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Are you thinking of taking a loan on your Graff Diamonds & Jewellery?

If you ever considered to pawn your Graff diamonds & jewellery, then you are the proud owner of a fine diamond ring, necklace, earrings, watch or bracelet. Graff’s diamond jewellery combines a unique modern eye with traditional craftsmanship to create truly exceptional pieces. Buyers and pawnbrokers trust Graff because their diamonds are never sourced from mines which cause human suffering. The Graff  jewellery house and its magnificent collections of jewellery are famous throughout the world, and this makes pawning your Graff diamonds or jewellery a very attractive alternative to selling your beloved pieces.

If you already own one of Graff’s dazzling diamonds, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants or elegant earrings, you will appreciate the extraordinary and delicate beauty and style of Graff. Whenever a client calls and tells us, “I want to pawn my Graff diamonds,” we are confident that we can help with an expert valuation of the most expensive jewellery, rings, and diamonds around. That is why our loyal individual customers and dealers continue to trust us with their Graff diamonds and jewellery for over 30 years of presence at our award-winning pawn shop in Mayfair, London. And, it is why many of them go on to recommend our discreet and knowledgeable pawnbroking service to associates, friends and family.

Laurence Graff himself said, “I was born to be amongst diamonds.” Contemporary Graff earrings and necklaces come in an abundance of cuts and designs; white diamonds, yellow diamonds, rose diamonds. Countless flawless and elegant gemstones decorating the most sensational jewellery. Graff’s yellow diamonds are said to be some of the oldest in the world, over 3.2 billion years in the making. But Graff is always looking to the future too, keeping the customers’ needs in mind, mixing tradition with high-tech to produce heirlooms of the future, worthy of investment vs. competitors like Cartier .

How do you value my Graff diamonds and jewellery for a loan?

We know clients feel good when wearing Graff, and that it is not always an easy decision to pawn this maker’s jewellery. We work hard to make sure the whole process is as quick and simple as it can be. Make an appointment with one of our professional team of pawnbroking experts and we will assess your Graff jewels for provenance, clarity and cut in a personal and respectful way. After that, we immediately release your loan amount against your Graff rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and other.

We are a highly awarded luxury London pawnbroker with expert local knowledge of Graff jewellery house. Experience tells us that a pair of Graff yellow and gold diamond drop earrings could be worth over one million pounds, both at auction and at pawn shops. A large diamond pendant might retail for anything upwards of £1.5 million. In 2010, a 24.78-carat Graff pink diamond sold at Sotheby’s Geneva for $46.2 million (or roughly £40.3 million). Our in-depth knowledge means we are already well ahead of the game when setting the value of a loan on your Graff diamonds and jewellery. If you want to know what your precious stone, jewellery or collection might be worth, why not approach us for a free, no-obligation quotation today?

Our appraisal team takes various factors into account when establishing the level of borrowing on your Graff jewellery:


Fine Graff jewellery is usually made from a grade of yellow, rose or white gold, or perhaps from platinum. This has an impact on your Graff jewellery prices.


The process of evaluating precious gemstones is highly specialised. Our industry experience, combined with certificates of authenticity, help us to determine the value of every gemstone that comes our way. Characteristics like weight are simple to establish, but colour, cut, clarity and origin require real expertise.

Certain gemstones like sapphires and rubies can fetch a particularly high price at pawn stores if they are able to be traced to particular countries. In addition to the grading of the stone, this consideration can really push the value high. Our experts are always on hand at our Mayfair shop to advise on Graff jewellery pieces and collections, so get in touch to find out how much yours could be worth.

Our valuation service is a free, no-obligation process that will help you determine the real value of your piece. It is not possible to give a generic figure here, because there are so many factors that will impact a Graff piece’s value for financing purposes.

Auction prices:

Our loan valuations are made against current auction values of your Graff earrings, necklaces, rings and other diamond jewellery. It is also important to note that we spare no expense in ensuring the items that our left in our care are stored safely and securely.

Pawning vs. Selling your Graff Ring, Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet & Other Fine Jewellery

There are many pawn shops around that will offer to buy your Graff jewellery, and if you are really determined to choose this route then they won’t be hard to find. However, at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we are focusing exclusively on lending against Graff jewellery, rather than buying it. We don’t offer the option to sell, because we don’t believe it is the most ethical way for a pawnbroker to operate.

Let us explain why.

Your Graff jewellery carries a high value, and it is also likely to have some sentimental value to you. Perhaps it is a wedding ring, or a treasured family heirloom passed down to you from a beloved relative. The point is, its value is high in more ways than one. When you approach a pawnbroker to sell your Graff jewellery, they will give it an appraisal and make an offer to you. That offer is made on the basis they will aim to sell it on for a profit, so you will not receive the full market value for your Graff piece.

By contrast, when you pawn your Graff jewellery at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we will give it a professional, expert evaluation and offer you a loan based on its current auction value. The piece will remain with us as collateral for the loan, and will be returned to you upon completion of repayment.

In other words, you will unlock the full cash value of your Graff ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings and similar fine jewellery, and, once you repay the loan, you get your cherished item back. We regard this as a far more ethical practice, and we like to see our clients walk away happy once they retrieve their items.

There are circumstances when selling your Graff jewellery is the right option, and it is not our place to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. But we would like to reiterate that the only way to receive an accurate value of your Graff jewellery from a pawn shop is to pawn that piece. It will be well looked after, and the terms of our loans are very generous. We aim to please, and will always try to ensure that you are able to repay the loan and retrieve your item.

What types of Graff diamond jewellery can I finance?

At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we offer loans against a wide range of Graff jewellery. The Graff name is synonymous with opulence and luxury in every item it creates, with the craftsmanship of genuine artisans behind some of the finest pieces of jewellery the world has ever seen.

Our expert appraisals team will always give you a watertight valuation so you can secure loans on the following types of Graff jewellery:

Loans on Graff High Jewellery

This means pieces with one-of-a-kind rarity. Graff has a passion for creating jewels that leave the entire world stunned. They feature exceptional stones hand-selected by the Graff family themselves, and are usually the most valuable of the brand’s creations. If you are fortunate enough to have one of these items, and you wish to pawn your Graff High Jewellery, book an appointment at our store and we’ll give you the right valuation.

Pawn Graff Signature Collections Jewellery

Graff has a range of contemporary and classic designs that have become its signature jewellery collections. Iconic shapes, mouthwatering stones and vivid hues are combined to spectacular effect, and we are always pleased to appraise such pieces. Borrow funds on Graff Signature Collections Jewellery at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers for a suitably high-end service.

Lending against Graff Famous Diamonds Jewellery

Laurence Graff is known as the kind of diamonds, and for good reason. He has been able to discover, cut and set many of the finest diamonds ever discovered, and every piece adorned with these famous diamonds is a testament to the artisan craftsmanship of the brand. If you need to finance Graff Famous Diamonds Jewellery, we are very keen to see your piece come through our doors.

Raise credit on Graff Engagement Rings

There is no better way to mark an engagement than with a Graff engagement ring. These are treasured pieces with immense sentimental value, uniquely crafted by some of the world’s finest artisans. When someone needs to raise finance on Graff Engagement Rings, we know there must be a story behind it. Rest assured we will handle the process with care and discretion, offering a fair valuation of the piece to enable you to access the money you need.

Loans on Laurence Graff Signature Bands

Laurance Graff signature bands are the most opulent and luxurious way to celebrate a union. Each piece is truly iconic, reflecting the brand’s devotion to nothing but the finest diamonds, designed to reflect the precious and multi-faceted nature of your own love story.

When you come to us to pawn Laurence Graff Signature Bands, we appraise them with the same care and attention that goes into a loving, thriving marriage.

Raising capital on Graff Wedding Bands

As above, we know that your Graff wedding bands are a celebration of the love you share. The artisans at Graff create these rings from platinum and gold in both classic and contemporary styles, with or without diamonds. We appreciate the nuances of every single piece, so when you choose to loan on Graff Wedding Bands with New Bonds Street Pawnbrokers, you get a luxury service that does justice to the quality and sentimental value of your prized wedding rings.

Financing Graff Wedding Jewellery

Though we do take engagement rings and wedding bands, there are other items of wedding jewellery that come from the Graff name. Exquisite collections of earrings, pendants and hairbands are also considered at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers as fine examples of the artisan craftsmanship that is so synonymous with the brand. If you need to pawn Graff Wedding Jewellery, our appraisals will ensure you get the best possible valuation from world-renowned experts in the field.

As you can see, there is a wide range of Graff jewellery types you can finance at our Mayfair, Central London pawn store. We are great admirers of the Graff brand, and it is always a good day when someone brings one of their pieces through our doors. Our expertise in gemstones and jewellery enables us to give our clients the best possible valuations of their items, and we pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service and specialism in Graff jewellery. Bring your items to us for a free, no-obligation appraisal, and we will ensure you walk away satisfied with our advice and service.

Hence, if you are looking to pawn your jewellery, or to take a loan on your diamonds, at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers we lend against various types of fine jewellery like diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, diamond rings, and fine brands of diamond jewelery such as  Graff, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Harry Winston , Tiffany and Cartier  to name just a few.

*We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Can you pawn found Graff jewellery?

If you have miraculously stumbled upon an extremely valuable item of Graff jewellery, your first move might be to look for a Graff jewellery pawn shop. Unfortunately, we will not be able to consider any item you have simply found somewhere, as it would undermine our ethics and also obstruct our obligations under the Financial Conduct Authority. A 'found' item is impossible to distinguish from a 'stolen' one, and if you have no proof of ownership we will be unable to consider your Graff piece for a loan. We would advise you to hand it in to the authorities, as there will be someone looking for it

Can you pawn fake Graff jewellery?

If you are in possession of fake Graff jewellery, your first thought might be to head to the best Graff jewellery pawn store near you. Let us assure you that you will not be able to pass it off as the genuine article. Our appraisal team are highly experienced, skilled experts in their field, and they will be able to spot a fake piece a mile off. The inferior materials, craftsmanship and gemstones will be immediately apparent, and we will not consider the piece for a loan. Don't take a fake piece into a pawn shop for Graff jewellery - you will not fool anyone, and you will be immediately turned away.

Can you pawn broken Graff jewellery?

We are often approached with the question Will pawn shops take broken Graff jewellery? In general, the answer is no, because the piece is unlikely to be saleable in a broken state. However, we always take each case as individual, so if you have a piece that has minor damage to it, and would otherwise be a particularly valuable item, you can still contact us about it. There are exceptions to the rule, and we will still consider certain types of Graff jewellery, particularly if the damage is only minor. If you are unsure, get in touch with us and we'll give you some advice.

Can you pawn stolen Graff jewellery?

You've seen it in the movies: a thief steals a valuable item of jewellery and takes it straight to the nearest dodgy jewellery pawn store. In reality, the answer to the question of whether you can pawn stolen Graff jewellery is a resounding No. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers are committed to ethical practice throughout our service, and we would never consider loaning against a stolen item. What's more, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and if we suspect an item has been stolen then we will report it immediately. We generally require proof of ownership before we will even consider any item you bring to us.

Can you pawn engraved Graff jewellery?

When a piece of jewellery is engraved, it can significantly increase its sentimental value to the recipient. However, having something engraved on a piece can significantly lower its cash value, as the engraving is unlikely to be something a buyer would want to have. As such, if you have an engraved Graff piece and are looking for a collateral loan against it, we would say bring it along to New Bond Street Pawnbrokers and let us take a look at it. An engraving is not necessarily going to stop us from offering financing, but it will probably lower the amount of the credit. The main factors that will make the piece attractive to us in spite of an engraving will be the type of piece and its original cash value. When there are particularly precious gemstones involved, we are more likely to be able to consider the item, because the stones themselves may carry a significant value. So the answer is It depends, and we would need to speak to you to get some information about your Graff ring, earrings, necklace, or bracelet, before we can tell you whether it can be pawned. Give us a call and we'll discuss it.

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