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Are you thinking ” Pawn my Hermes bag?”

A Hermes handbag is a true style classic. If you have been considering to “pawn my Hermes bag”, at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we share your admiration and appreciation of the Hermes brand. And, if you’re investigating loans against luxury bags, we’d be happy to talk to you about our loans on Hermes bags – all within the security and discretion of our award-winning shop in Mayfair, London.

Hermes have been trend setters since their first bag, the HAC (Haute A Courroies) appeared in the latter years of the 1800s. Rather than a glamorous symbol of fashion, the HAC was intended for rather more rugged purposes. It was actually a bag for carrying riding boots and horse riding equipment. This accounts for its much larger size, with even the smallest HAC starting at 40cm. Its short grab handles mean it’s not intended for carrying over the arm. Unlike other Hermes bags, the HAC is a unisex choice, and often seen in use as a travel bag for carrying on essentials.

You can’t think of Hermes without the iconic Hermes Birkin bag, named after Hollywood icon Jane Birkin. Over the years, the design has remained the same, but there have been variants on the materials and hardware used, keeping up with modern trends and making each limited edition piece rare and much wanted. The modern Birkin is a petite 25cm, but the 30cm version is an ideal bag for everyday use.

Loans Against Hermes bags

Jackie O was one of the most famous Hermes fans and favored the Constance shoulder bag, which is a wonderful daytime bag. Its long shoulder strap and H shaped buckle, which dominates its front panel, is unlike anything available on the market. If you’re in possession of one of these beautiful pieces, you’re going to find it in demand, as Hermes has recently been considering discontinuing this particular model. There’s never been a better time to pawn your Hermes handbag if you owned a Constance.

Named after Grace Kelly, who was later the Princess of Monaco, the Hermes Kelly bag arrived in the 1930s. Slimline, and with the single handle on top, you can also wear the Kelly over the shoulder thanks to its long shoulder strap. Endlessly evolving in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colours, it’s rapidly becoming the favorite of the modern woman, and ideal if you’re considering loans against Hermes bags to raise money.

Casual choices from the Hermes brand include the Jypsiere. This day bag is at home on a walk through the town as it is in a high-end shop. Unmistakably, Hermes, the versatile Jypsiere is crafted from beautifully soft leather, with a long strap that allows it to be worn cross-body or over the shoulder. With only a limited number produced, the Hermes Jypsiere remains as elusive as it is exclusive.

Hermes isn’t all about large handbags. The edgy calfskin Medor is a clutch bag with a leather strap closure, straddled with silver-colored Palladium studs. There’s even a matching watch and bracelet available if you want to make the Medor the star of your outfit.

If you’re looking for loans on Hermes handbags, you should visit our Bond Street pawn shop. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers are one of the few pawn shops that take Hermes bags and have an expert understand of this chic brand. We provide Hermes bags valuation so that you have an honest understanding of what your bag is worth. At our London shop, we pawn against Hermes bags, as well as other luxury goods, and would be happy to help if you’re considering loans against Hermes bags, or any other premium brand asset in your possession.

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Can you pawn a Hermes bag?

One of the first questions you want to ask is whether you can pawn your Hermes bag. Pawning a bag may seem like an unusual option. Usually when you think of a pawn shop, then you are likely thinking of pawning goods such as jewellery, watches, fine art, and classic cars. Of course, you know how expensive Hermes bags are, their cultural worth and their history. Like fine art and classic cars, Hermes bags are worth a lot of money. Like those items as well, Hermes bags can increase in value, this is because of the bags themselves, oftentimes made in limited numbers or even made specially to order for customers, always see a subsequent increase in their value as time goes by. You need only peruse the headlines for news articles about Hermes bags, to find out the incredible amounts, the bags have previously been auctioned for. In answer to the question as to whether you can pawn your Hermes bag, the answer is yes, you can pawn your Hermes bag with New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, specialists in the field of Hermes bags. If this is your first time considering pawning a luxury item, you may be feeling a little daunted at the prospect of having to pawn your Hermes bag, but there isn't any need to. A pawn shop for Hermes bags, such as New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, can appraise the bag with no pressure for a decision to be made. Once the appraisal is completed and you wish to proceed, you will have the chance to review the Pre-contract Credit Information form. This form outlines the interest rates and timescales. There is a 14-day cooling-off period, this gives you an option to just cover the interest for that period and cancel the contract. Pawning a Hermes bag is the perfect solution if you require funds for a business venture or upcoming event. Hermes bags' rich history and style offer great value on the products. There are several options, you could sell the bag to benefit from any potential increase in its value, or you could pawn the Hermes bag for a loan. When it comes to finding the best pawn shop for Hermes bags, you want to make sure that you gain a great return. There are of course plenty of pawnshops that could offer a loan on your Hermes bags. Just searching 'pawnshop for Hermes near me' or 'pawn my Hermes near me' will yield plenty of results. However, you want to make sure that you get a fair valuation for your Hermes bag. You want an appraisal that is accurate, taking into consideration, the type of Hermes bag it is, its age, style, and history. Before you get your valuation, take the time to research the current sale value of the Hermes bag, remember though, that this does depend on the market. If you wish to find a loan on Hermes bags, then visit New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. There are very few pawn shops that appraise Hermes bags, and we are one of them. This famous brand, whose owners have included Jackie O. and Grace Kelly, requires an expert valuation that we can provide. We can value your Hermes bag and give you a clear understanding of the bag's value. We can pawn against your Hermes bag, and we are more than happy to assist if you are considering taking a loan out against a Hermes bag.

Can I pawn a used Hermes bag?

As pawnbrokers for Hermes bags, we can appraise and loan against a used Hermes bag. There are, of course, several factors that could affect the value of the bag. It is important to remember that the lending or resale value of the Hermes bag may not be the same as the price you paid. Some of the things that would be considered when a bag is valued include the bag type, the current trends, and how likely it is to sell. When one of our professional valuers appraises your Hermes bag, the appraiser will consider what similar bags are priced at, and the standard valuation information available. Another factor that would be considered is the condition of the bag. A bag in perfect condition will be of higher value than a bag that is damaged or tarnished. If you going to pawn a Hermes bag that has been used, then, of course, you want to make sure it is in the best possible condition to increase the value. If you are going to pawn your Hermes bag for cash, then you want to make sure that you can get the best value possible. To improve your chances of this, make sure that the bag is in excellent working order, that there are no missing clasps or signs of damage to the buckles. It may be worth considering having some restoration and repair work completed for any cosmetic issues. Over a significant period, a bag will start to show signs of damage, these signs of damage will affect the value when appraised. Having your Hermes bag professionally restored and treated may rectify these issues and improve the chances of getting the right price. Before you visit, ensure that the bag is cleaned before you bring it to us for appraisal. If your bag is tarnished or dull looking, then it is less likely to attract the same price than one in perfect condition. Taking a moment to clean your Hermes bag, or having it cleaned by a professional, could mean that when you pawn your Hermes bag, it may be appraised for a higher value. It is important to remember when it comes to pawning, and, a re-sale, a well-maintained Hermes bag will be of greater value.

Can I pawn my Hermes Code Bolide bag?

In 1923 Emile-Maurice Hermes designed and created the Hermes Bolide bag for his wife. Since then, the Hermes Code Bolide bag has been gaining new admirers of its timeless look and functionality as a great accessory. This bag wasn't just a wonderful gift either, it was the first handbag to use a zipper. The Bolide features a zipper closure, long strap, and an oval patch. It features a domed zip-around closure and tubular handles on the top. The Bolide comes in several sizes, 45cm, 35cm, 31cm, and 27cm. The Bolide has been a popular choice for celebrities that own Hermes bags. All of them have been drawn to its simplicity of style, how it functions, and of course, how great it looks on the arm. The bag has been seen on the arms of many celebrities, including Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, and Heidi Klum. If you own a Hermes Code Bolide bag, then you are in good company with these style icons. There is no doubt that the Bolide, like its more famous brethren the Birkin, is something of a style classic. If you own a Hermes Bolide Code bag and are considering pawning your bag for loans on Hermes Code Bolide bags in London. At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, as the best choice Hermes Code Bolide pawn shop in London, we can appraise this bag for you. Like you, we appreciate and admire this quality product. If you are looking into loans against a luxury item, such as the Hermes Code Bolide bag, we would be more than happy to discuss with you the loans that you can have on Hermes Code Bolide bags. In our pawn shop in Mayfair, you can pawn a Hermes Code Bolide in London. If you want a loan on your Hermes Code Bolide bag, if you visit our Bond Street shop, you will find that we are one of the few shops that are happy to offer loans on Hermes Code Bolide bags. We can value the bag and give you a clear understanding of the bag's value. We are more than happy to assist if you are considering pawning your Hermes Code Bolide bag.

Can I pawn my Hermes Garden-Parti bag?

The Hermes Garden-Party bag may be one of Hermes' lesser-known bags, but this bag is a great choice. The Hermes Garden Party bag comes in two different sizes, medium and small. The design of the bag is unobtrusive and is very simple. This basic look is very appealing. The bag can come in leather or canvas with a leather trim option. The Hermes Garden-party bag is made of Negona leather, this leather is soft and supple, but has strong durability, and is water-resistant. The Garden-party bag doesn't need a lot of gentle care, like a Birkin or Kelly. It is far more casual and conveys a relaxed vibe. The bag can be used for work and paired with a pencil skirt and heels, and a business-like white shirt, it is the perfect accessory. The Hermes Garden-party bag has proved popular with celebrities as well, drawn to its simple design and functionality, seen on the arm of the incredibly talented and beautiful Reese Whitherspoon. The bag is very to use because of its functionality. It features a Clou de Selle snap button for easy closing and opening. The snap buttons are also on the sides for any alterations, that can decrease or increase the width. The bag forms a very elegant and feminine silhouette, and the most common colours are white, beige, orange, black, and blue. The canvas style has a canvas body with leather trim and handles for contrast. The minimalistic look means that it can have additions such as charms for a more personal look. If you are looking for a Hermes Garden-party pawn shop, then visit New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. As one of the few pawn shops that can value Hermes Garden-party bags, we are well placed to provide you an accurate appraisal of the bag and how much it is worth. We have a detailed understanding of the brand and this product. As a London pawnshop for Hermes Garden-party bags, we can to provide you with an honest appraisal of the bag's worth and what loan you can take out against the bag. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers can pawn against Hermes Garden-Party bags and other luxury items as well, and we are more than happy to help if you are considering taking a loan against your Hermes Garden-Party bag.

Can I pawn my Hermes Double-Sens bag?

The Hermes Double Sens bag was first introduced in the fall season of 2010. Since then, it has gained a reputation as a fantastic shopping tote bag. It is lightweight, very practical, and features a double strap handle. It is the perfect accessory for understated everyday wear. It comes in three different types of materials, these are Croco Chiffon, Sikkim, and Clemence. The Hermes Double Sens bag is a fantastic, functional, and simple tote bag. The bag highlights everything that Hermes is praised for, excellent craftsmanship, colour, and high-quality leather. Hermes bag collectors are universally known for their detailed knowledge of shades, materials, and models. Hermes' experts have a fluent understanding of the different bags, and what the names specifically represent. It is worth looking to see if your Hermes bag features a horseshoe stamp. These are Hermes bags that have been made to special order. The Special Order is when a customer can select several options for the bag, and the bag is then made specifically based on the specifications that a customer requested. This personalizes the bag for the customer and makes an important statement on the customer's status as a loyal customer of Hermes. The special order, represented by the horseshoe symbol, ensures that the Hermes bag is a one-of-a-kind piece, and it is this that can drive the value of the Hermes Double-Sens bag upwards. The Hermes Double-Sens bag is a real classic. If you are currently considering pawning your Hermes Double-Sens bag at a London pawnshop for Hermes, then visit New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. Here we share your enthusiasm and love for this fantastic brand. If you are considering looking into securing loans against Hermes Double-Sens bags, then we would be more than happy to have a conversation with you about the loans on Hermes Double-Sens bags that we can offer. All of this can be done in our award-winning store in Mayfair, London. If you are needing a loan on Hermes Double-Sens bags, then visit our Bond Street pawn shop. We are one of the few London pawn shops for Hermes that can appraise Hermes Double-Sens bags. We can appraise your bag and discuss it's worth and would be able to provide you range of options when you consider a loan against Hermes Double-Sens bags.

Can I pawn my Hermes Cherche Midi bag?

The Hermes Cherche Midi is one of the most adorable bags in the Hermes collection and is a bag that most wouldn't be able to shake from their head. Featuring several features that are one-off designs, such as a frontal flap that curves and is attached to the Chaine d'Ancre link for closing. The design was inspired by a ship's anchor and was used in the creation of jewels. Since Hermes' inception, the symbol has been a classic element of Hermes bags. The Cherche Midi got its first showcase in the Spring/Summer 2015 Hermes runway show. Since then, the Cherche Midi is now considered a Hermes classic. The bag takes its name from a street in Paris that is in the Left Bank. The Cherche Midi bag features a shoulder strap that can be adjusted. It makes quite the fashion statement. For those that are less keen on the bulk of the Kelly cut, then opting for the Cherche Midi bag that can switch between clutch and shoulder is the perfect solution. There is an incredible leather flap, which features the Chaine d'ancre pattern unique to this bag. The shoulder strap can be adjusted for a shoulder-length or to a crossbody messenger-style bag. Tucking away the strap will quickly transform the bag into a clutch bag. The bag can come in two different sizes and in a variety of materials, such as lizard, calfskin, and crocodile skin. Inside the Cherche-Midi bag is perfect for organizing your essentials inside. There is a small zipper section for holding your cash, cards, car keys, or travel cards. There is also a small slip pocket for your lip gloss or coins, and a small middle section for other important necessities. If you own a Hermes Cherche-Midi bag and are looking for a London pawnshop for Hermes Cherche Midi, then you can visit our shop in Bond Street. There very few pawnbrokers for Hermes Cherche-Midi and we are one of them. With an expert understanding of this product, we can provide you an accurate, fair, and honest appraisal, so you can then decide what you wish to do. As pawnbrokers for Hermes Cherche-Midi, we can pawn against the bag and are more than willing to assist you if you are considering taking a loan on one of your Hermes Cherche-Midi bags that you currently have in your possession.

Can I pawn my Hermes Halzan bag?

Introduced in 2017, the Hermes Halzan bag made an immediate impact with its classic look and versatility. Like all Hermes' bags, it is something to behold. The Hermes Halzan bag is a four-way bag, so it can function in several different ways. It can be carried as a messenger bag, tote bag with short or long straps, and finally as a clutch bag. This modest and functional tote comes in a durable and soft Clemence bull calfskin, features beautiful belt-buckle detail, shoulder straps and fold-over flap. The Hermes Halzan bag was introduced in the Hermes Fall/Winter 2014 collection. As with all Hermes bags, the design is extremely modest. It doesn't need to brag about its name, so there is no huge logo on the front or back. Anyone that has been following Hermes will know that the Halazan bag has gained its reputation because of the level of craftsmanship, and incredible leather skins. The Hermes Halzan bag has quickly become the byword for the level of quality, versatility, and functionality of the Hermes brand. The Hermes Halzan is a classic and when it was released, it was one of the most sought-after lines from Hermes. The durable and heavy calfskin is the major selling point for the Hermes Halzan bag. The Hermes Halzan bag can be worn in four different ways. The flap can be unfolded to turn it into a huge shopping bag, closing the buckle and folding it transforms the bag into the perfect dinner party clutch, attaching the shoulder strap, creates a messenger style bag, or by shortening the strap, you can create a cute shoulder handbag. Hermes has always been at the forefront of innovation and the Halzan is the perfect example of that. The two stirrup-shaped handles on the foldable flap is the perfect example of that innovation. The unique design features hardware that is plated with palladium, a waist-length shoulder strap, and pockets on the front and back for additional space. The medium-sized version comes in Clemence leather and the mini version is in swift leather. The Hermes Halzan bag is the perfect accessory for that day of shopping, exclusive dinner party, or a night out. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers can appraise the value of your Hermes Halzan bag. An appraisal will give you an understanding of how much the bag is worth.

Can I pawn my Hermes Jige bag?

In 2017 Hermes launched the Hermes Jige bag featuring their trademark 'H' closure. The Hermes Jige bag features similar characteristics to the famous and iconic Constance Bag. Different in style from the Kelly Cut or Kelly cutch bags, the Hermes Jige bag has a more casual look. The stylistic 'H' tab hides the frontal flap in an aesthetically pleasing and practical style. Hermes is known for being masterminds of bag craftsmanship, and this is evident in the one-off style, and design of the Hermes Jige clutch. It features a compact silhouette, cross-over flap made of leather, H logo closure, and beautiful stitching. It is a sleek design that isn't encumbered with additional hardware. Perfect for any kind of use. Inside the Hermes Jige clutch bag, you will find that the Hermes Jige clutch bag comes with an extra pocket. The Jige is slightly larger than the Hermes Medor bag, this means that so much more can be fitted inside the bag. It can hold everything from wallet, car keys, sunglasses, makeup, cash, and other essentials. The bag can be carried by hand or under your arm. The bag can come in Epsom leather, but can also come in other options such as exotic and swift leather. The Jige clutch is a classic bag and comes in a new size, known as the Jige Elan. The bag is of excellent quality and has many exceptional features. This makes the Hermes Jige clutch bag the perfect evening bag but is also just as suitable for daytime use as well. Like all the other Hermes bags, it is handcrafted and created by Hermes' skilled artisans in Paris. The Hermes Jige clutch bag is already a classic and if you are considering visiting a Hermes Jige bag pawn shop, then you will find at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers we appreciate and admire this bag just as much as you do. If you are looking into a loan against a Hermes Jige bag then we can discuss this with you, when you visit our store. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers are the best choice for pawning your Hermes Jige clutch bag. Our expert understanding of both the brand and this bag means that we are well placed to provide a fair and honest appraisal of the bag. With your appraisal, you can then decide whether you want to take a loan against your Hermes Jige clutch bag.

Can I pawn my Hermes Jypsiere bag?

For those that always like to be on the move, then Hermes has you covered when they made sure they added an incredibly stylish messenger bag to their collection. The bag is the Jypsiere Bag. The bag is unisexual in design and even has a slight touch of folk spirit about it. Even a glance at this bag instantly makes you aware that the design Hermes has used, has been inspired by a saddle style. This gives the Jypsiere a relaxed and casual feel. Introduced by the artistic director of Hermes, Jean Paul Gaultier, in the 2008 autumn collection, which was inspired by nature. Activities, such as hunting and fishing, were credited as the inspiration behind the collection. Therefore, this interesting and striking bag was included in the collection. The bag features a speckled closure that sits below the classic Hermes' authentic signature. The bag is instantly recognizable as one of the Kelly bag siblings and it is, of course, the perfect companion piece for those that own a Kelly. The bag features brackets, pockets, clasp design, and side strap. The Hermes Jypsiere bag is a loyal companion to those that are travelling. It features the classic Hermes closure, which is itself enclosed by straps. The bag also features a frontal flap, shoulder pads alongside adjustable shoulder straps, and the usual essentials to the brand that is perfect to flaunt to the crowd. The bag comes in different sizes, such as 37, 34, 31 and 28. 31 was the most recent addition to the messenger collection. Like a lot of Hermes bags, you have the option to adjust the bag for your comfort. There are top handles and an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, that has five holes for adjustment. The bag is the final word in comfort and functionality. The bag is the perfect companion when you go travelling. Jypsiere is well known for its minimal, timeless, and classic pattern. The bag has a unisexual appeal and can be carried everywhere. The flap and clasp are looped in the classic Kelly-like pattern that Hermes owners love. It is adored by celebrities and has been seen in the hands of Nicole Scherzinger and Elle Macpherson. If you are looking for a Hermes Jypsiere bag pawnshop, then take a trip to our pawn shop in Bond Street. At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, you will find that we are one of the few shops that take Hermes Jypsiere bags. Our expert appraiser can value your Hermes Jypsiere bag and you can be sure that we will provide you with a valuation that reflects the current market value, quality of the bag, and its condition. Once we have provided you with a valuation, you will have a clear understanding of what your Hermes Jypsiere bag is worth.

Can I pawn my Hermes Plume bag?

For those who prefer a bag that is a little more under the radar, then Hermes has, of course, got that area covered as well. The Hermes Plume bag is the perfect answer to finding something a little more discreet. Perfect for someone that works in a corporate role, the Hermes Plume bag is that perfect companion piece for someone in a business role. The fantastic Plume has many brilliant features. It has a three-sided zipper, comfortable handles, and a large amount of space inside. It is one of the most beautiful designs in the Hermes line and many are drawn to the bag's simplicity, which makes it one of the bag's biggest selling points. The classic pattern dates to the 1960s and has been part of the Hermes brand for some years. Going back further, it's evident that the Plume bag was inspired by the blanket holder bags of the 20s. Plume, the word, obviously refers to long soft leather. This is because it refers to the first Hermes bag, which was created by using unlined soft leather. It also is the perfect description for the light trait of the bag. It features smooth curvy handles made of leather that is attached with links, and it also includes a zipped top that ensures it is comfortable for work and travelling. This is a true classic and has gained that status thanks to the incredible artistry involved. Like other Hermes bags, it is handcrafted to perfection, a process that usually takes around two to three weeks. The Hermes Plume bag comes in a variety of sizes. These sizes are 32cm, 28cm, and 21cm, offering several options. The larger size can work as the perfect laptop bag and even features a removable laptop case. Thanks to the unique three-sided zipper, the interior of the Hermes plume bag is surprisingly roomy. Thanks to the range of sizes it can function as a travelling bag, laptop carrier, and even as a luggage bag. For even further organization the bag comes with different pockets that allow you to keep things separate and secure. If you are looking for a loan on your Hermes Plume bag, then visit our shop in Bond Street. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers are the best choice London pawnshop for Hermes Plume bags. Our experts, who have a thorough understanding of the bag and the brand, can provide a detailed and fair appraisal. This valuation will then give you a clear and honest indication of the bag's worth. As a Hermes Plume bag pawn shop, we can pawn against this bag and other luxury items, and we can assist if you are thinking about taking a loan against your Hermes Plume bag.

Can I pawn my Hermes Victoria bag?

A sibling of the world-famous Hermes Birkin bag, this gorgeous and alluring bag is just as much of a draw in the Hermes collection. The Hermes Victoria bag features long handles, which are feminine in design, incredibly luxurious Clemence leather, and a classic lining made of canvas. Hermes Victoria is royalty among duffle bags. The bag was first introduced in Hermes' Spring & Summer collection of 2007. Since then, it has gained a reputation as the top choice bag for the rich and the beautiful. Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, and Barbara Walters are just a few of the fans of this incredible bag. Spacious, lightweight, and streamlined, the Hermes Victoria gains new fans every day. The Hermes lock alone is a trait that guarantees its immortality. The Hermes Victoria provides you with the perfect Hermes experience. Since 2007, the Hermes Victoria has continued to be extremely popular among fans of the brand. The level of recognition of the Hermes brand is something very few brands can achieve themselves. An owner of the Hermes Victoria is already in love with its design and the round tall handles, which makes it easy to carry over the shoulder. The bag features a very feminine curvy silhouette, carries the immortal Hermes lock, for extra security, there are two zippers, and it also has studs on the base for extra protection. These qualities are enough to melt the heart of even the most ardent Hermes sceptic. One of the most unique elements of the bag is the fact that it includes a double zip closure and corners that are soft-rounded. The bag comes in two different sizes; 40cm and 35cm. The Hermes Victoria bag is commonly made from durable, but soft Clemence leather and can come in a variety of colours. Some of the colours available are Rouge, Blue, Raisin, Noir, Gold, Cafe, Blanc, and orange. The Hermes Victoria bag is something else and features the usual high-quality interior you would expect from a Hermes bag. Opening the bag up and you will immediately know you are looking into a Hermes bag. Space inside, is large, featuring one single compartment, that can store just about anything. Of course, it comes with a Hermes style lock and key for a stylish finish and extra security. If you are looking for a Hermes Victoria Pawnshop, then look no further than New Bond Street Pawnbrokers in Bond Street. We can pawn a Hermes Victoria in London. Our team of Hermes’ experts will be in a fantastic position to provide with a clear and honest valuation of the bag, so you know exactly what the bag is worth.

Can I pawn my Hermes Bridado bag?

Bridado is Portuguese for thank you. Hermes have chosen this word for their fantastically minimalist and very popular backpack, the Hermes Bridado. As with all other Hermes bags, the focus is on the high level of craftsmanship and creativity that has gone into creating this beautiful and functional backpack. The Hermes logo is on the bottom front of the backpack, cleverly Hermes camouflage the logo by having it in the same colour as the backpack itself. Look carefully and you can read the sign. Normally the drawstrings on these kinds of backpacks are made of silk, but Hermes, always one to buck the trend, have formed their drawstring from leather. The Hermes Bridado backpack is a hugely popular choice, both functional and stylish, and is an absolute must-have. It has a large amount of storage space inside for when you are on the go and the outside is a perfect match, and companion to the other bags in the Hermes collection. The backpack has so many uses, it could have a functional use as a backpack, but also, it can be used as a bold fashion statement for those looking to make an impact. The Hermes Bridado backpack can match with many different outfits and its range of bright colours makes it the perfect choice for those summer days, or on holiday. It doesn't just have to be for that purpose though, it can also be used as a useful and stylish city bag, perfect for weaving in and out of the pedestrian-filled streets of a major metropolitan area. Of course, if you are planning on going travelling at some point, then the Hermes Bridado backpack is the perfect chic travelling companion to make an impact with. Just imagine walking the streets of the St. Tropez with this bag on your back, a stylish, functional, and perfect travel companion. It could also be used as a modest sports bag for those days spent at the gym. If you are thinking about looking for a loan on your Hermes Bridado bag, then you are going to want to find a Hermes Bridado pawnshop. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, in Mayfair, is the perfect place to meet those needs. Our Hermes expert is there to appraise your Hermes Bridado bag and give you a fair and clear estimate of the value of the bag. From this, you can then decide to pawn your Hermes Bridado bag and secure a loan on the value of the bag.

Can I pawn my Hermes Convoyeur bag?

The Hermes Convoyeur Mini bag is a hugely popular choice for Hermes collectors. The bag comes in two different versions. Hermes is not known for being fancy and their style is that simplicity of design and the skill of the artisans is what makes the bags so stylish. This is how Hermes can take on the world of fashion. The first version of the Hermes Mini Convoyeur bag is the perfect small introduction to the world of Hermes. Hermes is, of course, a brand that people love and respect, but, because of the value of the bags, they can invest in them. The Hermes Mini Convoyeur bag may not be as expensive, as say the Hermes Mini Berline Bag, but it is still a worthwhile investment and a beautiful bag to purchase. The Hermes Mini Convoyeur bag is probably best categorized as a wallet rather than as a bag. It features a very long shoulder strap, so the bag can be worn across the body or over the shoulder. The bag is made from calfskin and inside the bag, there is a small pocket, change purse, which is accessed via a zip in the interior. The bag is refined with a clasp that is plated with silver palladium. This makes it the perfect shopping companion. The Hermes Convoyeur Mini II bag is a slightly changed version. There are some differences between the two. The clasp in the centre of the bag looks slightly smaller, but in fact, it is the bag that is larger, mainly in the width. This, of course, means that the interior is slightly larger as well. It features two very large compartments and a separate zip pocket. Of course, the difference is that the first bag features two smaller pockets, whereas the second version has one pocket that is a larger size. The shoulder strap of the Hermes Convoyeur Mini can be removed, so the bag can be adjusted to a clutch bag or a pouch. The bag can also be slung across the body or carried over the shoulder. Of course, as with all of Hermes' bags, it is also about the level of craftsmanship and leather. The bag is made from Swift leather and refined with silver hardware. So, in answer to the question as to whether you can pawn your Hermes Convoyeur bag? The answer is yes. If you need a loan on a Hermes Convoyeur bag, then head to New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. We are the best choice pawnbrokers for Hermes Convoyeur bags. Our expert will be able to appraise your bag and provide you with a clear and honest valuation of the bag. You can then decide to take a loan out against your Hermes Convoyuer bag.

Can I pawn my Hermes Garden pouch bag?

Hermes went through a period of reinvention and in 2018, in their Fall and Winter 2018 collection, they unveiled the Hermes Garden Pouch bag. The shape is slightly deceiving, as, at a distance, the bag looks a little like the original Garden Bag. However, when you look inside the Hermes Garden Pouch bag, it reveals a whole different kind of bag. The bag inside has a multi-coloured pouch. A nice little surprise that leaps out of the bag. This is perhaps the reason why Hermes chose to name it the Garden Pouch Bag. Walking along the street with the Garden Pouch bag, most passers-by will take a moment and consider that it may be a standard Garden Bag. However, it is so much more than just that, it has a secret bag inside. Of course, the real secret about the bag is the fact that the outside of the bag looks exactly like the original Hermes Garden Bag. The body of the bag has a design that gives it that classic look and feel.

How to pawn my Hermes bag?

If you have decided to pawn your Hermes bag, so you can secure a loan on your Hermes bag, then you will find that pawning your Hermes bag in London is quick, easy, and very convenient. First, you want to make sure that you take some time to find a pawnbroker that will have the necessary experience, knowledge, and expertise to value the Hermes bag correctly. A Hermes bag is so much more than just a handbag, but some pawnshops may not be aware of the real value of the bag, or perhaps their knowledge of Hermes will only be limited to famous names such as the Birkin or the Kelly. There are, of course, a whole range of Hermes bags, several of them are worth significant amounts of money. An experienced pawnbroker should be able to value the bag correctly or at least be able to research, in detail, the bag itself. You want to find a pawnbroker that isn't just able to value your bag, but appreciates the history of the brand and style, and can provide you with a correct valuation. If you own a Hermes bag, such as a Hermes 2002 bag, then you must seek out a pawnshop who is used to dealing with premium quality luxury goods, such as Hermes bags. It is with this premium establishment that you want to discuss your bag and proposed loan against the bag. When you use a premium pawnbroker with the right specialist expertise and knowledge, then you are, rest assured, going to get an honest, transparent, and accurate valuation of the bag. This will mean that you will have a detailed breakdown of the value your bag is worth. It is also important because you are then going to be confident going forward with this pawnbroker, knowing that you are working with an establishment that is professional and considers honesty and integrity of paramount importance. You want to make sure that the pawnbroker is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority. This is an excellent indication that this business carries out its financial dealings with clients in a trustworthy way.

How much can you pawn a Hermes bag for?

If you are looking at finding a loan on a Hermes bag in London, perhaps for business investment, car or house purchase, repaying a debt, or any other kind of financial requirement. The best way of doing this is by visiting our Bond Street store and pawning your Hermes handbag in London. You are, of course, aware that Hermes bags hold a tremendous value among collectors and aficionados of the brand. The rich detailed history of Hermes, beloved of modern celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Victoria Beckham, and Reese Witherspoon, means that they are never too far away from the conversation. Of course, mentioning Hermes, you must discuss their connection with Hollywood and all that is glamourous about old Hollywood. The Birkin bag, named after the actress and singer Jane Birkin is a prized possession among fans of the Hermes brand. Needless to say, the Kelly is just as popular, when Grace Kelly starred in Alfred Hitchcock's 'To Catch a Thief', she grew so attached to the bag that Hermes had specially made for her, the bag was renamed the Kelly in her honour. You can't get more glamorous than Grace Kelly sharing the screen with Cary Grant. It is fair to say then, when you bear that in mind, that the Hermes Handbags hold a huge value for those that follow the brand. Most people that collect the Hermes handbags, covet these bags for collection and status, rather than having any intention of using them from day to day. If you are wanting to pawn your Hermes bag, then it depends on the bag itself. For a Hermes bag that is 100% genuine, then the starting prices for some bags can start at just under £4000.00, a top of the range Hermes handbag can be worth as much as £18,000.00. To give you a real understanding of how much a Hermes can be worth, in 2019, A Hermes Birkin bag from 2015 was auctioned for an incredible $300,322.00. A clear picture of the incredible value of these bags and why they are such a conversation piece. This means of course, that there is a lot of capital that can be found in a Hermes handbag, for when you decide to take out a loan against your Hermes bag in a London pawnshop. If you own a classic Kelly or Jypsiere bag, or even a more modern Hermes bag, you can lend against your bag. This is a great way to instantly source some money for some instant income. When you initially want to pawn your Hermes bag, you can fill out an inquiry form online or give us a call on 020 7493 0385 or 020 7493 6505 for a verbal estimate. You can then arrange an appraisal appointment in which our expert will be able to complete an honest and clear appraisal of your bag. Once you are happy to proceed, we can then arrange a loan for you and discuss the contract terms of the loan. The charges for a loan on your Hermes bag can be between 65% and 96%, dependent on the loan amount. Once you're satisfied, we can then get the money arranged for the same day. If you choose to pawn your Medor, Jyspiere, 2002, or any other type of Hermes brand, you can be assured that while your bag is in our care it is stored safely and securely. You will have our guarantee that the bag will not be re-sold or used while repayments are made. This means that there is absolutely no risk when you are looking to take out a loan against your Hermes bag.

What type of Hermes can you pawn?

What type of Hermes can you pawn? We can pawn many types of Hermes bags if you are considering pawning your Hermes bag in a London pawnshop. We can help you with your decision if you bring your Hermes bag to New Bond Street Pawnbrokers. Our experts are well placed to provide a detailed analysis and appraisal of your bag so you then know how much your Hermes bag is worth, and how much you can lend against your bag. We can appraise a variety of Hermes bags in our store on Bond Street. The bags we can take in our pawnshop include: Hermes Code Bolide, Hermes Garden-Parti, Hermes Double-Sens, Hermes Cherche Midi, Hermes Halzan, Hermes Jige, Hermes Jypsiere, Hermes Plume, Hermes Victoria, Hermes Bridado, Hermes Convoyeur, Hermes Fourbi, Hermes Garden pouch, Hermes 2002. As you can see the above is quite a selection of bags that you can pawn in our London store. If you have any Hermes bags that are not listed above, you can also bring these bags in to be valued, as well, by our team of experts in the store. Once we have provided you with a detailed appraisal of the bag, you can then go ahead in making your decision as to whether to take out a loan against your Hermes bags. One thing to remember is that when we hold an item of yours as security for your loan, we take possession of that bag. We appreciate that you treasure that bag and, want to reassure you, that it is just as important to us. We guarantee that every bag is handled with absolute sensitivity and care. The bag would be secured in a suitable package and returned in the same condition it was when you brought it to us. The bag would be kept in a sealed protective pack or its original package and the bag would be stored in the vault. If you request it of us, we are more than happy to provide you with a report or photographs of the bag, before giving you a loan.

Can you sell your Hermes at a pawn shop?

You may deeply love your Hermes bag, but if there is a need for an instant financial injection, you may be considering parting ways permanently with your Hermes handbag and selling it. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers do not buy Hermes bags, we only offer a loan against the bag. Before you consider selling your bag, you need to consider some important aspects, before you make that decision. The value of the bag, a pawnshop can loan more against a bag, than you can, by just selling it outright. If you decided to sell your Hermes bag to a pawnshop, you need to consider this. Once your bag is valued, you will be able to borrow more against the bag, than you can by just selling it direct to a collector or other interested party. The last thing you want to do is list it on eBay! Therefore, pawning your bag and taking out a loan against the bag is the best possible option. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers can value your bag, and that appraisal can then be used to gauge how much you can borrow against the bag and it's worth. If you are still interested in selling your bag to a pawnshop, some of the Hermes bags that other pawnshops would consider purchasing include: Hermes 2002, Garden-Parti ,Double-Sens, Jige, Cherche-Midi, Halzan, Jypsiere. Other types of bags are too expensive to consider selling to a pawnshop and would be more suited to an auction house, or if you wished to keep the bag, they would then be suitable to take to a pawnshop and take out a loan against the bag. The other factor that you want to consider as well, is emotional. All our possessions, no matter how much they are worth, have an emotive connection to us. A reminder of happy memories and so forth. Your Hermes bag may have been purchased from a particularly happy period in your life, or perhaps even a gift from a loved one. If you were to sell your item on to someone else, there is, of course, no opportunity to get that bag back, and if you did, you will find yourself paying a lot more to return it to your possession. Therefore, pawning your bag to lend against your Hermes bag is the best possible option. If you do this, you still own the bag and we merely hold onto the bag for the duration of the loan. We know just how important this bag is to you, stored in a package in our vault, it will be perfectly safe with us and returned to us when the loan is repaid. Pawning your bag, allows you to keep hold of a bag that you hold most dear, safe in the knowledge that your bag will be returned to you in the same condition it was when we received it. Our best advice is to not sell your bag but to consider pawning your bag instead. At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we recognise its importance and value to you.

Can I pawn my Hermes 2002 bag?

The Hermes 2002 bag debuted in their Resort 2018 collection. Of course, Hermes has introduced new bags all the time, but the Hermes 2002 bag has one noticeable difference. The difference wasn’t in how it looked, but rather how you could buy it. Usually buying a Hermes bag is no small task, as well you know. There are waiting lists to consider, appointments with Sales Associates, and the limited quantities in which the bag is made. However, Hermes bucked their trend when they released the 2002 bag, which could be purchased online. The perfect solution to those moments where visitors to the Hermes boutique would visit the store only to stumble across the sign, “Display only”. In structure and style, it does share similarities with the iconic Hermes Constance bag. Having said that, 2002 does feature a slightly different H logo clasp, which is slightly more rounded and looks a little more modern. For those who may be struggling to get hold of the Constance, the 2002 bag is a worthy substitute, based on the similarities between the two bags. One of the major differences between the 2002 and the Constance is in how the strap is attached. On the Hermes 2002 bag, the strap is attached to the top, on the Constance, it is looped across the top of the flap. The strap can be adjusted, so it can be worn across the body, which allows you to keep your hands free. The bag features an accordion-style profile, with 2 compartments and an additional zipped pocket inside. The Hermes 2002 bag comes in 2 separate sizes and is made with Evercolor calfskin. The sizes are 20 cm and 26 cm. The 20cm can come in three different colours, Bleu Brighton, Asphalte Gris, and Magnolia. The larger 26 cm version comes in Asphalte Gris and Rouge Classique. One of the most appealing aspects of the bag is the modern “H” style clasp detailing. If you are looking for a Hermes 2002 pawn shop, then visiting our store in Bond Street, you will be able to pawn a Hermes 2002 in London. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers can take your Hermes 2002 bag. We can provide a detailed valuation and appraisal of your Hermes 2002 bag. This will give you a thorough and detailed outline of how much your Hermes 2002 bag is worth and the kind of loan you can take against it.

Can I pawn my Hermes Fourbi bag?

The Fourbi isn’t strictly a Hermes handbag, it is a Hermes handbag organizer. Once you have one, you will probably wonder how you survived so long without using one. The Fourbi is the perfect gift for that someone that has everything and is the perfect way to organize your handbag’s contents. The Fourbi features a single large snap pocket and has two smaller snap pockets and has silver palladium hardware. The Hermes Fourbi is made from calfskin and natural canvas. It isn’t a handbag and is more of an insert. The Hermes Fourbi insert is placed in your Hermes bag of choice. It is perfect for storing your possessions inside, in an organized manner. The insert can be taken out of the bag and placed in other Hermes’ bags. The idea behind the insert is that this allows you to maintain the fantastic quality of the leather interior of your Hermes bags. Of course, every time you want to switch your bag, then simply swap that insert. As always Hermes is there to find perfect solutions for everyday problems. It isn’t as pricey as most regular handbags that are not Hermes but is the perfect complement for your Birkin, and more. The price of the Hermes Fourbi insert is around £450.00. No small change by any means, but like the handbags, the insert is made with the same level of care and detail that Hermes afford their handbags. Purchasing a Hermes Fourbi insert, you are, rest assured, going to find that it is made with your style and current bag in mind and no discerning Hermes bag owner wouldn’t want to own one. Like all their products the Hermes Fourbi insert is a real classic. If you have been currently considering to “pawn my Hermes Fourbi insert”, then you will find that New Bond Street Pawnbrokers shares your appreciation and admiration for the brand and this insert. If you are currently looking into any loans against luxury bags such as this, then we are more than happy to assist you with a loan on Hermes bags, this can all be done within the discretion and security of our award-winning store in London. You can pawn your Hermes Fourbi Insert bag, in a London Hermes Fourbi pawn shop, however, you need to bear in mind that the value of the bag wouldn’t be a large enough amount that you may require for any potential investments. In all likelihood, if you own the insert then you likely own a Hermes bag, then it is worth considering bringing in your Hermes collection (Fourbi insert included) and we can provide you with a fair and honest appraisal of the Fourbi insert and its worth.


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