Asset Loans

Receive 100% of the agreed loan price

Private and confidential, with no credit checks

No contract fee or hidden charges

Achieve the maximum amount of credit against an asset

Nothing to pay for up to full term of the contract

Immediate appraisals and specialist advice

Instant credit with minimal paperwork

Pawnbroking is a simple method to raise instant capital against items of value. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers is a member of the National Pawnbrokers Association UK, which means that all of our contracts are for the regulated term of up to seven months.

New Bond Street Pawnbrokers specialises in loans against fine jewellery, diamonds, fine watches, fine art, fine antiques, luxury cars, private plates and vintage wine. For more information on loaning against fine items please visit the respective items category below.

The National Pawnbrokers Association UK and New Bond Street Pawnbrokers require that all new clients have photographic ID and proof of a current address. Here at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers our pawnbroking service is a no-fuss method of raising instant finance without affecting credit ratings. It’s private and confidential.

If you wish to use our pawnbroking service or raise a loan against an item please visit our premises in Mayfair, London. For items such as fine jewellery, diamonds and fine watches there is no need for an appointment. For fine art, fine antiques, luxury cars and private plates please contact us prior to a visit so that we can begin the loan process. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers will always consider any item as collateral.


At New Bond Street Pawnbrokers we are often approached by financial advisors looking to secure the best possible deal for their client. We are happy to advise and work with such individuals. The benefits include:

  • Introducing clients to the luxury assets market
  • Allowing clients to utilise their assets to raise capital
  • Helping clients unlock the value of existing assets, to fund the acquisition of others
  • Offering clients immediate liquidity ahead of a sale

As one of the leading and most reputable independent pawnbrokers in London – and indeed the UK – we ensure that all loan transactions are handled securely, promptly, and with a sensitivity and care unmatched in the pawn brokering industry. We pride ourselves on discretion and security, and we have advised and worked with professionals from many industries, including – but not restricted to:

  • Art Dealers
  • Vintage car dealers
  • Lawyers
  • Auctioneers
  • Commercial Lenders
  • Private Bankers
  • Property professionals
  • Professional Sportspeople
  • Entertainment and Show Business Professionals
  • Wealth and finance managers

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers.
Private and confidential. Our knowledge is your asset.

Fine Art

A market leader in the fine art loans industry, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers can help you release capital in loans against single works or collections of fine art.

A well-established, specialist art brokering service, providing expert advice, financial solutions and a loan brokering to an exclusive clientele – investors, collectors and dealers alike. Our team will consider loans against any works of fine art and prints.

Collated through our close network of art advisories and years of experience we are able to offer our clients advise and privileged knowledge of the market. Placing our clients in the best possible position to make an informed decision how to proceed.

As experienced art brokers, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers understands the importance of handling each transaction with utmost discretion and confidentiality. No works of fine art are exposed to market prior to sale.

Our Loans / sale advances / consignment loans advance up to 80% of the estimated current market value an art work or collection, allowing our clients the opportunity to release the capital without selling or prior to the actual sale while the work of art/ collection is in the best situation to achieve its full potential.

Antiques and Collectables

Make the most of your fine art and antique assets

A market leader in the fine art loans industry, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers can help you release capital in loans against your fine art, collectable and antique assets.

We have a well-established, specialist art brokering department, providing expert advice, financial solutions and a loan brokering service to an exclusive clientele – investors, collectors and dealers alike. Our team will consider loans against any fine art, prints, rare books, antiquities and period design.

From the classic to the contemporary – whether it’s Louis XIV, Mies van der Rohe, Rembrandt, Warhol, Chippendale or Phillipe Starck – we pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of assessing antiques, collectables and works of fine art. We will consider any work from any period for a loan, always accounting for market values, potential market fluctuation, provenance and the importance of the work.

We also work closely with an established network of specialists, experts and auction houses based in both the UK and abroad, that can assist us in valuing your assets.

As experienced art brokers, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers understands the importance of handling each transaction with utmost discretion and confidentiality. No fine art or antique assets are exposed to market prior to sale.

Jewellery, Diamonds, Precious Stones & Pearls

Release capital from your fine jewellery, diamond, pearl or precious stone collection

With over 60 years of experience trading in fine jewellery, peals, diamonds and precious stones New Bond Street Pawnbrokers team of experts can help you secure instant access to the highest possible capital value of your collection.

From art nouveau pieces by Rene Lalique to modern Cartier watches and necklaces, our experts can advise on all types of modern, vintage and antique jewellery, from rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, to other pieces. The gemstones we loan against, buy and appraise include diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite.

Our resident jewellery, diamond brokers and gemmological specialist advisors assess and evaluate fine jewellery, as well as loose or mounted stones. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers jewellery inspections and appraisals are objective, accurate and made on a current market sale value.

Valuing your collection

When appraising jewellery and precious stones the New Bond Street Pawnbrokers team takes the following into account:

MANUFACTURER – Brand or manufacturer is naturally very important, along with whether the piece bears a signature. Among many others, we will consider pieces from classic and contemporary jewellery houses such as: Boodles, Graff, Bvlgari, Van Cleef and Arpel, Cartier, Tiffany and Co., Shaun Leane, Stephen Webster, Boucheron, Buccellati, Chaumet and Lalique.

MATERIAL – Fine jewellery is conventionally made from a grade of yellow, white, platinum or rose gold.

GEMSTONES – There are many contributing factors that help us establish the value of precious gemstones. We combine our extensive industry experience with certificates of authenticity to determine the value of your collection. Some gemstone characteristics like weight are tangible; others like clarity, colour or origin can be less straightforward to determine.

Many fine gemstones, especially diamonds, are now accompanied by a laboratory report listing the colour, cut, clarity and weight. They may also contain information about treatments or origin.

While they may not always be entirely necessary for the valuation process, we consider the following laboratory certificates to be of the highest standard: GIA – Gemological Institute of America; HRD – Diamond High Council; and Gem Lab – Gubelin.

Certain gemstones, such as ruby, sapphire, or rare natural gems, can attract a premium in the market if they can be traced to a particular country. In lieu of an independent grading report, the seller may offer certain guarantees.

Our fine jewellery appraisers are always on hand in-store to advise you on your jewellery, diamond and precious stone collection. Get in touch to arrange an appointment, or come and find us in Mayfair, London.

Fine Watches

Make the most out of your luxury timepiece

The experienced fine watch and timepiece appraisal team at New Bond Street Pawnbrokers call on many years of experience in the fine watch industry to enable you to release capital by providing loans against modern, vintage and antique watches and timepieces.The team will take into account the current market value of the watch, the manufacturer and model, condition and restoration (if appropriate), availability, age, demand for the piece and provenance.

Valuing your fine watch

We consider all aspects of the current fine watch market and always offer a fair and accurate market appraisal. Our fine watch specialist department is considered the go-to when considering loans against classic and contemporary watches from manufacturers such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, A Lange Sohne, Breguet, Audemars Piguet, IWC, Hubolt, Cartier as well as other prestigious names.When appraising fine watches and timepieces the following points are considered:

MANUFACTURER & MODEL – Whether it’s current, rare, limited edition or discontinued, all aspects that can determine the value of your watch are taken into account by our specialist pawnbroking team.

CONDITION – Restorations, replaced parts, blemishes and dents can all affect value of a fine watch.

AGE – With vintage models, rarity and condition are considered. More contemporary models can hold higher values then slightly dated ones.

PROVENANCE – Paperwork, original bill of sale, the original box, and servicing papers are also considered.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call or arrange a visit at our premises in London, Mayfair.

Fine Wine

Make your fine wine collection work for you

Whether it’s been collected for pure pleasure or it’s simply an investment for financial gain, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers offers loans against a wide selection of fine wines and spirits, including champagne, port, madeira, and cognac. Our clients are able to enjoy instant access to the current market value of their fine wine collections.

So if your fine wine cellar is housing anything from a classic vintage Château d’Yquem or Petrus, through to a star of the New World, our team of fine wine and spirit experts will ensure that you get the best possible loan price to borrow against it. They consider all aspects and details of your wine bond or collection, taking into account factors such as its cellaring, label condition and storage history.

Our in-house experts and network of wine brokers also consider the latest trends in the market before recommending a loan price. This enables New Bond Street Pawnbrokers clients to release the maximum amount of capital from their fine wine investment.

Luxury Cars & Private Plates

Get more out of your luxury car and private plates

Using the expertise of its dedicated automotive department, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers can help you secure a loan against luxury and classic cars, enabling you to release capital and gain instant access.

Whether it’s a classic car such as a Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Porsche or Bentley, or a more modern Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, Lamborghini or Tesla, our experts appraise for loans against all leading prestige marques, as well as registration and retention documents for private plates.

Over the years, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers has built up a network of trusted car specialists who can assist with evaluating any luxury car or vehicle. The team considers all aspects of the current value of the luxury vehicle when recommending a loan price, taking factors such as manufacturer, model and mileage into account.

We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate diverse luxury automotive assets. Offering loans against private plates enables our clients to release capital instantly, without having to commit to a quick sale.

Sale Advance – Auction Loan

Achieving a realistic market price for a luxury good can be daunting prospect. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers offers advice and expertise to assist our clients in managing their asset sales, we also offer an upfront loan service prior to the sale of the asset.

Our in-house pawnbroking experts work with a network of brokers, galleries, dealers, specialists and auction houses (including Philips, Christies, Bonhams and Sothebys). To establish and achieve a current market sale price for a luxury good, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers consistently looks to recommend the most suitable sale.

Once the market and items have been assessed and an auction or sale estimate has been confirmed New Bond Street Pawnbrokers can then proceed with a sale advance against the luxury good. Usually, this is a high percentage of the actual sale reserve.

Once the item has been sold and payment has been received, the sale advance is then paid off with the balance returned to the client.

Home Appraisal

For clients wishing to use New Bond Street Pawnbrokers home appraisal service we offer a valuation service and can visit our clients either at home or at a requested location.

Private, confidential and discreet, this enables our clients to feel at ease while our experts carry out their valuation.

National Pawnbrokers Association

Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority