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Are you thinking ” Pawn my Graff Diamonds & Jewellery?”

If you ever considered to take loans on your Graff diamonds & jewellery, then you are the proud owner of a fine piece of jewellery. The brand’s diamond jewellery combines a unique modern eye with traditional craftsmanship to create truly exceptional pieces. Buyers trust Graff because their diamonds are never sourced from mines which cause human suffering. The Graff  jewellery house and its magnificent collections of jewellery are famous throughout the world, and this makes pawning your Graff diamonds or jewellery a very attractive alternative to selling your beloved pieces.

If you already own one of Graff’s dazzling diamonds, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants or elegant earrings, you will appreciate the extraordinary and delicate beauty and style of Graff. Whenever a client calls and tells us, “I want to pawn my Graff diamonds,” we are confident that we can help with an expert valuation of the most expensive jewelry, rings, and diamonds around. That is why our loyal individual customers and dealers return to us when looking for loans on Graff diamonds and jewellery with our award-winning pawn shop in Mayfair, London. And, it is why many of them go on to recommend our discreet and knowledgeable pawnbroking service to associates, friends and family.

Laurence Graff himself said, “I was born to be amongst diamonds.” Contemporary Graff earrings and necklaces come in an abundance of cuts and designs; white diamonds, yellow diamonds, rose diamonds. Countless flawless and elegant gemstones decorating the most sensational jewellery. Graff’s yellow diamonds are said to be some of the oldest in the world, over 3.2 billion years in the making. But Graff is always looking to the future too, keeping the customers’ needs in mind, mixing tradition with high-tech to produce heirlooms of the future, worthy of investment vs. competitors like Cartier .

How do you value my Graff diamonds and jewellery?

We know clients feel good when wearing Graff, and that it is not always an easy decision to pawn this maker’s jewellery. We work hard to make sure the whole process is as quick and simple as it can be. Make an appointment with one of our professional team of experts and we will assess your jewels for provenance, clarity and cut in a personal and respectful way. After that, we release your loan quickly.

We are the luxury London pawnbroker of choice with expert local knowledge of this jewellery house. Experience tells us that a pair of Graff yellow and gold diamond drop earrings could be worth over one million pounds. A large diamond pendant might retail for anything upwards of £1.5 million. In 2010, a 24.78-carat Graff pink diamond sold at Sotheby’s Geneva for $46.2 million (or roughly £40.3 million). Our in-depth knowledge means we are already well ahead of the game when setting the value of a loan on your Graff diamonds and jewellery. If you want to know what your precious stone, jewellery or collection might be worth, why not approach us for a free, no-obligation quotation today?

From rags to riches

We all need a little help at times. “Pawn my Graff diamonds and jewellery” can be just another way of asking, “please help me with my tuition fees,” or “Help! I need a temporary loan to buy a new car.” “King of Diamonds” Laurence Graff started off as a humble Hatton Garden apprentice. He went on to create one of London’s most famous diamond and jewellery houses. He now owns over 50 stores, a large share of diamond mine, and a personal fortune estimated by those in the know at nearly £4 billion. His central London flagship boutique acts as a sensational showcase for the Graff contemporary collections. It includes a display of flawless diamonds cut from the renowned 1,109 carat Lesedi La Rona rough stone. No wonder pieces produced by this iconic, luxury jewellery house are so highly valued.

Get in touch today to arrange an appointment to visit our pawn shop in London’s New Bond Street. We treat every enquiry with sensitivity.

Some of the many loans we offer are against various types of fine jewellery: diamond earringsdiamond necklacesdiamond rings, and fine brands of diamond jewelery such as  Graff, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Harry Winston , Tiffany and Cartier  to name just a few.

*We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

How much can you pawn Graff jewellery for?

With 60+ years' combined experience in delivering loans against the finest Graff jewellery, our team of experts will ensure you get loans on the best possible cash valuation of your Graff collection. We are able to advise on all types of jewellery from necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches to other types of luxury piece, and we are the best place to pawn Graff jewellery near me. We can also appraise luxury gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Our in-house team of experts are all highly-trained with superb reputations in the industry, and can evaluate any item of fine jewellery. Our appraisals are objective and accurate, based on the current market price a piece would fetch at auction. Their advice is the best way to learn the pawn shop rates Graff jewellery can fetch. Laurence Graff is known as the king of diamonds, and many of the brand's jewellery pieces are adorned with iconic gemstones. This means they tend to be worth anything from thousands to many millions of pounds. Back in 2013, Graff unveiled a luxury brooch in a peacock design, with a central blue diamond surrounded by a dazzling array of 1,305 different coloured diamonds, and its value was a staggering $100 million. This tells you of the potential pawn shop value for Graff jewellery, and though your collection may not reach such stellar heights, you may be able to secure a sizeable loan against it. Our appraisal team takes various factors into account when establishing your pawn Graff jewellery value: Material: Fine Graff jewellery is usually made from a grade of yellow, rose or white gold, or perhaps from platinum. This has an impact on pawn shop Graff jewellery prices. Gemstones: The process of evaluating precious gemstones is highly specialised. Our industry experience, combined with certificates of authenticity, help us to determine the value of every gemstone that comes our way. Characteristics like weight are simple to establish, but colour, cut, clarity and origin require real expertise. Certain gemstones like sapphires and rubies can fetch a particularly high price if they are able to be traced to particular countries. In addition to the grading of the stone, this consideration can really push the value high. Our experts are always on hand at our Mayfair shop to advise on Graff jewellery pieces and collections, so get in touch to find out how much yours could be worth. Our valuation service is a free, no-obligation process that will help you determine the real value of your piece. It is not possible to give a generic figure here, because there are so many factors that will impact a piece's value. Just know that the materials in your pieces, the quality of the stones, and the background of everything are what really push the value skyward. If you are looking for a place to pawn my Graf jewellery near me, you can likely expect the value to be in the thousands - perhaps the tens of thousands - but the only way to truly establish your Graff jewellery pawn shop value is to contact us and arrange a formal valuation.

Where to pawn my diamond Graff jewellery in London

If you are wondering where to pawn diamond Graff jewellery near me, the answer is simple. Whilst there are many pawn shops that will offer loans against Graff pieces, you need to ensure you are working with a pawnbroker who knows how to offer watertight, accurate valuations of your prized possessions. You also want a high-end service at a premium location that does justice to the calibre of the item you are pawning. And you want to ensure that, while your jewellery is in the possession of the pawnbroker, it is stored in a safe and secure place so that it is returned to you in the same condition you left it in. In short, for a diamond Graff jewellery pawn shop near me, you need New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. Where is the nearest pawn shop for Graff jewellery in London? Well, our award-winning pawn shop is located in the heart of the UK's capital city. If you are considering to pawn my Graff jewellery in Mayfair, London, know that Mayfair has a long history of luxury jewellery trading. New Bond Street itself is world-renowned for its premium jewellers. Close to our Oxford Street Graff jewellery pawnbrokers, you will find luxury boutique jewellery stores like Mayfair Jewellery and Boodles Jewellers. If you are looking to pawn my Graff jewellery in Oxford Street, London, we are right around the corner. Oxford Street is London's most famous street for shopping of all kinds, and every year hundreds of thousands of tourists flock here to sample the best of British retail. No need to question which pawn shop takes Graff jewellery in London. By locating ourselves in this famed area, we have our fingers on the pulse of the UK jewellery market, and can deliver a high-end service as the premier Graff jewellery pawn shop in London. A visit to New Bond Street Pawnbrokers is an experience in itself. The easiest way to reach the area is to take London's iconic tube trains. You could disembark at Oxford Circus Underground and take in the sights at the London Palladium. From here, you would walk West down Oxford Street, passing a number of exciting and encapsulating shops before turning off at New Bond Street to visit us. Alternatively, you could disembark at Bond Street tube station, closer to the famous Marble Arch. If you need to pawn my Graff jewellery in Piccadilly Circus, London, we are literally surrounded by such iconic London sights that bring tourists in their millions, and there are any number of other visits you could make when you come to our pawn shop to make a day of your trip. The point is, we are in the beating heart of the capital, and our premium location speaks of the high-end, luxury nature of our service. There is no better place in the UK to pawn your luxury Graff jewellery. When you bring your Graff piece or collection through our doors, know that you are dealing with true experts in the industry. Our handpicked team of resident appraisal specialists is the envy of the world, which makes us the leading Oxford Street pan shop for diamond Graff jewellery. Looking for Graff jewellery pawn shops nearby? We know how to identify the key factors of your Graff jewellery that impact its value, and understand the nuances of the brand that make their pieces so desirable. We have given loans against pieces that are worth tens of thousands of pounds and more, from a jeweller that once created a diamond brooch valued at more than $100 million. Your Graff piece is precious and valuable, and you need to be confident that you are obtaining a valuation of it that reflects that accurately. Our valuations are made against current auction values of your items, and you won't find any more professional Graff jewellery pawn shops nearby. It is also important to note that we spare no expense in ensuring the items that our left in our care are stored safely and securely. Ask us for details of item storage, and rest assured it is a location monitored 24/7 by the most sophisticated security measures. Upon repayment of your loan, your item will be returned to you in precisely the same condition you left it in - a promise we make with confidence at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. Wondering where is the nearest pawn shop for Graff jewellery in Oxford Street, London? Not only are we the nearest, but we are the most trusted London pawn shop for real Graff jewellery.

How to pawn Graff jewellery for a loan

At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we aim to make the process of securing a loan against your Graff jewellery as smooth and stress-free as possible. Graff jewellery is a luxury, high-end item, and we are one of many pawn shops that accept Graff jewellery, so we deliver the high-end service such items warrant. If you are asking “How do you pawn Graff jewellery?”, the process begins with you making the initial contact. Whether you call us or drop in at our shop in Mayfair, London, the first step is for you to tell us about your piece. If you are able to provide us with certain information about your jewellery at this stage, we can give you a rough estimate of its value. But to secure your loans on diamond Graff jewellery, we need to arrange a formal appraisal at your convenience. When you bring your piece to our shop for appraisal, it is helpful if you can bring any documentation and proof of ownership with you. This can optimise the valuation and ensure your piece is valued as accurately as possible. Our team of experts are experienced specialists in evaluating Graff jewellery, and will give you a fair valuation in line with the current market. There is no obligation with this valuation, and you are free to leave with your jewellery if you decide you don’t wish to proceed. If you choose to accept our valuation and go on to take out your loan, you must understand that it is an asset-based loan. In other words, you leave your Graff jewellery with us and it becomes collateral against your loan. If you are unable to repay the loan, we keep the jewellery so that we can sell it to recoup the money we loaned you. As a luxury London pawnbrokers for Graff jewellery, this is not our preference, and we will always work with you to try and ensure you can repay your loan and retrieve your item down the line. When your piece is in our possession, it is stored in a highly secure location. It will be placed in a safe with round-the-clock security, with no risk of damage. In other words, when the loan is repaid, you will be given your Graff jewellery in exactly the same condition it was in when you left it. We recognise the importance of protecting your property whilst it is in our possession, and we always go the extra mile to ensure your treasured item is stored safely and securely. This cannot be said for all pawn shops that take Graff jewellery near me. We treat every client with the utmost care and attention when they come to pawn Graff jewellery for cash. You will never be pressured into anything, and will always feel able to ask us for honest advice and assistance. Discretion is at the heart of what we do, and we aim to make our clients feel they are in a safe environment. Ours is an award-winning service in high-end premises at one of London’s most affluent areas. As a leading Graff jewellery pawnbrokers in London, our clientele is always encouraged to give feedback so we can improve, and we consistently find they leave feeling satisfied with our handling of the process. Contact us today to take the first step towards pawning your Graff jewellery.

Can you pawn your Graff jewellery

If you are looking for a pawn shop for Graff jewellery near me, the good news is you have found the premier location to pawn real Graff jewellery in London. Yours is a spectacular piece of jewellery – Graff has a reputation for combining classical artisan craftsmanship with a distinctly modern eye to produce some remarkable pieces. The Graff name is trusted because they always emphasise ethical practices and never fail to produce real quality. This is why the Graff jewellery house is world-renowned, and people pawn Graff jewellery for loan as a viable and preferable alternative to selling your treasured items. If you are in possession of one of Graff’s diamond pieces, or any other necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings, pendant or watch, you will be well aware of the intricacy and unique style that comes with the Graff name. Whenever we are approached by an individual looking for the best pawnbrokers for Graff jewellery near me, we know we can provide a quality, accurate appraisal. This is why our clients always walk away satisfied, and we have a long list of loyal individual customers and dealers who come straight to us when seeking loans on Graff jewellery. Our award-winning pawn shop in Mayfair, London is the epitome of high-end in the heart of the capital, and our expert pawnbroking service is the envy of the entire industry. Laurence Graff once spoke of being born to be around diamonds. This is why so many Graff pieces are adorned with the finest stones in various cuts and designs. Whether your piece features one of these elegant gemstones, or is a less extravagant design, you can rest assured it is made from nothing but the finest materials. Graff aims to produce pieces that will become heirlooms for future generations, mixing classical techniques with high-tech processes for future-proof results. You need to choose the best pawn shop for Graff jewellery to work with experts who understand the nuances of the brand. The decision to seek the best Graff jewellery pawn shop near me is a hard choice to come to. This is why we go all out to ensure the process is as swift and easy as possible. Our appraisals are by appointment only, so call our team and we will arrange an assessment of your jewellery at your convenience. Our appraisals assess a number of factors for every item, and once the quote is given we can release your finds very quickly. So if you’re looking to pawn my Graff jewellery near me, our Mayfair shop is the place to go. We are London’s premier luxury pawnbroker, and our knowledge of Graff jewellery is second-to-none. Our experience tells us that certain Graff pieces can be worth in excess of £1 million – in 2010, a Graff pink diamond was auctioned at Sotheby’s for a startling $46.2 million. We know Graff items are among the most luxurious of jewellery pieces, and we are able to provide the most accurate valuation of your jewellery to ensure you get the right loan. So if you need to know what your precious possession is worth, come to us for a free quotation with no obligations. When someones comes to us asking “What pawn shop takes Graff jewellery in London?” we know it’s the same as asking for help raising the deposit for a house. Everyone has their reasons for pawning their precious items – even Laurence Graff himself came from humble beginnings. His personal fortune is now estimated to be in the region of £4 billion, with his central London boutique store acting as the hub of contemporary collections of Graff jewellery. If you’ve ever visited the store, you’ll know it houses some incredible accomplishments of jewellery design, and is one of the most luxurious places in the entire country. No wonder so many pieces from this iconic jewellery house fetch such a high price.

What type of diamond Graff jewellery can you pawn?

At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we offer loans against a wide range of Graff jewellery. The Graff name is synonymous with opulence and luxury in every item it creates, with the craftsmanship of genuine artisans behind some of the finest pieces of jewellery the world has ever seen. Our expert appraisals team will always give you a watertight valuation so you can secure loans on the following types of Graff jewellery: Loans on Graff High Jewellery. This means pieces with one-of-a-kind rarity. Graff has a passion for creating jewels that leave the entire world stunned. They feature exceptional stones hand-selected by the Graff family themselves, and are usually the most valuable of the brand's creations. If you are fortunate enough to have one of these items, and you wish to pawn Graff High Jewellery, book an appointment at our store and we'll give you the right valuation. Loans on Graff Signature Collections Jewellery. Graff has a range of contemporary and classic designs that have become its signature jewellery collections. Iconic shapes, mouthwatering stones and vivid hues are combined to spectacular effect, and we are always pleased to appraise such pieces. Pawn Graff Signature Collections Jewellery at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers for a suitably high-end service. Loans on Graff Famous Diamonds Jewellery. Laurence Graff is known as the kind of diamonds, and for good reason. He has been able to discover, cut and set many of the finest diamonds ever discovered, and every piece adorned with these famous diamonds is a testament to the artisan craftsmanship of the brand. If you need to pawn Graff Famous Diamonds Jewellery, we are very keen to see your piece come through our doors. Loans on Graff Engagement Ring. there is no better way to mark an engagement than with a Graff engagement ring. These are treasured pieces with immense sentimental value, uniquely crafted by some of the world's finest artisans. When someone needs to pawn Graff Engagement Rings, we know there must be a story behind it. Rest assured we will handle the process with care and discretion, offering a fair valuation of the piece to enable you to access the money you need. Loans on Laurence Graff Signature Bands. Laurance Graff signature bands are the most opulent and luxurious way to celebrate a union. Each piece is truly iconic, reflecting the brand's devotion to nothing but the finest diamonds, designed to reflect the precious and multi-faceted nature of your own love story. When you come to us to pawn Laurence Graff Signature Bands, we appraise them with the same care and attention that goes into a loving, thriving marriage. Loans on Graff Wedding Bands. As above, we know that your Graff wedding bands are a celebration of the love you share. The artisans at Graff create these rings from platinum and gold in both classic and contemporary styles, with or without diamonds. We appreciate the nuances of every single piece, so when you choose to pawn Graff Wedding Bands with New Bonds Street Pawnbrokers, you get a luxury service that does justice to the quality and sentimental value of your prized wedding rings. Loans on Graff Wedding Jewellery. Though we do take engagement rings and wedding bands, there are other items of wedding jewellery that come from the Graff name. Exquisite collections of earrings, pendants and hairbands are also considered at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers as fine examples of the artisan craftsmanship that is so synonymous with the brand. If you need to pawn Graff Wedding Jewellery, our appraisals will ensure you get the best possible valuation from world-renowned experts in the field. As you can see, there is a wide range of Graff jewellery types you can pawn with us. We are great admirers of the Graff brand, and it is always a good day when someone brings one of their pieces through our doors. Our expertise in gemstones and jewellery enables us to give our clients the best possible valuations of their items, and we pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service and specialism in Graff jewellery. Bring your items to us for a free, no-obligation appraisal, and we will ensure you walk away satisfied with our advice and service.

Can you sell your Graff jewellery at a pawn shop?

If you are wondering how to sell my Graff jewellery at a pawn shop, you’ll be pleased to learn that it is not overly complicated. There are many pawn shops around that will offer to buy your Graff jewellery, and if you are really determined to choose this route then they won’t be hard to find. However, at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we are not a pawn shop to sell my Graff jewellery. We don’t offer the option to sell, because we don’t believe it is the most ethical way for a pawnbroker to operate. Let us explain why. Your Graff jewellery carries a high value, and it is also likely to have some sentimental value to you. Perhaps it is a wedding ring, or a treasured family heirloom passed down to you from a beloved relative. The point is, its value is high in more ways than one. When you approach a pawnbroker to sell my Graff jewellery, they will give it an appraisal and make an offer to you. That offer is made on the basis they they will aim to sell it on for a profit, so they will not offer you the piece’s full market value. So if you are wondering “How much can I get for selling my Graff jewellery at a pawnshop?” the only answer you need to know is “Not as much as if you pawn it”. When you pawn your jewellery at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we will give it a professional, expert evaluation and offer you a loan based on its current auction value. The piece will remain with us as collateral for the loan, and will be returned to you upon completion of repayment. In other words, you will unlock the full cash value of the piece and, once you repay the loan, you get your cherished item back. We regard this as a far more ethical practice of pawnbroking, and we like to see our clients walk away happy once they retrieve their items. If your question is “What types of Graff jewellery can you sell to a pawnshop?” the answer is virtually any type. The brand is synonymous with quality in everything it creates, so the vast majority of Graff items will be accepted for sale at any pawnbroker who purchases items. Again, the important thing to note is that you will not get the full cash value of that item by selling it this way, and it will be lost to you forever. There are circumstances when selling is the right option, and it is not our place to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. But we would like to reiterate that the only way to receive the full value of your Graff jewellery from a pawn shop is to pawn that piece. It will be well looked after, and the terms of our loans are very generous. We aim to please, and will always try to ensure that you are able to repay the loan and retrieve your item.

Can you pawn found Graff jewellery?

If you have miraculously stumbled upon an extremely valuable item of Graff jewellery, your first move might be to look for a Graff jewellery pawn shop near me. Unfortunately, we will not be able to consider any item you have simply found somewhere, as it would undermine our ethics and also obstruct our obligations under the Financial Conduct Authority. A 'found' item is impossible to distinguish from a 'stolen' one, and if you have no proof of ownership we will be unable to consider your piece for a loan. We would advise you to hand it in to the authorities, as there will be someone looking for it.

Can you pawn fake Graff jewellery?

If you are in possession of fake Graff jewellery, your first thought might be to head to the best Graff jewellery pawn near me. Let us assure you that you will not be able to pass it off as the genuine article. Our appraisal team are highly experienced, skilled experts in their field, and they will be able to spot a fake piece a mile off. The inferior materials, craftsmanship and gemstones will be immediately apparent, and we will not consider the piece for a loan. Don't take a fake piece into a pawn shop for Graff jewellery store - you will not fool anyone, and you will be immediately turned away.

Can you pawn broken Graff jewellery?

We are often approached with the question “Will pawn shops take broken Graff jewellery?” In general, the answer is no, because the piece is unlikely to be saleable in a broken state. However, we always take each case as individual, so if you have a piece that has minor damage to it, and would otherwise be a particularly valuable item, you can still contact us about it. There are exceptions to the rule, and we will still consider certain types of Graff jewellery, particularly if the damage is only minor. If you are unsure, get in touch with us and we’ll give you some advice.

Can you pawn stolen Graff jewellery?

You’ve seen it in the movies: a thief steals a valuable item of jewellery and takes it straight to the nearest dodgy pawn Graff jewellery store. In reality, the answer to the question of whether you can pawn stolen Graff jewellery is a resounding “No”. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers are committed to ethical practice throughout our service, and we would never consider loaning against a stolen item. What’s more, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and if we suspect an item has been stolen then we will report it immediately. We generally require proof of ownership before we will even consider any item you bring to us.

Can you pawn engraved Graff jewellery?

When a piece of jewellery is engraved, it can significantly increase its sentimental value to the recipient. However, having something engraved on a piece can significantly lower its cash value, as the engraving is unlikely to be something a buyer would want to have. As such, if you have an engraved Graff piece and are looking for a pawn shop jewellery store near me, we would say bring it along to New Bond Street Pawnbrokers and let us take a look at it. An engraving is not necessarily going to stop us from offering a loan, but it will probably lower the amount of the loan. The main factors that will make the piece attractive to us in spite of an engraving will be the type of piece and its original cash value. When there are particularly precious gemstones involved, we are more likely to be able to consider the item, because the stones themselves may carry a significant value. So the answer is “It depends”, and we would need to speak to you to get some information about the item before we can tell you whether it can be pawned. Give us a call and we’ll discuss it.

Can I pawn my Graff High Jewellery?

If you plan to pawn a Graff ring in London, you should know that Graff High Jewellery is the pinnacle of what the brand creates. Every piece is unique, and specially crafted by one of their maestro artisans. This means that these pieces tend to be the most valuable, and there have been some exquisite earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and brooches that have sold for astronomical amounts. If you are fortunate enough to own one of these pieces, you'll be pleased to know that New Bond Street Pawnbrokers is the premier London pawn shop for Graff rings - and you could be in for quite the windfall. If it's a ring you have from the exclusive collection of Graff High Jewellery, you'll need to work with a specialist pawnbrokers for Graff rings. The 'Graff Ruby' ring recently sold at Sotheby's for more than £5.5 million, which really serves to illustrate the potential of Graff rings. Valuing this ring required careful examination of the main ruby, along with its placement amid several diamonds and an assessment of all the characteristics of every stone. It requires real expertise to get the right valuation for unique pieces like the Graff High jewellery rings, so you need the specialists at a true Graff rings pawn shop. As famed Graff rings pawnbrokers, we are uniquely placed to lives loans on Graff rings in London, as our in-house appraisal team is the envy of the world. Our location in the heart of one of London's most affluent boroughs means we can deliver the high-end service that such luxury items demand. Earrings are another popular feature of the Graff High Jewellery collection. A Graff earrings pawn shop will be able to advise on whether your earrings meet the criteria for the High collection, and give you a watertight valuation for your property. We are the leading London pawn shop for Graff earrings, and have appraised some incredible pieces which we considered it a privilege to have in our care. A one-of-a-kind pair of graff earrings with fine gemstones could easily fetch in the region of £20,000, so it is essential that you work with real experts when seeking loans on Graff earrings in London. It can be very easy for the untrained eye to overlook the nuances of a fine Graff piece. There are signature stylings that can go unnoticed, and elements of the gemstones that may not be appreciated. This is the risk of choosing pawnbrokers for Graff earrings who aren't quite up to expert level; their appraisal will not be accurate, and you could be walking away with a loan that isn't a true reflection of the value of your earrings. If you need to pawn Graff earrings in London, come to the capital's premier Graff earrings pawnbrokers and get it done right. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers have a wealth of experience in evaluating Graff earrings. We will provide you with the highest quality of service, giving you the most accurate value for your earrings and providing honest, expert advice to help you make the right decision with your Graff earrings. If it's a London pawn shop for Graff bracelets you are after to sell your Graff High Jewellery, we can be of service. Recently, we watched a lot at Sotheby's in which the Graff Important diamond bracelet sold for a staggering £500,000. We admired the square step-cut diamonds and the flawless nature of every stone on the piece. It's no wonder the sale price was so high, but we must remind you that only a premium Graff bracelets pawnbrokers will be able to accurately appraise such an item and give you a fair price. Our specialist team is handpicked from the most accomplished experts in gemology and other related disciplines. Between them, there is no type of jewellery item that hasn't been examined, and they each have a finger on the pulse of their specialist market. We can ensure you get the right loans on Graff bracelets in London by examining the unique features of your Graff High Jewellery piece and giving you a current market value that holds water. With a luxury, one-of-a-kind item such as yours, you simply cannot afford to work with anything less than one of the best pawnbrokers for Graff bracelets in the world. We are an award-winning service in an award-winning shop, and our team's reputation is known throughout the world of luxury, high-end markets. When you come to us asking to pawn my Graff bracelet in London, we will deliver the calibre of service that is befitting of your piece. When you own a Graff High bracelet, there is no other Graff bracelets pawn shop but New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. Graff necklaces from the High collection range in value from thousands to many millions of pounds. The key thing that makes the difference is the number and quality of gemstones, and whether there is a particularly special stone in a pendant. Since Graff is world-renowned for its emphasis on the finest diamonds and other precious stones, you need to get your piece examined at a premium Graff necklaces pawn shop for an accurate valuation. We are the London pawn shop for Graff necklaces with the most exclusive clientele. The most distinguished owners of high-end, luxury jewellery know to come to us, and we never disappoint. If you come to us with a request to pawn my Graff necklace in London, we will need to see your piece to confirm that it is a Graff High Jewellery item. Our expert team can assess the design of the necklace to evaluate its overall quality. They can also examine each and every stone on the necklace, noting their quality against a number of specialist criteria. Finally, they can use their industry knowledge to provide an accurate Graff necklaces pawnbrokers valuation based on what the piece would sell for at auction. Only a specialist pawnbrokers for Graff necklaces can get this right, and your Graff High necklace demands an accurate appraisal. So for loans on Graff necklaces in London, come to the premier London pawn shop for Graff necklaces. Our reputation for high-end service and award-winning appraisals positions us as the leading pawnbrokers for Graff necklaces, and we'll ensure you come away with the right loan for your piece. The most valuable brooch from the Graff High Jewellery range is a sumptuous peacock brooch laden with more than 1,000 diamonds of different colours. Its value exceed $100 million, and it is known as one of the finest jewellery items of modern times. This is an extreme example, but a Graff High brooch could easily fetch £50,000 or more at auction. When you are looking to pawn my Graff brooches in London, you need a London pawn shop for Graff brooches that knows how to accurately value such a high-end piece. This is where New Bond Street Pawnbrokers comes in. We specialise in giving loans on Graff brooches in London, and have a particular fondness for the brooches of the Graff High collection. The aforementioned peacock design is a prime example, and we have also recently appraised a unique swan design. Birds are clearly close to the hearts of the artisans at Graff, and we can truly appreciate the quality of the unique brooch designs in the High Jewellery range. At our award-winning Graff brooches pawn shop in the heart of London, we can give you an accurate value for your piece, incorporating a wide range of criteria that our extensive experience affords us. You have a one-of-a-kind item of jewellery in your possession, and you cannot accept anything less than the best pawnbrokers for Graff brooches. Come to our store in New Bond Street and get the peace of mind that you are working with the best Graff brooches pawnbrokers in the business.

Can I pawn my Graff Famous Diamonds?

Looking for Graff Lesedi La Rona diamonds pawnbrokers? If you own one of Graff’s famous diamonds, you are undoubtedly the envy of the world. The most legendary of the famous diamonds from Graff is the Lesedi La Rona, which was originally mined in Botswana. Graff acquired the 1,109-carat stone for $53 million in 2017 and set about cutting and polishing it. The jeweller had to custom-build a bespoke scanner with state-of-the-art imaging software to adequately analyse the rough diamond before it could be cut. It would go on to be cut into one large, main stone, and 66 smaller diamonds. The main stone is dubbed the Graff Lesedi La Rona, and it is the largest emerald-cut diamond in the world. This main stone is D-colour, meaning it is totally colourless. Its clarity is extremely high, and it weighs 302.37 carats. The 66 smaller stones range in size from less than 1 carat up to 26 carats, and is painstakingly inscribed with “Graff, Lesedi La Rona”. Anyone that owns one of these stones is in possession of a piece of history, and part of an incredibly exclusive club. It would be an absolute honour to have one of these incredibly rare stones enter our doors, and it would take all our skill to give it the appraisal it warrants. Here’s why we are the best pawnbrokers for Graff Lesedi La Rona diamonds. Our team contains gemologists with vast experience and unrivalled expertise. They are very familiar with the Lesedi La Rona stone, and have appraised countless diamonds for clarity, cut, weight and brilliance, among other things. We would be privileged to officially become a Graff Lesedi La Rona diamonds pawn shop, and would devote our fullest attention to examining the stone and giving accurate loans on Graff Lesedi La Rona Diamonds in London. We have the funds to deliver a loan on such a valuable stone, and would ensure it is kept safe and secure whilst it is in our care. At our high-end premises in Mayfair, we are the perfect London pawn shop for Graff Lesedi La Rona diamonds. We only deal in luxury items for the most exclusive of clients, and we know how to keep our clients happy. Our is a discrete, ethical and deluxe service that has won numerous rewards, and no one is better placed to serve you when you need to pawn a Graff Lesedi La Rona diamond in London. Reach out today and tell us about your stone, and we can arrange a formal appraisal to let you know the value you could unlock. Another member of the Graff Famous Diamonds collection is The Eternal Twins. These are two identical, D-colour flawless diamonds, each weighing 50.23 carats. They came from a single rough diamond mined in Botswana, and though many would have seen the opportunity to cut dozens of incredible stones, Graff opted for something more iconic that would be forever remembered for its uniqueness. This mirror-matching pair of diamonds is truly remarkable – yet another superb product of the Karowe mine in Botswana. Such large identical diamonds cut from the same stone had never been attempted before this incredible accomplishment. It was a complex and risky operation for the gem-cutters at Graff, who had to painstakingly laser the rough stone to produce these to identical flawless diamonds. At this size, with such long facets, there would have been no margin for error whatsoever, as our Graff Eternal Twins diamonds pawnbrokers team of gemologists will tell you. Any flaw would have stuck out like a sore thumb, and achieving the required brilliance will have taken mathematical precision from both the cutters and polishers. The stones were eventually set into a magnificent pair of earrings, which would be the envy of any who prize the most luxurious items of jewellery. If you were to acquire these stones and seek a Graff Eternal Twins diamonds pawn shop, our team at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers will be ready to make an appraisal for loans on Graff Eternal Twins diamonds in London. We are situated in the heart of Mayfair, surrounded by luxury and opulence at every turn. We are the epitome of high-end service, and have won awards for our pawnbrokers service over an illustrious history in the business. To see such esteemed items as the famous Eternal Twins at our shop would be a privilege, and we would pull out all the stops to give you the correct valuation of them. You can come to us as the London pawn shop for Eternal Twins diamonds in the assurance that our team has a wealth of experience with stones of this calibre. It is a big decision to pawn a Graff Eternal Twins diamond in London, and we will treat your needs with all due care and attention. We have all the mechanisms in place to be your go-to pawnbrokers for Graff Eternal Twins diamonds, with the experience to appraise accurately and the resources to loan against and adequately protect these uniquely precious diamonds. No look at Graff Famous Diamonds would be complete without a mention of the Graff Venus. Weighing an impressive 118.78 carats, it is the largest flawless heart-shaped diamond the world has ever seen. It is an enviable D colour and type IIA, with perfect symmetry and polish to boot. It makes Lady Gaga’s famous heart-shaped engagement ring look like a Christmas cracker prize, and it originates from the Letseng mine from the African kingdom of Lesotho. Incidentally, a number of record-breaking diamonds have emerged from this mine over the years, and Graff Diamonds owns all of them. A Graff Venus diamonds pawn shop should be aware that the rough that the Venus was cut from also produced 22 satellite stones. Specialist technology had to be developed to cut and polish the perfect heart shape, after months of rigorous study and computer modelling to identify the perfect combination of cuts to maximise the quality of the final product. For the lucky buyer, the Venus could be made into a brooch, pendant or even a tiara. If you own the Venus, or any one of its rare satellite stones, and are searching for a London pawn shop for Graff Venus diamonds, you should be considering New Bond Street Pawnbrokers for your needs. We’d love to see what you’ve done with the main stone, and it would be our pleasure to give you a formal appraisal for loans on Graff Venus Diamonds in London. We have extensive experience appraising and loaning against a wide range of rare, luxury items, and our team is second-to-none when it comes to appraising gemstones. This makes us the ideal pawnbrokers for Graff Venus Diamonds, since we know what it takes for a stone to attain such notoriety as the Graff Venus. The experience and expertise of our team uniquely position us to assess the quality of the stone and give an accurate valuation based on the very latest market value that an auction house would give. We are the capital’s leading experts in evaluating and appraising high-end, luxury items, so if you are looking to pawn a Graff Venus diamond in London we should be your first choice. No-one is better placed to be your Graff Venus diamonds pawnbrokers, and we will treat the presence of such a famous stone with the care and splendour it is due. Our award-winning, deluxe pawn shop is a fitting location to bring such a piece, and we will ensure its safety and security should you choose to take out a loan from us. As the ideal Graff The Golden Empress diamonds pawnbrokers, our excitement at the unveiling of The Golden Empress was immense. It is a 132.55-carat Fancy Intense yellow diamond in a cushion-cut style. Today, fancy coloured diamonds are extremely popular because they look exquisite and are incredibly rare. Around 1 in 10000 diamonds meet the criteria for fancy coloured, so to find one in a particular colour is unspeakably rare. The rough diamond weighed 299 carats, and it was another product of the Letseng mine in Lesotho. After months of studying and mapping the rough, Graff was able to determine the best way to cut and polish the eventual stone that would be presented to the world. In addition to the iconic Golden Empress, the rough produced just 8 satellite diamonds. This consisted of 6 pear-shaped yellow stones, the largest of which weighed in at 21.34 carats, in addition to 2 spherical stones. Anyone who owns one of these satellite stones, let alone the Golden Empress itself, is in possession of something incredibly special. If you are examining your options for loans on Graff The Golden Empress diamonds in London, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers should definitely be on your radar. Our expertise in diamonds means The Golden Empress couldn’t possibly escape our notice, and we are already very familiar with everything that makes it so special. There could be no better London pawn shop for Graff The Golden Empress diamonds than us, with our award-winning service and meticulous attention to detail. Our in-house team of specialist appraisal experts is second-to-none, and our award-winning pawn shop in the heart of London’s most affluent of areas uniquely positions us as the ideal pawnbrokers for Graff The Golden Empress diamonds. You cannot opt for anything less than the best when looking to pawn a Graff The Golden Empress diamond in London, so you need to have a chat with us. We can meet the inevitable high valuation our expert appraisal will yield with a loan that will meet your needs. We can also accommodate the level of security required when such a stone is brought to us, so you can rest assured that your diamond will be returned safely to you in precisely the same condition you left it in. There is no better option than us when looking for a Graff The Golden Empress diamonds pawn shop, and we will be happy to justify that statement when you make contact with us. The Letseng Mine in Lesotho has become legendary for its yields of remarkable diamonds, and the Graff Vendome is one such marvel. The rough weighed in at 314 carats, and Laurence Graff’s vision of its potential would eventually produce the first pear-shaped diamond his House ever produced to exceed 100 carats. The rough was originally named The Destiny, and the Graff gemologists were able to discern a remarkable fate as a perfect pear shape. After many months of intricate and detailed work at the diamond cutter’s wheel, the clearest, purest and heaviest pear-shaped diamond in Graff’s history was complete. It was accompanied by 12 satellite stones, 9 of which chared the D Flawless quality. Every stone was a work of art, but the Graff Vendome is truly one-of-a-kind. Our experts at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers were instantly enamoured with the Graff Vendome when it was unveiled. It is an incredible achievement with outstanding brilliance and breathtaking clarity, and if you own it or one of its satellite stones, you have something that has already earned a unique place in history. You need suitable Graff Vendome diamonds pawnbrokers, and for such a famed stone, or any of its satellites, to enter our doors for appraisal would be a momentous occasion, and one that we would treat with the necessary care and attention. We would be proud to be a true Graff Vendome diamonds pawn shop, and have everything you need to pawn a Graff Vendome diamond in London. Our award-winning premises and service places us at the top of the list for anyone who wishes to pawn a luxury item. We have a highly exclusive clientele, and would be honoured to accept someone looking for loans on Graff Vendome diamonds in London. Our team is highly specialised in evaluating diamonds of every calibre, and possesses the experience and knowledge of current markets and auctions to give an extremely accurate valuation for your stone. No other business can match our resources to be adequate pawnbrokers for Graff Vendome diamonds in the heart of the UK’s capital city, so you needn’t look elsewhere. Our is the London pawn shop for Graff Vendome diamonds you need, so get in touch with us today. We can give you a rough estimate of the loan you could secure, followed by a formal appraisal in which we can advise on your options. We pride ourselves on the service we deliver for our clients, and would love to add you to that list today.

Can I pawn my Graff engagement ring?

If you are looking to pawn a Graff Engagement ring in London, the first thing you should know is that you have an exceptional piece of jewellery. The Graff name carries a considerable amount of clout, and it takes a genuine Graff Engagement rings pawn shop to recognise the nuances and signature features that make such a ring so special. If you opt for a pawnbroker with inferior knowledge and expertise, you may not get the right valuation and fail to unlock the true market value of your ring. And an engagement ring also has tremendous sentimental value, so why would you settle for anything less than the best? As the leading London pawn shop for Graff Engagement rings, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers should be high on your list of options. Our in-house appraisal team knows the ins and outs of Graff pieces very well, and will be able to deliver a true market value in line with the latest auction prices. We are the pawnbrokers for Graff Engagement rings that the most discerning of high-end clients come to, and for good reason. Ours is an award-winning service that has operated from the heart of Mayfair, London for over two decades. We have seen it all, and are particularly experienced in giving loans on Graff Engagement rings in London. So forget the other Graff Engagement rings pawnbrokers and opt for the best in the business. We will look after you and your property, and ensure you get the best possible loan available. Searching for a London pawn shop for Graff Promise Rings? One of the most iconic engagement rings from Graff is the Promise setting. This 3-stone setting incorporates the main stone surrounded by 2 supplementary ones, all of which are the standard you would expect from the Graff name. The ring itself is usually made from platinum or white gold to give it that light, effortless glow. It is designed to draw attention to the beautiful solitaire, which is elegantly embraced by side stones in a range of traditional and innovative cuts. It is The value of these rings depends on the stones involved and the precious metal it is made from. In many cases, you can easily expect the value to stand at the £80-100,000 range for a ring that isn’t engraved. If there is a personal engraving, we may still consider it for a loan, but that will be at our discretion. We are also very aware that this kind of ring will carry an enormous sentimental value as well – it is known as one of the most beloved of engagement rings, and you’ll want to ensure your Graff Promise Engagement rings pawn shop appreciates this. At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we operate an award-winning service, and attending to our clients’ needs is central to our philosophy. Your ring is a treasured possession and a symbol of your commitment to a partner, either past or present. We will handle it with due care and attention throughout the appraisal, as our specialists examine the piece to determine its value accurately. We are the choice London pawn shop for Graff Promise rings because our experts truly appreciate the exquisite nature of the piece. We use sophisticated techniques to establish a valuation in line with the auction market, so you can rest assured you will unlock the ring’s true worth when you come to us for loans on Graff Promise rings in London. So when you need to pawn a Graff Promise Engagement ring in London, come to the capital’s leading Graff Promise rings pawnbrokers. You will notice the high-end nature of our service from the moment you speak to us, and your custom will make you one of our very exclusive clientele. You need the best when approaching a pawnbrokers for Graff Promise Engagement rings, and that is New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. You would have to go a long way to find a more mesmerising engagement ring than the Icon. It is adorned with a radiant cut stone surrounded by smaller diamonds, offering a stunning silhouette from any angle. It’s a modern classic, with a central stone of unspeakable brilliance that really must be seen to be believed. Yellow or rose gold is used to make the ring itself, but the elaborate decoration of shimmering diamonds really steals the show. The piece is named after the famous Icon diamond Graff cut and polished in 2000 – a 90.97 carat D Flawless round stone – and is a fitting tribute to such a legendary diamond. If you are seeking a Graff Icon Engagement rings pawn shop, you will undoubtedly be very aware of the beauty of these little marvels. But do you know all that goes in to establishing the value of such a complex piece? It requires a huge amount of expertise and experience, something which our appraisal team at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers has in spades. Our no-obligation appraisal is completely free of charge, so you get access to the best in the business to learn the current market value of your piece without spending a single penny. As the leading London pawn shop for Graff Icon rings, you should expect nothing less of our high-end service. We work hard to ensure our clients obtain the right loans on Graff Icon rings in London, and we have been awarded for the standard of our service. We are located in the heart of the English capital, surrounded by some of the most iconic London locations and many high-end, premium businesses. We attract a very exclusive clientele who need to pawn luxury items to unlock their cash value, and we handle every case with the utmost discretion. Your engagement ring is a personal possession with tremendous sentimental value, and this is not lost on a premium Graff Icon rings pawnbrokers like us. Your treasured items will always be handled with due care and attention whilst in our care. So if you are looking to pawn a Graff Icon engagement ring in London, contact the leading pawnbrokers for Graff Icon Engagement rings: New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. We will even consider engraved rings for loans, though you should be aware that their value may be diminished. Contact us today and tell us about your piece, and we’ll arrange a formal appraisal. Another exquisite engagement ring from Graff is the Flame. It features a round, brilliant-cut stone for a classic setting. The rest of the ring is adorned with a sequence of pavé diamonds designed to draw the eye to the spectacular centrepiece. There are different iterations of the Flame; the diamonds can be pink or white, or you can even choose an emerald, and the pavé stones can be larger or micro-sized. In any case, the setting is expertly designed to accentuate the fire of the central solitaire diamond, and that’s where the name comes from. As the options are varied, so too is the price of this ring, and there are many factors for a pawnbrokers for Graff Flame engagement rings to consider. One thing to be aware of is that any personal engraving on the ring will almost certainly diminish the value of the ring. This means that with some iterations of the Flame, we may not be able to consider it for a loan. This decision is made at our discretion, so we still welcome you to bring yours for appraisal. The other factors which will affect the price revolve primarily around the stones in the piece. We assess all types of gems based on the relevant criteria, and it takes true expertise to give an accurate appraisal of any gemstone and deliver a valuation based on the current market. This is why you need to work with expert Graff Flame rings pawnbrokers. We have a hand-picked, in-house team of gemologists and jewellery experts at our disposal, making us the ideal place to pawn a Graff Flame engagement ring in London. Our team is highly experienced and respected in the industry, able to bring genuine expert knowledge to the table and deliver a watertight valuation for your engagement ring. Additionally, we are an ethical and honest Graff Flame engagement rings pawn shop. This means we acknowledge the sentimental value of such an item, as well as its monetary worth. We understand you have your reason for seeking loans on Graff Flame rings in London, and we will always handle our clients and their property with the highest degree of care and discretion. If you need to pawn a Graff Flame engagement ring in London, bring it to our award-winning shop in Mayfair and enjoy a truly high-end experience. There’s a reason we are known as the premier London pawn shop for Graff Flame rings. A similar, yet equally distinguished, Graff engagement ring is the Legacy. If you’re seeking a quality Graff Legacy engagement rings pawn shop, know that your piece has a highly distinctive design as the ring parts on either side of the central solitaire diamond. This setting is one of Graff’s signature designs, aimed at encouraging maximum light to project through the main stone. This enhances the stone’s brilliance, as the light dances through its interior to delightful effect. Variations on the ring include the cut of the main diamond and the material used to craft the ring itself. The value of these rings vary, but we mostly see them in the £30-40,000 range. However, in some cases, the value could be as high as £90,000. It all depends on a number of features in the ring, and the state of the market. This is why you need a premium pawnbrokers for Graff Legacy engagement rings who knows what they’re doing. The job of appraising and valuing a piece of luxury jewellery is a highly specialised field. It requires a wealth of generic knowledge of stones, precious metals and jewellery design. It also demands a great deal of experience examining different types of such items. And it needs a comprehensive understanding of the ever-changing market, so that the valuation given is in line with the real prices being seen at auction. A true Graff Legacy rings pawnbrokers will have an expert team that meets all these criteria to ensure its clients receive a fair and accurate appraisal of their prized possessions. It is also worth noting that an engagement ring of this calibre will hold a great deal of sentimental value, in addition to the monetary worth. When you take the decision to pawn a Graff Legacy engagement ring in London, you want to work with a service that is sensitive to this fact, and we will meet that requirement as well. Our award-winning service puts you front-and-centre, and our team always pulls out all the stops to ensure you receive nothing but the best treatment at every stage. When seeking loans on Graff Legacy rings in London, please be aware that a personal engraving will diminish the value of the piece. As such, we reserve the right to turn your piece down if we feel its engraving makes the value too uncertain. Otherwise, you can expect to get a good price at our London pawn shop for Graff Legacy rings. If you choose to proceed, we are able to release your loan to you very quickly, so there won’t be any unnecessary waiting around. The Laurence Graff Signature setting is a contemporary design that is sure to go down as a classic. It effortlessly celebrates the diamond’s inherent beauty, drawing inspiration from the many stunning facets that make up a brilliant-cut diamond. The surface of the ring is divided by tessellating triangles filled with sparking micro-diamonds, leading up to the spectacular central diamond which is available in a range of cuts. Whether the solitaire diamond is marquise, heart, pear, oval, round, emerald or brilliant cut, you have a spectacular and extremely valuable ring in your possession. With such an intricate design and large number of diamonds, the value is pushed that much higher, and the complexity of appraising it requires an expert Laurence Graff Signature engagement rings pawn shop. At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, our mission is to deliver an honest, ethical and high-end pawnbroking service that meets the needs of the owners of luxury items. With possessions of such value, you need a pawnbrokers for Laurence Graff Signature engagement rings that specialises in the deluxe. We are an award-winning pawn shop that pays close attention to every detail. This is at the core of every appraisal our expert team performs, and every element of the service we give to our exclusive clientele. It takes a special kind of service to provide loans on Graff Signature rings in London, as they have such monetary and sentimental worth. We deliver this service from our pawn shop in the heart of London. New Bond Street is home to some of the capital’s most opulent jewellers, and our business has stood alongside these world-famous names for over two decades. We can confidently say we are the premier London pawn shop for Graff Signature rings, and anyone looking to pawn a Laurence Graff Signature engagement ring in London should put us at the top of their list. We make it as simple and stress-free as possible to obtain a free, no-obligation quote for your ring. If you choose to proceed, we can release the loan to your very quickly, so you can unlock the cash value of your treasured item with minimal hassle. Whilst your ring is in our care, it is stored in a safe and highly secure location, so you get the peace of mind that it will be returned to you promptly, and in the same condition you left it in. Contact the capital’s premier Laurence Graff Signature rings pawnbrokers today. If you are looking for a Graff Paragon engagement rings pawn shop, you should know that the Paragon is one of the most iconic of the brand’s creations. It is minimalism personified, but no less opulent and spectacular to behold. A single diamond takes centre stage on an unadorned platinum band, ensuring there is no mistaking the star of the show. The band subtly tapers as it meets the hypnotic solitaire diamond, which is delivered in the full range of cuts to enable you to include your preferred diamond shape. It is the simplicity and sparsity of this design that stands out most, and this has made it an instantly-recognisable piece for anyone in-the-know. As you might imagine, it is the stone that truly counts with this piece, and you want to ensure it is appraised by a genuine expert when looking to pawn a Graff Paragon Engagement ring in London. We have valued this ring at anything from £30,000 to as much as £80,000 in the past, and there are numerous factors that play a part in this valuation. An engraving is likely to significantly lower the value, but it is the cut and quality of the stone that dictates the base value of the piece. Market trends and buying habits also come into play, which is why it really takes expertise in multiple fields to provide the right valuation of this piece. You need to work with a Graff Paragon rings pawnbrokers that can really deliver the specialist skills and knowledge to do justice to your piece. Securing loans on Graff Paragon rings in London is serious business, because such items are highly valuable and treasured items. Our service delivers on the expertise and accuracy, but equally important is discretion and trustworthy advice. We are an award-winning pawnbrokers, and integrity is at the heart of everything we do. Your high-end items deserve a high-end service, and our London pawn shop for Graff Paragon rings is where you’ll find it. We have a passion for beautiful items like yours, and can confidently say you won’t find a better pawnbrokers for Graff Paragon engagement rings. Contact our team today and tell us about your piece, and we’ll arrange a free, no-obligation appraisal for you to find out what sort of loan you could obtain. We guarantee you will enjoy a luxury experience that befits your luxury item, and we would be privileged to include you as part of our exclusive clientele. Finally, the Graff Constellation ring is a popular piece that we loan against. It features a central solitaire diamond, as you would expect, which is elegantly framed by a halo of glorious pavé stones. These surrounding stones accentuate the central diamond, and the setting is inspired by the famous Constellation, one of the greatest diamonds ever acquired by Graff. The full range of cuts is available for the solitaire diamond, each bringing its own unique feel to the ring itself. Incidentally, the Constellation diamond is the largest round, D colour, Internally Flawless diamond in the world, weighing 102.79 carats. As a specialist London pawn shop for Graff Constellation rings, we have valued these pieces mainly in the £30-50,000 range, dependent on a number of factors. Different cuts are on-trend at different times, and the market shifts frequently. There are also subtle variations in the quality of the stones, and certain characteristics of an engagement ring, like an engraving, can have an impact on its value. See, an engraving may increase the sentimental worth of an item, but it generally diminishes the auction value. Our expert team of appraisers at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers is on hand to study your piece in detail and ascertain its current worth for your loan. We don’t advise taking your ring to anything less than the premier Graff Constellation engagement rings pawn shop when seeking loans on Graff Constellation rings in London. You can’t afford to have any of the nuances or subtle characteristics overlooked with such a luxury item, and less experienced Graff Constellation rings pawnbrokers are more likely to miss things. We are an award-winning pawn shop devoted entirely to high-end, luxury items, and we have team members who specialise in a wide range of items. Jewellery is a particular speciality of ours, and we have a wealth of experience dealing with Graff items. There is no better place to pawn a Graff Constellation engagement ring in London than New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. In the heart of Mayfair, we offer a deluxe service to a very exclusive clientele, and it would be our pleasure to add you to that list. We work quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, making the process of pawning your luxury items as stress-free as possible. Get in touch with the leading pawnbrokers for Graff Constellation engagement rings today and book your free, no-obligation appraisal.

Can I pawn my Graff Wedding Jewellery?

Wedding jewellery goes far beyond just the wedding rings. To make your special day that much more memorable, you will have looked for the very best earrings, pendants, hair bands, brooches and even tiaras. If you turned to Graff for any of these items, you may be looking for loans on Graff Wedding Jewellery in London. You’ll be pleased to know that you can pawn those superb items with New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, the capital’s leading pawnbrokers for Graff Wedding Jewellery. There are many Wedding Jewellery items among the Graff range, each one a work of art. Featuring all sorts of diamonds in all kinds of shapes and sizes, it takes real expertise to qualify as a true Graff Wedding Jewellery pawn shop. Our team has that expert knowledge, with a wealth of experience to back it up, so they can deliver accurate valuations on any item in line with its current auction value. Your item is truly special, and warrants nothing less than the premier London pawn shop for Graff Wedding Jewellery. Our award-winning service is the picture of high-end, with an exclusive clientele who entrust their valuable, treasured possessions to us. We deliver accurately-appraised loans quickly and discretely, so our clients feel safe and stress-free when they pawn Graff Wedding Jewellery in London. So call the top Graff Wedding Jewellery pawn shop today and arrange a free, no-obligation quote at our award-winning Mayfair shop. There is no better Graff Wedding Jewellery pawnbrokers in the capital, so you needn’t look anywhere else. One common choice for Wedding Jewellery is heart-shaped stud earrings. What better way to mark a momentous occasion that is entirely focused on the love between two people? As Graff Heart Shape Stud Earrings pawnbrokers, we know Graff has a special collection of diamond studs cut into heart shapes, each immaculately proportioned and polished to perfection. If you own a pair of these delightfully luxurious pieces of jewellery, you will undoubtedly know the remarkable brilliance they exhibit, thanks to the artisan craftsmen amongst Graff’s illustrious ranks. But the less tangible value is the memories these pieces represent, so the decision to pawn Graff Heart Shape Stud Earrings in London cannot have been an easy one. We have valued Graff Heart Shaped Stud Earrings in the £60-70,000 range before, depending on the inherent qualities of the stones themselves. But that less tangible value is equally important to you, and we can assure you that your treasured possessions will be in good hands with us. We are the leading London pawn shop for Graff Heart Shape Stud Earrings, with numerous accolades to our name, and our core principle is customer satisfaction. You will feel well looked-after in our shop, with honest advice for any questions you have. And your items will be stored in a safe, secure location whilst in our care, giving you peace of mind to use your loan freely without worrying about your items. Of course, when you take out loans on Graff Heart Shape Stud Earrings in London, your other primary concern will be securing the right loan for your piece. Our free, no-obligation appraisal will be carried out by one of our resident experts, whose experience and specialist knowledge are what make us the most trusted Graff Heart Shape Stud Earrings pawn shop in the capital. They will provide an airtight valuation in line with current auction prices, so you get the right loan for your item. Situated in the heart of Mayfair, our New Bond Street shop is surrounded by many of the nation’s leading jewellers. We know jewellery, and we know high-end service, having been in the business for more than two decades. We can confidently say we are the pawnbrokers for Graff Heart Shape Stud Earrings you are looking for, so get in touch today and take the first step in unlocking the cash value of your treasured items. In terms of earrings for weddings, it doesn’t get much more traditional than opting for a round diamond. As experienced Graff Round Stud Earrings pawnbrokers, we know that Graff has an exquisite selection of dynamic, vibrant round diamond studs, with various carat weights and quality of stone amongst the collection. This means that there is no single value for all Graff round stud earrings, and it will require a specialist appraisal to determine the current market value of your iconic piece. Please understand that it requires a high level of expertise and specialist knowledge to carry out an accurate appraisal of this kind of jewellery, and so many locations calling themselves Graff Round Stud Earrings pawn shops may miss critical details that will impact a piece’s value. As the leading London pawn shop for Graff Round Stud Earrings, we have valued pieces at £65,000+ in the past. This kind of value would be for a pair with 4-carat diamonds, but the amount would vary depending on market trends and recent auction prices. It would also depend upon the clarity and purity of colour the diamond has, as well as the quality of the cut and polish. In short, there are many special considerations that need to be taken into account for an accurate valuation. When you are seeking loans on Graff Round Stud Earrings in London, you need experts you can trust to get the valuation right. Our in-house team of gemologists and jewellery experts represent the pinnacle of accomplishment in their fields. Each has an international reputation for excellence, with a wealth of experience they can bring to the table for every appraisal. As such, we can say with absolute confidence that no other pawnbrokers for Graff Round Stud Earrings can deliver a more accurate appraisal than ours. Additionally, we offer an award-winning, high-end service that is fitting for such luxury items. As an owner of such opulent jewellery, you are one of an exclusive group of people that our client-base is populated by. Our business is designed to serve individuals like yourself, and we have won numerous accolades for our deluxe premises and service. Situated in the iconic London borough of Mayfair, we are surrounded by businesses that cater to the most affluent of society, and we have operated in this space for more than two decades. We can confidently assure you that you will find nowhere more suitable to pawn Graff Round Stud Earrings in London, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are a leading London pawn shop for Graff Heart Shape Pendant wedding jewellery, and have a wealth of experience appraising this type of item. Graff has a range of heart shape pendants designed primarily as wedding jewellery. This type of pendant is a simple yet striking setting for a diamond cut that is known as particularly remarkable and beguiling. Graff offer this pendant with stones in a range of colours and weights, so it is not simple to give you an idea of the value they carry. We have seen smaller, simpler pieces carry a value of £12,000, and larger, more elaborate ones that easily exceed £50,000. Such a variation in values is indicative of the sheer number of factors that must be considered when appraising these pieces, and it takes an accomplished Graff Heart Shape Pendants pawnbrokers to get it right. Expertise in appraising diamond jewellery is about more than evaluating the stone. While this is pivotal, and an extremely specialist skill, the appraisal also needs to take into account factors like market trends and the latest auction prices for similar items. This can only be achieved by individuals with their finger on the pulse of the global market, and there are not many experts who truly fit the bill. Our hand-picked team is made up of these rare and respected experts, which is why we are the pawnbrokers for Graff Heart Shape Pendants trusted by the most affluent, high-end clients in the capital. If you are seeking loans on Graff Heart Shape Pendants in London, you will need a pawn shop that delivers the necessary accuracy in its appraisals. You also need a Graff Heart Shape Pendant pawn shop that understands the importance of the item, and imparts the kind of high-end service that such a luxury item deserves. With numerous awards to our name, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers ticks every box, as a visit to our shop in the heart of Mayfair will immediately assure you. Our doors are always open to anyone looking to pawn a Graff Flame Heart Shape Pendant in London. This is the type of luxury item that characterises our exclusive client-base, and we can offer fast, stress-free loans against them. All items in our care are stored in a safe, highly-secure location, so you will have ultimate peace of mind. Contact us today to book your free, no-obligation appraisal. Looking to pawn a Graff Cross Pendant in London? For those with a mind for something traditional and classical, a Graff cross pendant is a wise choice. It is an elegant design that can echo Christian or even Celtic traditions for some, and is usually made from platinum with trapezoid or emerald-cut diamonds. As it contains multiple stones, the value is generally quite high, though the lack of a solitaire stone in many will keep it short of the highest-valued pieces from the Graff collection. It is impossible to give a generic value here, but rest assured it will take the skills of a real Graff Cross Pendant pawn shop to get it right for you. Valuing a diamond pendant in any design requires specialist knowledge and skill, as well as advanced instruments to evaluate the clarity and cut quality. Diamonds from Graff are almost exclusively high-quality, but there are sometimes exceptions. Our in-house appraisal team consists of individuals who are outstanding in their fields, with vast experience in evaluating precious gemstones and a depth of knowledge in the market and auctioning of luxury items. In other words, we are perfectly positioned to observe every detail of your piece and give it the most accurate valuation possible, as the leading London pawn shop for Graff Cross Pendants. Speaking of positioning, our award-winning shop is in the very heart of London’s Mayfair, surrounded by esteemed jewellers and other high-end businesses that serve a very exclusive community. We have existed as Graff Cross Pendants pawnbrokers in this space for over two decades, and know the ins and outs of serving affluent individuals in our deluxe premises. Our free, no-obligation appraisals are by appointment only, and you will feel the sense of luxury from the moment you come through our doors. We will handle the process with meticulous care and discretion, ensuring your experience is befitting of such a precious and valuable piece. If you have jewellery collecting dust from your wedding day, why not unlock its cash value by taking out loans on Graff Cross Pendants in London? We make it simple and painless to pawn a Graff Cross Pendant in London, so you needn’t look elsewhere to find the right service. We have a long list of satisfied clients who continue to put their trust in our service, and we can say with confidence that we are the premium pawnbrokers for Graff Cross Pendants in the capital. If you’re looking for loans on Graff Butterfly Hair Bands in London, you have a remarkable piece of jewellery. These hair bands have gained incredible popularity as wedding jewellery for that special day, but they tend to sit gathering dust once the day has passed. They are a remarkable demonstration of the Graff brand’s accomplished craftsmanship, with that delicate butterfly made from fine platinum or gold atop an elegant hair band. Of course, every part of the hair band and butterfly is emblazoned with pavé diamonds of exquisite quality, for an elaborate and valuable piece that makes that special day even more memorable. It takes expert Graff Butterfly Hair Bands pawnbrokers to appraise these items accurately, but pawning them is a great way to unlock the cash value of something that otherwise goes unused. Our team wants to help you access the current market value of your piece. We have our finger on the pulse of the luxury jewellery market, and can harness decades of experience and expertise to establish a watertight value to secure a loan against your Graff Butterfly Hair Band. When you book a free, no-obligation appraisal at our award-winning London pawn shop for Graff Butterfly Hair Bands, you take the first step towards getting your hands on the money your piece is worth. Once the loan is repaid, plus a very generous rate of interest, you get your item back in precisely the same condition you left it in. We store your items in a safe, highly secure location to ensure our clients have genuine peace of mind. Come to our high-end pawn shop to pawn a Graff Butterfly Hair Band in London and you will experience the highest levels of service. We work with an exclusive client-base, and your ownership of such a distinguished Graff piece places you amongst them. We have the right skills, experience and standards to serve you and handle your piece with due care. We are the capital’s leading pawnbrokers for Graff Butterfly Hair Bands and a wide range of other luxury items, and our service is second-to-none. We would be delighted to have you visit our Graff Butterfly Hair Bands pawn shop, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and start the ball rolling. You needn’t look anywhere but at the best in the business to pawn your luxury items, and that’s New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. Another popular wedding jewellery item is the Heart and Marquise Shape Tiara. This piece adds a touch of the grandiose to any wedding ceremony, in a striking white gold design set with a combination of round, pear, marquise and heart shape diamonds. If you own one of these, it undoubtedly made an impact on your wedding day, adding to the magic in every wedding photo and every memory you and your loved ones built. But today, perhaps the tiara is not lending its magic to anything. Perhaps it is collecting dust somewhere in the house, serving only to stimulate an occasional bout of nostalgia. Maybe it’s time for you to unlock the cash value of that beautiful work of art by taking it to a quality Graff Heart & Marquise Shape Tiaras pawn shop. If you have been contemplating whether to pawn a Graff Heart & Marquise Shape Tiara in London, you’ll be pleased to know that we can consider it at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. We are the capital’s leading pawnbroker for luxury and high-end items, located in the heart of Mayfair alongside many of the city’s most opulent jewellers and other businesses. We deal with the same exclusive clientele as these neighbours, and offer a premium, award-winning service that you simply won’t find at the vast majority of pawnbrokers for Graff Heart & Marquise Shape Tiaras. Our resident appraisal team at our London pawn shop for Graff Heart & Marquise Shape Tiaras are some of the most prominent individuals in their fields. Between them, they have a vast and diverse pool of knowledge and experience to draw from, which enables us to deliver watertight valuations on a wide range of luxury items. Graff jewellery is a particular specialism of ours, and we can guarantee an accurate appraisal to ensure you get the best possible loan against your beloved wedding tiara. When you take loans on Graff Heart & Marquise Shape Tiaras in London, you need to feel assured that your piece will be in safe hands. As London’s premier Graff Heart & Marquise Shape Tiaras pawnbrokers, we can confidently say your piece couldn’t be in better hands. All our items are stored in an extremely safe, secure location and returned to our clients in the same condition they left them in without fail. Our philosophy is to do business with an ethical approach, focusing on integrity and meeting every need our clients have.

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