard Mille watch, although there’s no guarantee that you’ll be getting the best price. The following are examples of Richard Mille watches some pawn shops buy that we would be happy to offer you a loan against instead. The Richard Mille RM 001 Tourbillon. This watch is much in demand and many pawn shops or watch shops may encourage you to sell yours, as they can resell at a much higher value. The signature watch that started the Richard Mille legacy, this watch has historical significance despite only having been launched in 2001. Other Tourbillons that are often in high demand are the RM 002 and the RM 003. Rather than selling your piece of watch history, come and talk to us about using your watch to take out a loan, instead. The Felipe Massa Range. The RM 004 and the RM 011 and their variations are also generally very popular, and can sometimes be sold to certain pawn shops. The association with the legendary Formula One driver makes this watch very desirable, even more so if your particular watch was ever used or worn by the Brazilian racer or a member of his team. Formula One star who collaborates with Richard Mille often wears the watches during race weekends and press conferences, so it’s not unheard of for individuals to come into possession of watches with a star-studded past. The Rafael Nadal Range. Another sporting collaboration, Rafael Nadal is famous for wearing his Richard Mille watches during important matches and even throughout an entire tennis tournament. They’ve become his good luck charm, and are as popular with watch collectors as they are with the sportsman himself. The RM 027, 27-01, and 27-02, plus the RM 35, 35-01, and 35-02 are all still very desirable, and watch buyers will definitely be interested in purchasing these models. Before you decide to sell any luxury watch, call New Bond Street Pawnbrokers to find out if it’s a better option to pawn your watch instead. A Richard Mille is more than just a simple watch. It’s an investment, a piece of timekeeping history, and a symbol of wealth and exclusivity. Pawning rather than selling ensures you get to reclaim your watch, either to keep and enjoy for many years to come or to pass it down as an heirloom for future generations. Hopefully, this will have answered any questions you may have, but don’t worry if not. Call us on 020 7493 0385 and speak to one of our expert team to book an appointment or even discuss a verbal estimate over the phone. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

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