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We loan and pawn against all kinds of diamonds like emerald cut diamonds, oveall cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, baguette cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds to name just a few.

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Are you thinking of taking a loan on your Princess Diamonds?

If you’re a collector of precious stones you could be wondering ‘how can I pawn my princess cut diamonds?’ In our high-end Mayfair pawnshop at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we take care of all the hard work for you. We’re a highly experienced and reputable team of pawnbroking experts in all things related to luxury jewellery, diamonds, rings and other, so you can trust us to value your princess diamonds accurately, based on auction prices. We’ll always do our best to release the highest price so that you can make the most of your loan on princess cut diamonds. To learn more or get started by booking an appointment, get in touch online or over the phone.

The princess cut is one of the most popular shapes for diamonds. This style was created by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in 1980 and is characterised by a square or rectangular face with a side-on shape that resembles an inverted pyramid, often with multiple chevrons. These diamonds are often set in necklaces and rings, as they make an incredibly beautiful centrepiece to an item of jewellery.

Princess cut diamonds come second only to round brilliant in popularity at pawn shops. This is a relatively recent design that has four corners rather than rounded edges. Princess cut diamonds can fetch slightly lower prices than their round brilliant counterparts, as about 80%, rather than 50%, of the rough diamond, is retained.

However, if you are thinking “I want to pawn my princess cut diamonds” you should be aware that ultimately it is the quality of the diamond that determines the final value of the loan. It’s also important to note that a princess cut does not refer to the grades associated with how diamonds are cut, which affects their value and quality. Both princess cut diamonds and round brilliants can sport an ideal, excellent, or poor cut.

The pyramid-like shape of the princess cut as well as the four sides that are bevelled means that more light is dispersed than with other square shapes. The shape also conceals inclusions in the stone, making it appear clearer and purer. These stones are very popular choices to use on earrings and engagement rings due to their being easy to fit next to one another and their extra sparkly appearance. In 2014, a diamond ring with a princess cut centre stone was sold at Sotheby’s for just over £32,000.

What should I know before I borrow against my princess diamonds?

All diamonds are valued based on the classification system of the ‘Four Cs’, no matter the shape of the gem itself, or the brands i.e. Cartier rings, Harry Winston etc. When appraising your princess cut diamond or piece of jewellery, our pawnbroking experts will be assessing the following:


This is the weight of your princess diamond and heavier stones will often be worth more than smaller, lighter ones at pawn shops. Stones that are smaller than one carat can be purchased more affordable for less than £1000.


Stones that boast a distinct colour such as blue, pink or green are rare and will be priced higher than ‘colourless’ gems. However, it’s equally rare for a stone to be completely colourless, and many that seem to be clear are actually varying shades of yellow or white. Truly colourless princess diamonds are expensive, as they allow a much greater quantity of light to pass through them.


If a princess diamond has been cut well, it will reflect more light and will be higher in loan value at pawn shops. Classifications range from ideal to poor, with excellent, very good, and fair in between.


Lots of princess diamonds are flawed, whether that’s due to surface scratches and chips called blemishes, or because of impurities or air bubbles deeper in the stone, which are known as inclusions. The fewer imperfections your stone has, the higher the price at pawn shops, and the greater the clarity.


Ready to secure lending on your princess-cut diamonds?

If you consider taking loans on your princess cut diamonds, contact our professional pawnbroking team in London. You can get in touch online or over the phone, and we’ll offer you a prompt and professional response. Our service is free from unexpected costs, with a completely transparent paperwork process.

Multiple things can affect the value you receive when you decide to pawn your princess cut diamonds, including the number of sides, the colour, and any flaws which might be present in the gem. The experts at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers will take all these things into consideration when they assess your item of jewellery, before reaching their final estimate for what it could reach at auction, if you choose to finance your princess cut diamonds.

To learn more about our loans on diamonds or pawning your fine jewellery please visit our dedicated webpages. We offer loans against the following types of diamonds: 2 carat, baguette cut, blue diamonds, cushion cut, emerald cut, fancy color, marquise cut, old cut, oval cut, pear cut, pink, princess cut, and GIA-certified diamonds.

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