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Are you thinking ” Pawn my Graff watch?”

If you’re in need of fast access to funds and possess a luxury timepiece, you’ll be pleased to find out that loans on Graff watches are made simple at our award-winning pawn shop in London. If you’ve been asking yourself “should I pawn my Graff watch?” for a while and want an accurate valuation, our experts can take a look at it free of charge; we are experienced in appraising some of the highest priced watches, jewelry, diamond rings and diamonds, and paintings in the world.

Graff is renowned for pairing ingenious design with rare gemstones to create timepieces that are as elegant as they are reliable. While Graff is based in London, the watchmaking arm of the company is headquartered in Switzerland – regarded by many as the home of luxury watches. The firm was founded in 1960 and today employs some 500 staff, with dozens of artisanal watchmakers among them.

Loans on Graff watches are easy to secure because every Graff timepiece is manufactured to an incredibly high standard, and as such can command a high price tag. Older models are becoming more and more desirable as time goes on, and these models have a tendency to increase in value. As such, Graff watches prove popular both as investments and collateral. If you’ve been wondering “can I pawn my Graff watch in London?” the answer is “yes, quite easily.”

At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we operate an open-door policy on watch valuations. If you’re interested in taking out loans on Graff watches you can simply call into our Mayfair pawn offices to have your timepiece valued. However, we do recommend that you call ahead to book a one-on-one appointment. This way, we can dedicate time to accurately valuing your watch and offer you a fair loan agreement.

Why are Graff watches so valuable?

Graff watches are incredibly sought-after on account of combining ethical working practices with high-quality design and manufacturing. Graff adheres by the Kimberley Process, which means none of the rough diamonds used in the creation of its watches are sourced from areas where the mining process could encourage human suffering or conflict. Each Graff diamond is laser-engraved with a unique GIA tracking number which allows for its origin to be traced.

If you’re looking for loans on Graff watches, there are a number of criteria that could affect the valuation of your watch. Our appraisers generally work using the following four steps:


If you’re thinking “how much could I get if I pawn my Graff watch?”, the answer will largely lie in its condition. A Graff timepiece that has been well looked after will retain its value more than a piece that has seen its share of scratches or bumps. Functionality matters too – if it loses time, it loses value.


As with most collectibles, the price of a Graff watch will always increase with age. Graff has been manufacturing watches since the 1960s, and vintage pieces are likely to command a higher price tag.


Pawnbrokers are likely to offer a better deal if you hold provenance. Proof of purchase, a certificate of authenticity or a detailed service history will help your pawnbroker to more accurately value your Graff watch.

How much do Graff watches sell for at auction?

The age, model and scarcity of a watch all play a part in how much it can command at auction. In 2014, the Graff Diamonds Hallucination model sold for over £43 million in the United States.

Get your watch valued with us

If you’re considering pawning your Graff watch, here are some reasons why you should come and visit New Bond Street Pawnbrokers:

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