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If you considered for loans on David Hockney paintings and art, David Hockney (OM, CH, RA) is one of the Western world’s most celebrated and iconic artists of the 20th century. A highly influential figure in the Pop Art movement of the 1960s, Hockney’s seminal paintings (such as 1967’s A Bigger Splash) are instantly recognizable to art connoisseurs the world over. Of course, that huge reputation has also brought in some hefty price tags, placing his work alongside some of the most expensive artworks worlwide. His 1972 acrylic painting Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) recently became the world’s most valuable painting by a living artist when it sold for a princely £70 million at the prestigious Christie’s auction house, New York, in November 2018. Hockney’s previous record sale, also in 2018, was £17.4 million for Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Monica (1990)…yet again a record in the world of modern art auctions.

Luckily for you, this means loans on David Hockney art & paintings (not just limited to paintings though, but also photo collages and prints) can reach very agreeable prices too. Should you require some short-term cash flow and have been thinking ‘I might pawn my David Hockney art or painting’, then our expert pawnbroking team will be more than happy to assess your piece to determine its value.

We run an open-door policy at our Mayfair offices, meaning we are open for valuations during all our business hours. However, knowing how valuable David Hockney originals can be, we recommend booking ahead for a one-to-one appointment.

If you need any more information, just simply fill out the contact form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What makes David Hockney’s art so valuable?

The Yorkshire born painter, now based in LA, is an icon of post-war contemporary art and he is reaping the benefits of the nostalgia that holds sway over much of the modern cultural zeitgeist. His transatlantic appeal, with working class British roots but a very bright and breezy American style on his classic paintings, also helps to keep interest (and prices) high.

How much will the condition affect the price if I pawn my David Hockney piece of art or painting?

Our dedicated team of art specialists, led by TV’s David Sonnenthal, can easily appraise the condition of your David Hockney (or Lichtenstein, Warhol or Johns) piece and advise you as to how this might influence your valuation.

Is my particular David Hockney piece of special interest?

In general, 1960s originals involving swimming pools, or other bright Californian-esque imagery, are the most sought-after David Hockney paintings. Regardless of the condition, age or subject, our Mayfair team will be happy to give you a fair valuation.

What about provenance?

Certificates of authenticity, proof of purchase – these things are important when trading in fine art and we make no exception here. Your David Hockney artwork (or any valuable item really) will achieve a much lower valuation – or possibly no deal at all – without the standard authentications required by any serious collectors.

How can I get a valuation before I decide to pawn my David Hockney art or painting?

If you are based in London, the fastest and easiest method of getting a valuation is to visit our Mayfair store. For potentially high-value items such as Hockney artwork, we do suggest you book an exclusive appointment in advance.

If you are unable to visit our store, we may still be able to assist. Just contact us through the form at the top of the page, or by phone on 020 7493 0385.

Are you discreet and secure?

With 25 years’ experience in securing loans on David Hockney art, paintings, and other valuable pieces, we are absolutely circumspect in our operations. All of our artwork is stored in the same high-tech warehouses that London’s auction houses use to store their most treasured lots.

Some of the many artists we loan against include Andy Warhol, Bernard Buffet, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, Marc Chagall, Raoul Duffy, Sean Scully, Tom Wesselmann, Tracey Emin, Banksy, and Roy Lichtenstein to name just a few.

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