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Are you thinking ” Pawn my Engagement or Wedding Ring?”

Are you looking to get quick, instant and hassle-free loans on engagement or wedding rings in London? You can do so by pawning wedding rings or engagement rings at our award-winning pawn shop in Mayfair, Central London– along with any other type of high-value jewellery and diamonds. Many people choose to sell or pawn their engagement or wedding rings as a solid way of securing much-needed capital.

Typically an engagement or wedding ring will hold a significant amount of value, and can therefore be used for a loan or can be sold as an alternative option. Choosing to take out loans on engagement and wedding rings can be a big decision, especially if it holds sentimental value for you. It needn’t feel this way though. At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, we keep all of our clients’ items that we are looking after in a safe and secure storage facility, and will not let anyone else gain access while your belongings are in our possession. They will not be sold on while you are making payments back in line with your contract, and we always keep our clients informed throughout the process to ensure they are fully aware of any changes happening at our offices.

Many people look at lending against wedding & engagement rings London area as a secure way of gaining money – whether they need it to pay back a debt, for buying a house or car, make a business investment, or for any other reason. Indeed, it’s a popular option.

New Bond Street Pawnbrokers is one of the best-known and most awarded pawnbrokers that take wedding and engagement rings. We work with expert jewellery valuers to ensure you get the best loans and selling prices against engagement rings & wedding rings. We have a long history of working with jewellery and are able to quickly offer you a reliable, attractive quote

Lending against ENGAGEMENT OR WEDDING RINGS  IN Central London

We will take several things into account when you ask us about pawning your wedding or engagement ring at our Central London shop. This includes the type of gemstones that are included, where your jewellery was initially purchased, who the manufacturer is, what type of documentation you have, how much it was purchased for, what the market value is for your jewellery, how much similar pieces have sold for, what type of metal the jewellery is made from, and how bespoke or desirable the design is.

In some cases, your jewellery may not be worth as much as you expect, particularly if it is a very common or trend-led piece. For antique jewellery, bespoke or one-off pieces, you may be able to command a lot more.

If you get in touch with us, we will be able to give you more insight into what you can get. Many people come to us and say “I want to pawn or sell my wedding ring/pawn my engagement ring in London area” or “I am looking to take out a loan against my wedding ring/loan against my engagement ring.” We work hard to ensure every client is happy with the quote we provide for them.

You can start by emailing a picture of your ring with any pertaining paperwork for a complimentary appraisal. All loans and purchases finalised in person.

You can reclaim your jewellery at any time once you have paid off your loan amount, plus any interest accrued. You can make your payments in line with your contract, which you will sign at the time of getting your loan. We ensure you get your money as soon as possible, with immediate advances and funds.

All contracts taken out can either be renewed or extended as required. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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So, if you are looking at an appraisal or loans on your diamond rings, contact New Bond Street Pawnbrokers to make a no-obligation appointment. Our experienced team will be able to explain why your ring is valued at a certain price and assist you with securing a loan against your jewellery. With our service, there are no hidden costs and minimal paperwork, offering you the most efficient transaction possible.

Some of the many loans we offer are against various types of fine jewellery: diamond earringsdiamond necklaces, diamond rings, and fine brands of diamond jewelery such as  GraffVan Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Harry Winston , Tiffany and Cartier  to name just a few.

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Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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