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We loan and pawn against all kinds of diamonds like emerald cut diamonds, oveall cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, baguette cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds to name just a few.

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Are you thinking of taking a loan on your Pear Cut Diamonds?

The joy of owning fine jewellery can be deeply personal, which is why pawning your pear cut diamonds make so much more sense than selling it outright; especially if you have exquisite pear cut diamonds that have far more meaning to you than just a long term investment.

Selling jewellery featuring precious stones may seem like the only option to liquidate your assets. However, did you ever consider borrowing against your pear cut diamonds?

With the right assistance, loans on pear cut diamonds are possible, and also preferable to selling, as we already mentioned.

The reason you have an option to release the equity in your high-value belongings, without relinquishing ownership, is that we offer a confidential pawnbroking service for luxury assets. The personnel at our pawnbrokers’ offices in Mayfair have unique insights and experience, that have cemented our enviable reputation in this field.

We understand the value of your prestigious luxury assets like Cartier jewellery and rings, but we also appreciate the importance of empathetic customer service. You could well wish to explore our lending services for pear cut diamonds, to secure a feasible value swiftly, discretely and at auction based valuation prices.

How much could I borrow on my Pear Cut Diamond?

As you are probably aware, the value and beauty of a pear cut diamond stems from its unique form. It is an exquisite combination of a round and marquise shape, tapering elegantly at one end, and it is accepted practice to wear a pear cut diamond with the tapered end pointing downwards.

Each pear cut diamond could have between 58 and 72 facets and can be slim to wide in overall dimension, which all adds to its brilliance and beauty. It is an intricate and exacting process to shape diamonds into this hugely attractive cut and fit them into perfect settings. Pear cut gems are particularly popular for engagement rings, due to their feminine grace and stylish symmetry. They also appear in some of the finest earrings.

This means that the market for loose consignments of pear cut diamonds is extremely buoyant, both at auction houses and at pawn shops.

For example, in May 2018, a necklace by Moussaeieff reached a sale price of $20.4 million at Christie’s Hong Kong. Its central flawless feature was an incredible 8.01-carat pear-shaped fancy vivid blue diamond.

Back in 2016, a fancy vivid pink pear shaped 9.14-carat diamond, set gloriously into a platinum ring, sold for $18,174,632 at Christie’s in Geneva.

Clearly, should you decide to sell, you can be assured of a high price. Though for many of our customers, it is far preferable to explore “Can I pawn my pear cut diamonds?”.

However, if you already own a pear cut diamond, your interest may be focused on finding out how much it is worth and how to raise a loan against it at pawn shops.

Access lending services on your Pear Cut Diamonds

So, what are the steps involved in securing loans based on the value of pear cut diamonds, and other valuable jewellery?

It begins with a private appointment with our New Bond Street pawn brokering experts. A realistic valuation of your pear diamonds will take place, and you will receive a loan figure based on our authentic industry expertise and insight.

The terms will also include a reasonable interest rate. As part of our high level of customer service, our confidential discussions will include ensuring you can reacquire full ownership of your pear cut diamonds, in a timescale that best suits your preferences and loan contract.

To make an initial enquiry about pawning your pear cut diamond jewellery and other valuable items, please contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

To learn more about our loans on diamonds or pawning your fine jewellery please visit our dedicated webpages. We offer loans against the following types of diamonds: 2 carat, baguette cut, blue diamonds, cushion cut, emerald cut, fancy color, marquise cut, old cut, oval cut, pear cut, pink, princess cut, and GIA-certified diamonds.

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Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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