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We loan and pawn against all kinds of diamonds like emerald cut diamonds, oveall cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, baguette cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds to name just a few.

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Are you thinking of taking a loan on your Cushion Diamonds?

Whether you unexpectedly find that you need an influx of money sooner rather than later, or if your once favourite piece of luxury jewellery is now no longer something you find yourself wearing; searching for the best loans on cushion cut diamonds may be something that you are considering. Here at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we specialise in some of the most expensive luxury assets whether expensive whiskey, Cartier jewelry and rings, Hermes bags, and so forth; we have decades of experience handling and pawnbroking services against cushion cut diamonds. We not only offer the assurance of accurate pricing, but also discretion and sensitivity at every step of the way. If you have found yourself asking the question, “can I pawn my cushion diamonds?” then our Central London pawn store is the solution.

A quick history of cushion cut diamonds

A cushion cut diamond is renowned for combing its signature square shape with rounded corners, facing upwards to create the look of a larger diamond when viewed from above. This beautiful cut of diamond is timeless and often associated with being an older style that will not become outdated. The cut has a very interesting auction history, for example in 2017 a cushion cut diamond bought for £10 at a London junk sale and thought to be a piece of costume jewellery, sold for £657,000 at Sotheby’s. This is, of course, a newsworthy and rare occurrence but it shows the power that this cut of diamond has, and explains its high loan value at pawn shops.

Can I pawn my cushion cut diamonds?

Being the proud owner of a piece of jewellery that features one or several cushion cut diamonds, you understand the unique qualities of this diamond cut and its potential worth at pawn shops. The soft, round corners and the signature upwards facing style, make this diamond a timeless cut that won’t go unnoticed at any event. Any luxury jewellery lover or pawnbroker will know that this classic diamond cut is a style that will never become outdated, and is often passed down through generations.

If you are asking New Bond Street Pawnbrokers “can I pawn my cushion cut diamonds?” – the short answer is yes. However, there is much more to consider when deciding to take out loans on your cushion diamonds at our award-winning pawn shop in Mayfair, London. Your pieces of jewellery have more than likely been loved and cherished at one time or another, and they are also potentially worth a lot of money. It is important that you work with experienced and reputable pawnbrokers who will accurately value your cushion diamonds, and can assure you that the loan agreement is of benefit to you. Each member of our valuation team is a GIA-certified diamond expert who will assess the value of your cushion cut diamond based on clarity, colour, cut and carat.

How does pawning your diamonds work?

Borrowing against your cushion cut diamonds with New Bond Street Pawnbrokers is easy, clear and simple. From the moment you make contact with our store, you will experience the same care, sensitivity and respect we have for the precious pieces of jewellery we work with. Our diamonds pawnbroking team will value your cushion diamonds, present the valuation to you and then together we will agree on the terms of our FCA-regulated loan service. You do not require a credit check to receive a loan from New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, and you will receive 100% of the value stated. We operate with a very open and honest policy, giving you the peace of mind that you won’t encounter any hidden clauses or fees when pawning your diamonds, whether cushion cut, pink, blue, or others. At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we take pride in our reputation throughout London and the UK for the care and attention we provide when offering loans against luxury assets.

Taking a loan against your cushion diamonds

Starting the process of pawning your cushion diamonds is simple and can be handled quickly. Call our team on 020 7493 0385 to make an appointment for a free estimate or for more information about what we can offer you. We can also work with other diamond cuts, luxury jewellery, fine art, classic cars and many other personal assets. If you would prefer to do so, we also accept walk-in customers.

To learn more about our loans on diamonds and fine jewellery you can visit our Pawn Your diamonds and Pawn Your jewellery dedicated webpages. We offer loans against the following types of diamonds: 2 carat, baguette cut, blue diamonds, cushion cut, emerald cut, fancy color, marquise cut, old cut, oval cut, pear cut, pink, princess cut, and GIA-certified diamonds.


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Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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