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Are you thinking of taking a loan on your Diamond Necklace?

If you’re a collector of fine jewellery, you may be wondering ‘where can I pawn my diamond necklace in London?’ At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we can help. We have many years of experience appraising and lending against all kinds of fine jewellery, including quality diamond necklaces. You can trust us to take the greatest care with all your valuable pieces while offering you an accurate and fair valuation. When looking for loans on diamond necklaces within the London area, it’s essential that you find a pawnbroker who will pay you what your piece is worth. Our highly specialised expertise means you’ll never receive a loan that’s short of what your necklace is worth – particularly as all our loans are based on auction prices.

Diamonds can be considered to have the greatest levels of desirability amongst gems, as some of the most expensive diamonds in the world have shown. Famously used to accessorise across the whole world for centuries, diamonds offer timeless sophistication for anyone who wears them. Diamonds are without a doubt luxurious precious stones, but they come in varying degrees of quality that affects their price at auction. Factors from the size to the purity of a stone can make a diamond necklace’s value fluctuate at pawn shops, meaning an expert eye is essential to getting a fair loan price.

To illustrate this fluctuation in the amount of borrowing value against diamond necklaces, note that ‘The Farnese Blue’ diamond was sold for an amazing $6,713,837 in 2018. It was a rare appearance having been kept within various royal families for years before. This meant very few even knew it existed, placing it as one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery ever sold. However, it is possible to purchase diamond necklaces for several hundred pounds if the carat and purity are lower, hence their value will be lower when pawning it. Loans on diamond necklaces are not fixed, so bring your precious piece to our pawnbroking team for evaluation, as it can be difficult for the untrained eye to tell how much your jewellery is worth.

Diamonds, no matter the type of jewellery they’re incorporated in i.e. expensive rings, necklaces etc, are assessed at pawn shops according to the ‘Four C’s’. Understanding these in more detail will help you to understand more about the appraisal process:


As diamonds are formed naturally rather than created in a factory, lots of them have flaws. These can be surface blemishes, which are made up of things like chips, cracks, or marks. Depending on their severity, they can be difficult to see. It can be harder to know whether your diamond has internal defects, which are called inclusions. These might be because of impure materials that have become trapped within the diamond or air bubbles – implicitly, these flaws vs. purity levels will determine the loan value of your diamond necklace at pawn shops .


Diamonds need to be properly cut in order to maximise the amount of sparkle and shine they emit. Classifications come in a range, with ideal being the best and poor the worst. In the middle, there is a range from excellent to fair.


Although you might think your diamond is colourless, completely colourless diamonds are exceptionally rare and priced very highly. Most diamonds that seem colourless actually have varying shades of white or yellow within them. The closer to colourless your diamond is, the better it will reflect light, and the higher the necklace value it is mounted on will be at pawn shops. However, noticeably coloured diamonds, for example orange or pink stones, are also very rare, meaning they’ll also fetch a higher loan price.


Carat is how the weight of a diamond is referred to, with higher carats being of a greater value as the stones are bigger – the higher the carat value, the higher the borrowing against the necklace it is mounted on. However, larger stones that are less pure or have other defects could be worth less than smaller stones that are of exceptional quality.

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Some of the many loans we offer are against various types of diamonds and fine jewellery: diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, diamond rings, and fine brands of diamond jewelery such as  Graff, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Harry Winston , Tiffany and Cartier  to name just a few.

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