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Are you thinking of taking a loan on your Hermes bag?

A Hermes handbag is a true style classic. If you have been considering to pawn your Hermes bag, at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we share your admiration and appreciation of the brand. We’d be happy to talk to you about financing your Hermes bags – all within the security and discretion of our award-winning shop in Mayfair, London.

Our pawnbrokers offer free, no obligation appraisals on any Hermes bags or handbags based on current auction prices, and our highly competitive interest rates on loans ranging from minimum of 2 months to maximum 7 months.

Before valuation, we recommend you take the time to research the current sale value of your Hermes bag; remember though, that this does depend on the market valuation at auctions. This famous brand, whose owners have included Jackie O. and Grace Kelly, requires an expert valuation that our pawnbrokers can provide, initially over the phone or online, and ultimately in person at our store in Mayfair, Central London.

Once the appraisal is completed, a fair, accurate and auction based loan offer is presented against your Hermes Kelly or similar handbags. Should you wish to proceed, you will have the chance to review the Pre-contract Credit Information form. This form outlines the interest rates and timescales. There is a 14-day cooling-off period, this gives you an option to just cover the interest for that period and cancel the finance contract against your Hermes.

Loans Against Hermes bags

Valuation of your Hermes bag

There are, of course, several factors that could affect the value of the bag. It is important to remember that the lending or resale value of your Hermes bag may not be the same as the price you paid.

Some of the factors that would be considered when a Hermes luxury handbag is valued include the bag type, the current trends, and how likely it is to sell at auction. When our professional pawnbrokers appraise your Hermes bag, they will consider what similar bags are priced at, and the standard valuation information available.

Another factor that would be considered is the condition of the bag. A Hermes bag in perfect condition will be of higher value at pawn shops than a bag that is damaged or tarnished. If you are going to raise capital on a Hermes bag that has been used, then, of course, you want to ensure it is in the best possible condition to increase its financing value. To improve your chances of this, make sure that the bag is in excellent working order, that there are no missing clasps or signs of damage to the buckles. It may be worth considering having some restoration and repair work completed for any cosmetic issues. Over a significant period, a Hermes luxury bag like Kelly will start to show signs of damage, and these signs of damage will affect the value when appraised for a loan.

Having your Hermes bag professionally restored and treated may rectify these issues and improve the chances of getting the right price. Before you visit our pawn store, ensure that the bag is cleaned – if your bag is tarnished or dull looking, then it is less likely to attract the same price than one in perfect condition. Taking a moment to clean your Hermes bag, or having it cleaned by a professional, could mean that our pawnbroking team can assess its sale value at auction as accurately as possible. It is important to remember when it comes to pawning, and, a re-sale, a well-maintained Hermes bag will be of greater value.

As an initial idea on the amount you could borrow against your Hermes bag, the starting prices for some of these handbags can start at just under £4000.00, while a top of the range Hermes handbag can be worth as much as £18,000.00. To give you a real understanding of how much a Hermes can be worth, in 2019, A Hermes Birkin bag from 2015 was auctioned for an incredible $300,322.00. A clear picture of the incredible value of these bags and why they are such a conversation piece. This means of course, that there is a lot of capital that can be found in your Hermes handbag, for when you decide to take out a loan on it.

What type of Hermes bags and handbags do we lend against?

At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers you can borrow funds against many types of Hermes bags, including:

  • Hermes Code Bolide
  • Hermes Garden-Parti
  • Hermes Double-Sens
  • Hermes Cherche Midi
  • Hermes Halzan
  • Hermes Jige
  • Hermes Jypsiere
  • Hermes Plume
  • Hermes Victoria
  • Hermes Bridado
  • Hermes Convoyeur
  • Hermes Fourbi
  • Hermes Garden pouch
  • Hermes 2002

This list is not exhaustive however – if you you own any Hermes bags that are not listed above, do contact our professional pawnbroking team for a free, no obligation valuation at our pawn store in Mayfair, Central London.

Selling vs. Pawning Your Hermes Bag

You may deeply love your Hermes bag, but if there is a need for an instant financial injection, you may be considering parting ways permanently with your Hermes handbag and selling it. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers do not buy Hermes bags, we only offer loans against it. Before you consider selling your Hermes bag or handbag, you need to consider some important aspects, starting with the value realised against it.

Put simply, a pawnbroker buying luxury Hermes bags will need to offer you a price allowing for the subsequent re-sale of the bag, and for profit on top of it. Which means that the price you will sell your Hermes bag for, at pawnshops, will be lower than its true market value.

By contrast, when applying for a loan on your luxury Hermes, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers will release financing against it at about 70% of its true market value – you maintain ownership, and you are able to use your bag for collateral lending purposes over and over again.

If you’re looking for loans on Hermes handbags, you should visit our Bond Street pawn shop. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers are one of the few pawn shops that take Hermes bags and have an expert understand of this chic and luxury brand. We provide free valuations, so that you have an honest understanding of what your bag is worth. We also offer loans diamonds, fine jewellery, classic cars, fine wines, fine art, antiques, rare books, and fine watches.

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